Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This is no April Fool...

we have snow and ice and slush and school delays. Believe me when I say that this kind of weather in April is no laughing matter. I’m so darn irritated with Mother Nature right now. I mean really SNOW.IN.APRIL. Who thought up that swell idea?

Anyway, regardless of the snow it is April and not just any day in April but April Fools’ Day or the day better known as My Brother’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday Sean!

So because of the birthday boy April Fools’ Day was kind of a big thing in our house while growing up. Of course I teased him mercilessly about being born on Dum-Dum Day (I mean really what are older sisters for if not to make a younger siblings life miserable?) but it was only because I loved him - seriously.

Actually my brother and I are only 2 years apart and we got along pretty well if you overlook his irritation with my driving. In high school he would ride with me to school and it usually wasn’t good. Of course he thought it was all me but he was wrong. I mean it wasn’t my fault we ran out of a gas - a few times. We all know when the gas gauge says empty there’s still some gas left in there and besides sometimes we ran out of gas right in front of the gas station so how hard was that? AND as for missing the corner to school 15 times in a row, that wasn’t my fault either, the roads were slippery how was I supposed to know I had to slow down? So see none of it was my fault but he acted like I as a bad driver – shesh! He’s lucky he didn’t have to walk fifteen miles in the snow – uphill or worse yet, RIDE THE BUS! Now that would have been irritating.

So that’s it for today. Snow which is no April Fool. My brother’s birthday which some might call an April Fool (I love you Sean) and my driving skills with which you should not fool!

Have a great day.


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Anonymous said...

Snow here April 1 and Yesterday, too!!!! This is definitely Global Colding!