Monday, July 23, 2007

I know better....

really I do. I know that my skin burns easily. I know that a sun burn will increase my chances of skin cancer. I know that I will look like a red hot chili pepper in a very short time. But what do you think I did this weekend? Yep, spent an entire day, in the sun, without sunscreen. I don't know what I was thinking. So here I am, burned, but dang it I know it will turn into a nice golden tan in just a day or two (disclaimer - I do not condone sunbathing or sun burns - but you know sometimes the lure of a nice tan is just so intoxicating!). It's my own fault I'm suffering and I know it so there - I've taken responsibility.

I'll post some pictures later of the scrapping I did on Friday.

Man I'm starting to think I should give up on this blog thing. I don't think I've written anything worth reading in a month. HELP!!! Please send me praise and compliments I can be convinced to keep writing - really!

I think I need the new tv season to begin :-) Or at least a Rob and/or Mario siting to pull me through.

Oh have you heard the news that the SATC cast is getting together to make a Sex and the City movie? LOVE THAT! I can't wait. I love SATC. I have the entire series on DVD - it's pink. How can you not love that? So are you a SATC fan? Favorite episode? Share. Please. Give me something to go on here. Did you read the above paragraphs? It's sad. I'm writing about sunburns people. I mean really - sunburns? Can it get any worse? I'm out of ideas. I need input. I need humor. I need something - anything. Seriously!

Okay that's it. Over and out.


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Anonymous said...

Tssk, tssk,tssk --- sunburn is bad for you!!! love all of your layouts. They are great. Hope your summer is going well