Monday, April 28, 2008

Sometimes it works against me…

This super special ESP thing. Really. Just the other day I was thinking how long it had been since I heard that annoying Sheryl Crowe song. Why did I do this? I should have known better. Not only have I heard that song once since that thought but I have heard it TWICE – Friday and this morning. So that’s it – no more thinking about Sheryl Crowe – EVER. I know she is going to be upset to hear this but she just has to understand that you cannot underestimate the power of the super special ESP!

In other news let’s talk about the weather shall we? Let’s talk about the fact that I actually had tears in my eyes when I looked at the 10 day forecast because it is so dismal and cold and rainy and depressing. SERIOUSLY. When I saw that forecast my heart fell to my knees and an overwhelming sense of wanting to cry washed over me. I’m so sick of this CRAPPY WEATHER and I can’t do a thing about it. Do you think Mother Nature knows Sheryl Crowe? Maybe it’s a conspiracy to ruin my day for the next fifteen years :-) Okay - okay so I’m a little dramatic this morning but this weather really is depressing me beyond all reason. Maybe I need a vacation…

That’s it. I’m out. Nothing left to say and really I need to run to the bathroom and wipe the mascara smears from under my eyes before someone thinks my cat died or something – it might be a little hard to explain that I am crying over the weather…

Friday, April 25, 2008

Why do I feel like the weather…

I know, what a weird statement, but it’s true. Don’t you ever feel like the weather? Happy and bright and full of energy on the sunny warm days and sluggish and crabby on the cold winter days? Well today it is gray and raining and that is exactly how I feel – gray and raining, which is just my clever way of saying I feel all weepy today. Who knows why. God knows I don’t. It could be the weather, it could be the sad blog I’ve been reading, it could be bad hair, or short pants, or spilled milk. Pick your theme I can make the tears flow for any of them *sigh*

Okay, moving on… the girls have been planning their birthday for months and have finally decided on a Little Mermaid theme – or at least Syd has settled on the mermaid. There has been much lobbying and coercing from her to convince Lauren that Ariel is “THE” theme for the year. Lauren has decided it can work for her, she goes with the flow like that, just as long as there is a plan and she gets to make some of the important decisions like what color the balloons should be and how high they should float.. Of course all this planning on their part has required them to cut things out of the party catalogs that show up in the mail at regular intervals. You know, just in case I would happen to forget what the theme is going to be. All this cutting means thousands of little pieces of paper are all over my house because cutting anything requires the extra curricular activity of making confetti out of any remaining paper scraps – what a super activity – I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to vacuum oh I don’t know 40-50 times a day… . AND along with the paper confetti I am also finding grass clippings (yes, I said GRASS CLIPPINGS) in the house, all over the house which is the result of a nature class they took about a week ago. They planted pots of grass seed which have since sprouted and grown. This growing seems to require daily “mowing”. Nice. Oh well at least they are having fun and really how long can the grass live anyway???

So that’s it. It’s not exactly crying over mermaids but something like that...


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'll be back...

to write more later - well maybe not later - maybe tomorrow but I'll be back. BUT I listed several new things in my Etsy shop. I really like the "FAMILY" one I did - great colors! So if you have a chance take a look and let me know what you think - and you know I'm always looking for new ideas... Glitter Me!

Oh and I do have one more thing to say - the Hoe Down Hee Haw number on Dancing With The Stars - SUCKED! And one other thing. That Shane chick on The Bachelor might be crazy but I've decided she comes by it naturally after seeing her mom. Actually she, Shane, seemed more normal than usual last night and I'm thinking she probably only sees her dad about oh once every five years considering how uncomfortable they seemed with each other - but he does seem to acknowledge he is/was a smuck.

Okay that's it. I'm done. Really. Nothing more to say. Well except maybe have a good day and drive safe and don't take candy from strangers or offer rides to hitch hikers or forget to put on clean underwear - you know all that useful advice...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jury Duty...

Jury duty. I’ve been called for Jury Duty. Do you think blogging about it will dismiss me? I’ve never been called for jury duty before. I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to do. I mean sure I got a card with instructions and a number to call but do you really think I read it all that well? I’ll have to be on the hunt to find the information the night before I’m supposed to call because really why would I want to be prepared when I could just wait until the last minute and then get all crabby because I can’t find what I need? I’ve got expectations to meet you know :-)

You know maybe they should start holding court cases like they do the reality talent shows (American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc.). The trial could be televised. The lawyers, the defendants, the criminals and whoever else is involved in this court room drama stuff could all give their performances and then the public could register their vote. Maybe the judge could be – well you know the judge and his vote would carry 50% of the weight. What do you think? At least it would do away with the jury and then I wouldn’t have to be worried about trying to find that darn card with the information I need!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Call - Vote - NOW

For Marissa and Tony. I know they aren't the best but I like her, she's really trying and I really like Tony. So call, vote - really. I just wish I felt more excited about one of these couples. Other than Tony and Marissa, I'm just not feeling anything strong one way or another. Could I be becoming mellow? Man I hope not, sometimes my passion is the only thing I've got going for me... Speaking of passion I think Tony and Marissa should have a fling. Maybe he could get her to do something about that big hair!

