Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I think we need to talk...

Okay I think I have made it pretty clear how I feel about My Mario. I mean sure, I mentioned Rob Lowe and how he is at the top of the "list" but that doesn't mean that I still don't think about Mario 'cuz I do. But here's the thing, as I understand it the Miss America pageant was on - yes, that's what I said, the Miss America pageant has come and gone. I GUESS it was on Monday. But I can't be sure because I DIDN'T WATCH IT! And why didn't I watch it? Because I didn't know it was on. Could anyone (Amy, McHubby, Ann, etc) bother to mention this little fact? NO. Did anyone (Amy, McHubby, Ann, etc.) send a little email? NO. Or heaven forbid could anyone (Amy, McHubby, Ann, etc.) make a telephone call - just a quick chat to tell me not to miss the show? NO. So guess what? Mario came and went and I didn't even know. My chance to see his dimples flashing at me - GONE. My chance to see if he could sing and dance his way to Miss America infamy? GONE. Now what am I supposed to do? Tell me? That's what I thought. So do you see why we needed to talk? This was important stuff.

But now I'm so distraught and distracted I can't even write. See now look what you've done. I guess I'll just be going. Saying goodbye. Turning off the computer. Left alone. To ponder. To think. To wonder when I will possibly see My Mario again. I hope you are all happy :-)

You know, even yesterday's question didn't prompt ANYONE to mention the entire Mario thing. Seriously, I don't know if I should even give you the answer. Okay fine here it is but only because I really like Melissa and she was the first correct guess. Yes, the answer is Mr. Belding - Mr. Richard Belding.

Now back to the music with today's question:

What was the only Yes hit to top the singles charts?
Another hand glittered monogram if you can name the album and DESCRIBE the cover art.


~*Cathy*~ said...

Album: 90215

Owner of a lonely heart

Had "Yes" at the top with a funky, curvy "Y" made with 3 different colors. Outlined in a different color.

Amy said...

I'm still waiting for my monogram from before!

It never ocurred to me that you would miss it. I figured you had tivo!

deb said...

I think they're playing it again... check online to see. I didn't know the answer until I saw Cathy's answer. Yikes.. some of those 80's tunes seem to blend into each other. Maybe it's just me and my lack of memory. HA!

deb said...

I think CMT is replaying it (country channel.) So go look!! :)