Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And the legacy continues...

It was a good day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, I was home early enough to have a nap. Life was fine. And then, then it happened... I was walking across the driveway after placing the newspaper in the recycling bin, carrying the mail, minding my own business and - BAM - I tripped over the uneven sidewalk and FELL. And it wasn't just a little trip - nope, it was a full-blown, all out, let me lay here for awhile because I think I'm going to throw up it hurts so bad, sprawling fall. Mail scattered, shoes flew and I skidded across the pavement. It was not a pretty sight. So now, here I am, nursing a scrapped arm and a sore knee swollen up like a softball. UGH.

You KNOW I'm kind of used to the tripping thing but it really ticks me off when I get hurt and right now I am hurting. IT's MAKING ME CRABBY. Of course the HotY is waiting on me hand and foot, I mean seriously, it is his job :-) but right now I could really use a phone call from my boy Rob, or Mario (although he really is falling off the list rather quickly - not sure what he could do to redeem himself at this point - well maybe flowers and a get well soon card...).

Okay I think the pain is making me delirious. Dang.


ETA - The girls Barbies are still clammoring for a real wardrobe and frankly I'm tired of naked
Barbies taunting me with their slender waists, long legs and perky breasts, so I told the girls I would make them Barbie clothes - which is great - except I don't have any fabric scraps so if you know someone with scraps to share I would be happy to chat with them and see if we could come up with a deal or trade for the fabric. Because really if the Barbie's in this house knew how to write, or walk for that matter, they would make up signs that read "Will work for clothes" and picket the local Target. Thanks and pass it on!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Does age matter?

At least in terms of Scrapbooking? For all you non-scrappers, just hang in there. I mean really it isn't like that many of my entries are totally based on scrapbooking. So this once, just humor me.
So if you know about the competitive world of scrapbooking you already know that CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) has just wound up. There have been sneak peaks and previews of the latest and greatest all over the internet. Manufacturers and designers are wrecking havoc with my budget since everything is proclaimed to be a "must have" for the season. But really, unlike clothing and hairstyles, are the ages and seasons of your scrapping supplies that important? Because a scrapbook page is meant to be looked at for generations which means that even if it is new today - by the time your family and friends are really appreciating the memories and photographs you have captured it is all old - but new again to them. So how much does it really matter? I'm thinking, not at all, well except in the "collector" scrappers mind. Sooooooo with that in mind I have a challenge for you. A challenge that the manufacturers and designers and store owners are going to hate, BUT it's a good challenge anyway. Okay here's the deal - from today forward for the next three months for every one new product you use on a scrapbook page you have to use three "old" products (old being anything that you already have in your stash beginning today - new is anything you have purchased after today). What do you think? Are you in? It isn't like I'm saying you can't have new things - just that they should be used in moderation. I'll give the new "Foof a Life" book to a random participant of the challenge. So post your intentions and links to your creations. Should I set up some kind of Yahoo group? You tell me...

Friday, July 27, 2007

I don't think I have to tell you...

what day it is! Happy Friday!!! Today I'm actually feeling a little blue so I am going to use exclamation points excessively since exclamation certainly indicates excitement and joy!!!!! I'll just fake it through and then maybe it will come, that blue bird of happiness!!!
So my mom sent me an email yesterday and you know what her big news was? She met someone from Washington D.C. - and guess what - people in Washington D.C. shop at TJ Maxx too! Seriously, she was very excited about this - which I think is very funny and very cute! I mean really if people in Washington D.C. shop at TJ Maxx doesn't everyone? I am not picking on my mom, really, I.AM.NOT., but I do have to laugh about the TJ Maxx love because it seems, like the tripping, it's a hereditary thing! My sister claims to hate TJ Maxx and will never take a shopping cart because that would be admitting the love but if you ever saw her stumble blindly to the checkout with her arms full and face covered you would know that she feels the love too no matter how much she denies it! She can run but she can't hide behind that huge pile of bargain designer finds and luxury home goods - because you know it's TJ Maxx - every day it's a new store :-)
Okay, that's all I've got today!!!! Remember to use your exclamation points and look for the silver lining!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Close encounters of the speeding kind...