Speaking of dance - Saturday was dance picture day. Have you ever participated in dance picture day? It's an experience. Anyway, since I seem to be out of fresh ideas and witty comments (I can't even think of anything pithy to say about the "professional" dance moms - can you say Prima Dona) so tonight I'll leave you with pictures.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I can't look...

well maybe look isn't exactly the right word - watch would be more appropriate - I can't watch. Do you know what I am talking about? If you have been paying attention you might have an inkling but for those of you without Super Special ESP here it is - I can't watch Dancing with the Stars tonight - I just can't. Now here is the super bonus part of the post - do you know why I can't watch? Give me your best guesses and I'll send a little SPRING sign to the person with the first correct answer. Okay? You have until April 9 - 7:00 a.m. CST.

So about that dancing show. I know I haven't had much to say and that is soooo unusual - but frankly I'm underwhelmed. Kristy Yamagochi (and I don't care if it's not spelled right) has the moves but NO passion. Adam Corolla is funny (very funny) but he isn't even trying and I don't think he and Julieann (isn't that her name) really like each other very much. I like the tall football guy but he isn't knocking my socks off or anything and I like the Hairspray chick but she isn't knocking my socks off either. I think she needs to put herself out there more. The other Mario is okay but again, no socks flying for him either. So do you get the picture here? No one is doing it for me. But at least the voting seems more honest this time and we aren't having to deal with the whole Marie Osmond fiasco again. And have you seen her advertising for Slimfast and claiming she lost 40 lbs on their product? Ummmm you lost 40 lbs cause you were dancing your little toes off and really, if you would have been voted off when you should have you'd have only lost 15 - MAYBE 20. I know I know I sound bitter but I'm still not over that whole season of the Stars - Dancing - Live :-)

So that's it for today. Read. Guess. Comment. Win.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What have I created?

If you know me at all, you will know that I LOVE clothes. LOVE them. Before Children - eating not a big deal - a new outfit, that was a big deal. I know I am not unique in this but being a clothes lover and then having twin daughters was like having my prayers answered - buying cute clothes without the agony of the dressing room. It was heaven for about 3 years and then Syd grew big enough to change her own clothes and life has become a series of wardrobe changes.

At first I couldn't figure out where this came from - changing clothes 20 times a day - but then my sister was very quick to remind me that I had taught her this behavior since I changed the girls' outfits three, four, maybe five times a day when they were babies - so many clothes so little time (don't tell the HotY I said that - he already thinks the clothes thing is a problem). So fine, maybe it is my fault but holy bananas the girl can't keep an outfit on for more than fifteen minutes. And the things she picks out. Let's just say I wish that the Little Mermaid had a Little Less influence because Ariel's wardrobe choices are not always the most appropriate! You know what I mean, you've seen her hiding behind that rock while spying on Eric - she's not wearing much! I'm not surprised he bundled her up and whisked her off to his castle - are you?!

Anyway, I'm never quite sure what Syd is going to be wearing at any given time. It could be a swimming suit, a leotard, a fairy dress, a set of seashells and a mermaid fin - you just never know. Last night when I went up to bed I checked on the little cherubs and there laid out all very nicely by the door was a raincoat opened up with a dress inside, tights underneath all tucked into the shoes. Guess what she wore today - yep! She's such a Syd.

Now Lauren is a very practical girl when it comes to clothes - one outfit a day is a good plan with appropriate attire a plus! Syd is always trying to get her to change clothes - which Lauren just ignores her - she's good at that ignoring thing especially is she is ignoring Syd. And you know what, now when I think about it, Alex is kind of a clothes guy. He likes clothes and has been known to change several times in one day. And then there was that whole garage sale clothing bin deal (small clothes, tags attached) which became his entire trousseau until I figured out where he had the thing stashed and I put it back in the garage - where it belonged!

So maybe it is my fault - but they could have worse habits - like feeding their vegetables to the dog.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This is no April Fool...

we have snow and ice and slush and school delays. Believe me when I say that this kind of weather in April is no laughing matter. I’m so darn irritated with Mother Nature right now. I mean really SNOW.IN.APRIL. Who thought up that swell idea?

Anyway, regardless of the snow it is April and not just any day in April but April Fools’ Day or the day better known as My Brother’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday Sean!

So because of the birthday boy April Fools’ Day was kind of a big thing in our house while growing up. Of course I teased him mercilessly about being born on Dum-Dum Day (I mean really what are older sisters for if not to make a younger siblings life miserable?) but it was only because I loved him - seriously.

Actually my brother and I are only 2 years apart and we got along pretty well if you overlook his irritation with my driving. In high school he would ride with me to school and it usually wasn’t good. Of course he thought it was all me but he was wrong. I mean it wasn’t my fault we ran out of a gas - a few times. We all know when the gas gauge says empty there’s still some gas left in there and besides sometimes we ran out of gas right in front of the gas station so how hard was that? AND as for missing the corner to school 15 times in a row, that wasn’t my fault either, the roads were slippery how was I supposed to know I had to slow down? So see none of it was my fault but he acted like I as a bad driver – shesh! He’s lucky he didn’t have to walk fifteen miles in the snow – uphill or worse yet, RIDE THE BUS! Now that would have been irritating.

So that’s it for today. Snow which is no April Fool. My brother’s birthday which some might call an April Fool (I love you Sean) and my driving skills with which you should not fool!

Have a great day.