It has been a LONG time since I have had an encounter of the speeding or law enforcement kind. I mean there was that time when I was 16 and I ran three stop signs in a row and the village cop stopped me and fined me for one and then immediately found my dad and told him I had run THREE. And then there was the time that I got three speeding tickets in one month (there is a story here but neither you nor I have time for that tonight). There was the time that I got stopped for speeding and received a lecture about having out of state plates long after I was a state resident and the threat that I was going to be "watched" to make sure I rectified the situation. Of course there was that interesting experience when I backed into some guy in the Best Buy parking lot and the cop came and made me sit behind that cage thing and let the guy sit in the front and then said "we should keep all women behind this cage" and then there was the time I had a burnt out headlight and got pulled over and the cop first wanted to know my name, which High School I graduated from, and then gave me complete instructions on how to change a burned out headlight to which I replied "you know my dad will do it next time I see him". But really all this stuff happened before I became a married woman and a responsible parent. But today, today I thought my streak was over. I had Alex in the van and we were coming back from day camp. I wasn't even paying any attention - and then I saw it - that black & white cruiser looming towards me. I looked at my speedometer and I was going FIFTY and it was a 35 zone (maybe even 30). My heart started pumping, I slowly eased off the gas and PRAYED. And you know what? That cop didn't even give me a glance - heck he didn't even slow down. See, I told you that going back to church deal was a good thing!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Inconsistent scrapping

Okay here is what I have recently accomplished. As you can see these are so inconsistent. Some are okay and others just SUCK! But, well I'm not redoing them. You win some you lose some - right???

I know better....

really I do. I know that my skin burns easily. I know that a sun burn will increase my chances of skin cancer. I know that I will look like a red hot chili pepper in a very short time. But what do you think I did this weekend? Yep, spent an entire day, in the sun, without sunscreen. I don't know what I was thinking. So here I am, burned, but dang it I know it will turn into a nice golden tan in just a day or two (disclaimer - I do not condone sunbathing or sun burns - but you know sometimes the lure of a nice tan is just so intoxicating!). It's my own fault I'm suffering and I know it so there - I've taken responsibility.

I'll post some pictures later of the scrapping I did on Friday.

Man I'm starting to think I should give up on this blog thing. I don't think I've written anything worth reading in a month. HELP!!! Please send me praise and compliments I can be convinced to keep writing - really!

I think I need the new tv season to begin :-) Or at least a Rob and/or Mario siting to pull me through.

Oh have you heard the news that the SATC cast is getting together to make a Sex and the City movie? LOVE THAT! I can't wait. I love SATC. I have the entire series on DVD - it's pink. How can you not love that? So are you a SATC fan? Favorite episode? Share. Please. Give me something to go on here. Did you read the above paragraphs? It's sad. I'm writing about sunburns people. I mean really - sunburns? Can it get any worse? I'm out of ideas. I need input. I need humor. I need something - anything. Seriously!

Okay that's it. Over and out.


Friday, July 20, 2007

You know what day it is!

Friday! And a beautiful Friday it is. The sun is bright, the sky is blue, the birds are singing and I have found my favorite sunglasses. Oh and tonight I'm meeting the girls for scrapping. If only I could fit a nap in there somewhere it would be a perfect trifecta (sun, scrap and snooze).
I packed a few things for scrapping but who knows what I'll get done. I hate it when I don't have all my goodies with me. One of these days I will take a picture of my stuff and then you will see what a mess I have and why I don't bring it all along - or have to use the HotY when I do. Really, it's an addiction, the shopping for supplies thing. I'm trying to stop, really I am.
Again, nothing to say. Even I'm getting bored with myself! I'll see if I can't spice things up in the next few days. I haven't even gotten worked up by the bad drivers or the Walmart Zone lately - maybe it's the dog days of summer setting in!
Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm sick of my hair...

Seriously tired of it. I had a hair appointment last night (and I didn't even get a pre-haircut good hair day out of the deal) and I told her I was tired of what we were doing. So she did something new and I still don't like it. It isn't the cut - it's me - my hair - I look so - FRUMPY! And I hate frumpy. I mean really if I wanted the frumpy thing do you think I would bother to paint my nails or mess with the mascara every morning? The problem with the hair - I have no idea what I want. The things that I like I would have to let my hair grow a bit for, and that always sounds like a good idea until the 10th bad hair day in a row. There is only so much that can be done with a headband! So I usually give up before I get to the desired length. Or else I pick something that would be horrendous on me or drive me nuts (like those long bangs falling into my eyes every flippin' minute of the day). I know I know I want to have my cake and eat it too - but is that so much to ask? Not in my world :-)

So if you have any links to cute pictures of short to medium hair haircuts bring it on. I have another appointment at the end of August - maybe I'll know what the heck I'm doing by then - well there is always hope!


Monday, July 16, 2007

Is it tomorrow yet?

I know I know last Thursday I said there would be humor on Friday - and I thought there was going to be, I really did. But the days go to fast and the weekends even faster - so here it is Monday and I'm still holding out judgement about the humor thing but at least I'm here. That's something - right? Right? Right???

We once again had a weekend full of family fun. Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market and bought all kinds of yummy stuff. I always feel so healthy when I know I am eating home grown fruits and veggies. And there was the first corn on the cob of the season! It was yummy. Messy, but yummy. And if that weren't enough - all that good wholesome, organic, homespun goodness, in one day we rounded it all out by going to the Civic Center to watch the US National Baton Twirling Championships. Yes, I did say US National Baton Twirling Championships. This thing has been going on for TWO weeks. Who knew there were so many baton twirlers in the US - and MALE twirlers too. So how do you decide you are going to become a National Baton Twirling Champion? And is there a future in that kind of thing? Anyway, I knew the girls would love it - and they did - what's not to love, it was glitter heaven. I was so inspired I went home and sniffed the Stickles. I KNOW my life is so exciting. Do you see why I didn't have time to write? There was important stuff happening!

It's going to be a LONG week this week so things might get a little testy around here but I'll try to keep it all in perspective. Besides there is scrapbooking, Friday night, with Amy, and Heather. I think I am supposed to have a challenge page done. Um so far there have been five challenge pages and I have completed - ohhhh let's say ONE! You know I don't do well following rules :-) Seriously. I mean I follow the big rules - you know, like the 10 commandments and the law, but those other rules, the ones in life that are kind of iffy or self-imposed or written in small print on the cereal box - not so much.

Okay that's it. There is only so much a person can say about nothing and I think I'm at the limit.


Oh and before I go - does anyone know why my nail polish is getting little bubbles or bumps in it? Not in the bottle but on my nails. Why is this happening. And it's good polish - it's OPI - so this should not be happening. Any ideas? It's driving me crazy.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spreading the love...

Really! If you haven't visited Deb's awesome website you must go NOW. She is giving away PRIZES. Cool PRIZES. If you like monograms and fun shapes visit NOW NOW NOW and you could win a PRIZE PRIZE PRIZE!!!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

In an effort...

to ban the crabbies here are some 4th of July pictures that make me smile. Oh and I was playing around with my Photoshop trying to be artsy - can you guess which picture???
Thanks for looking. Tomorrow - I promise there will humor. Really. If it kills me. I'll make you smile. Trust me :-)

Dang it...

I'm crabby. I don't know why. I didn't start out crabby, well not very anyway and then on my 80's, 90's and today's music Internet radio I heard not only Every Little Kiss by Bruce Hornsby but Funky Cold Medina too - I mean who can be crabby in the face of THAT kind of musical goodness?. Anyway, last night I was terribly crabby and then today it started dissipating throughout the day but about 2:00 p.m. it came back full-force for no reason at all. And kind of down and the dumps and weepy on top of it. What the heck. Nothing has changed. Life is the same as it was at 1:45. Whatever... I hate it when I can't identify my feelings because goll darn it I like to control everything. Okay, well maybe I don't like to control everything but I do like it to all go my way. There I said it. I think I should be treated as the princess I know I am (the HotY is going to love my attitude tonight). LOL! I don't really think I'm a princess, really I don't, but sometimes I just like to think about what it might be like :-)

Okay I have obligations calling my name. A crabby, I could cry if you tell me you don't like my pedicure, attitude to analyze and I have to pee. I'm a busy girl! I might post some photos later.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Okay something is wrong with blogger and it won't let me put a title in so I guess that means I just have to jump right in and get to it!

And really you would think I'd have something life altering and exciting to say - but nope, things have been pretty anti-climatic around the cupcake house! I guess I can't expect rainbow sprinkles every day :-)

Seriously though, I heard some very sad and distressing news about one of our neighbors yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it. It isn't even like we are that close to this family - but we have some mutual friends and they are neighbors and someone we know so I just can't get it out of my head. It is the kind of thing that makes you sit back and say - why? Why do these things happen? And it is scary. Scary that your life can be going along just fine and then - BAM it's not. You get stopped cold in your tracks. It sucks. That is all I can say. So today my thoughts and prayers go out to my neighbor. But I have to admit the cynical side of me wonders if it really makes any difference at all...

Oh, and by the way, I have been back to church the past two Sunday's in a row. I know I know. But remember I said I was going to do it and I did. To say I have been a little skeptical about the whole faith thing lately would be a bit of an understatement so making the effort to go to church - it's a big thing - especially with three kids who don't understand the word WHISPER! :-)

Okay now off to see what happens when I post this without a title...


Thursday, July 5, 2007

It was a great day for fireworks...

The perfect evening for sitting in the dark and watching the night sky light up with starbursts and those big booms. The 4th of July anniversary was once again filled with fireworks and excitement :-) Seriously we had a great time. Oh and in honor of the special occasion I have been talked into posting some wedding pictures. Who knew 15 years would go so quickly!

Enjoy and no laughing :-)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Maybe I should just go to bed...

So it is late. The house is quiet. The "HotY" just went to bed. The kids have been asleep for hours but I can't seem to make myself get to bed. I have my MP3 files quietly playing on my computer and I am reluctant to leave. I think it is the music. Isn't it amazing how music can shape our moods and evoke our memories? Okay so maybe I have been listening to too much sad music :-) But seriously music is a constant in my life. I was raised with music whispered in my ears.

I can't think of music without thinking of my dad and I can't think of my dad without thinking of music. And lately I have been thinking of my dad a lot - maybe that is the reason for the music and not wanting to leave. You see I'm worried about my dad. He hasn't been feeling well and they don't know why. He is having some more tests tomorrow. I hope they figure this out.

So I am so glad that my parents don't read this blog because I really feel the need to talk about my dad and I would hate for my mom to feel bad. But you see I've always been a daddies girl. From my earliest memories my dad has been my hero, my guiding light. I am not even sure if he knows this, I just assume that he does although I have never told him. My dad has shaped my life from the qualities that I admire, to the friends that I have made, to the music I love. Which brings me back to the beginning. Music. My dad loves music. He loves to sing. When my brother and I were little he used to sing us to sleep. While other kids may have heard lullabies in their beds my bother and I heard Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon & Garfunkle and Neil Diamond. Sometimes there might have been a little Sunshine on my Shoulders thrown in just for variety.

And today these are the same songs that I sing when it is time for my kids to go to sleep. It's funny that one of my favorites, Where Have All The Flowers Gone, is now one of theirs. It isn't like I told them or give it more "play" time than If I Had a Hammer or 500 Miles. So I love that my kids are learning the words. I can only hope that when it is their time to sing lullabies that they will pass on the tradition. There is a song by Billy Joel called Lullaby and it is about living on in the music. I know my dad will always live on in my heart forever with the music that he brought to my life. Although he won't read this I'll say it anyway - I love you dad - always.


I am on vacation this week!!! WooHoo. And what have I done with my free time so far - checked my email at work. I know I know I know. Sometimes this technology stuff is a curse. I know better than to do this. I know that it will just make me CRABBY and eat away at my vacation time. But I did it anyway and am I happy? - NO I AM NOT! So beginning right now I'm not doing it. Not checking work email. I mean it!

So you may be asking yourself what wonderful and exotic plans I have for vacation. Well the answer is NOTHING. Yes, I said nothing. The Hubby of the Year (HotY)is working today and tomorrow, the girls are at daycare, and Alex and I are spending some quality time together - which so far has consisted of him leaving any time I come into the room. I love teens :-) Oh, and the 4th of July - well not only is it a public holiday but it is the personal holiday of the "HotY" and I. Yes, we will be celebrating FIFTEEN years of wedded bliss. I'm not sure what we will do to celebrate but whatever it is it won't happen until the weekend. Oh and did you notice that HotY of the year acronym? Now THAT makes me smile.

And lest you think my life is all email and scrapbooking :-) - last Saturday we went to a local park and small (think very small) zoo. The kids had a blast and Alex even got kissed on the ear by a calf. Of course I wasn't really thrilled about that (what if that cow had germs) and now I have an obsessive need to check everyone for ticks several times a day but still it was fun and I got some good pictures.

Okay I'm done. I know I'm boring today but haven't I told you that every day won't be a golden nugget of wisdom :-)

Oh and I scrapped SO I'll show you what I've got!