Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waiting for Autumn...

I know and it isn't even Spring yet! Actually the Autumn we are anxiously awaiting is not of the seasonal kind. We are waiting for our new puppy who we picked out today and have named Autumn. I'm not sure we are ready for a puppy but it's a done deal. Three weeks to puppy-proof - it's an extreme measure to try to get my kids to pick-up but so far it is doing the trick.

Lauren had her heart set on getting a boy dog (I really don't know why). We picked out the puppy we liked the best - all of us thinking it was a boy - well because I said it was a boy (hey it looked like a boy to me - I guess I didn't look closely enough - either that or I need to take Biology class again). So we handed "him" over to the owner so she could attach the "taken" collar and guess what - IT'S A GIRL!!! Lauren was not happy and insisted she wanted a boy - so we picked a boy that looked almost as cute as our girl and then we mixed them up and told her to pick her favorite - she picked the girl. She still wasn't very happy. We told her to pick again (after mixing them up again) - she picked the girl again. This time we didn't tell her which it was - not until we got home. She's over it already but for a while there it was the end of the world - just ask Lauren.

So here she is Ms. Autumn, she is a Goldendoodle. She is only 5 weeks old so she won't be in our home for three more weeks. Unfortunately she is currently living about an hour from our house so there probably won't be any visits until we can bring her home.

I'm still not sure I'm ready for this.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

But does He have a sense of humor?

God, that is. Or is He a practical joker (my LEAST favorite brand of humor)? - because I'm thinking that He takes great comic relief and delight in my quirky life. Seriously. FOR INSTANCE - remember that stop sign runner confrontation? Come on - I know you remember - it was so unlike me and I know you were all thinking - why did she do that? Anyway, today I discovered that not only do the children of said law breaker attend the same school two of my children attend, BUT he works in the same office building that I work in. WHAT? What are the chances of that? I mean come on - where I live, it's not a metropolis but it isn't a small town either. So now, not only do I have to avoid him at school, I have to worry about sharing an elevator with him or meeting him in the corridor or arriving in the parking lot at the same time - heck I'm afraid to even park next to the guy. I do not find any humor in this - nor any of the other "small world" twists of fate which make frequent appearances in my life.

I'm tired of being PUNK'D by God. I don't even like that show nor any other of the genre. I don't find them entertaining or funny - but - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - that I like. How come I don't get to participate in that game? Come on God, bring it on, I could win - I know I could. Just think of how proud You would be - sure it might not be as funny as this other weird and twisted destiny stuff but still...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Okay here's the thing...

I don't talk about this often - because - well I'd like to pretend it doesn't exist - but the truth of the matter is I really need to get control of my diet and fitness. In other words I NEED A DIET - seriously. I used to be soooo good about the fitness thing. I worked out regularly (like five days out of seven - and that does not include the leisurely Saturday or Sunday afternoon bike ride or walk I would fit in) and I walked almost everywhere except to my job. So see what I mean, that was good stuff. My diet - well that has never been the best. There was a time when I would only eat 800 calories in one day (I'm not kidding about this - you can ask around). I would eat whatever I wanted (some days it may have been 8 cookies) but once I hit that magical 800 calories I was done for the day and I wouldn't budge no matter how much cajoling there was by my roommates to please share pizza with them. I did this calorie restricting thing pretty faithfully for about four years, dropping pounds every week, working out consistently and yet continuing to think I was the fattest chick in the aerobics class (and really, I was never a skinny-as-a-rail kind of girl - my body genetics just have not predisposed me to that kind of figure. I'm a pear. I had an itty-bitty top with hips and thighs - YUCK). I hid in the back of the class just so I wouldn't have to confront the mirrors. I was told this type of behavior is called "anorexic tendencies" - whatever, I really hate being labeled. And then some things happened in my life that kind of knocked me off my feet and I found that I felt compelled to eat. I couldn't not eat anymore but still the mirror and scale dominated my life so I discovered a new way to combat the fat monster - I can eat and then I can throw up! WOW what a fabulous idea. Never mind that it took a ton of time and it's smelly and it made me tired and gave me callouses on my fingers - it was a way to have my cake and eat it too - literally. I was made to attend a Bulimia therapy group - they kicked me out - I was too ambivalent (It's true - I couldn't make up this kind of stuff). So on it went, trying to find my perfect skinny body which existed and yet I never saw it. Finally it stopped - I got pregnant and realized that this was no way to make a healthy baby. So I just stopped - I have been told that this is very unusual - this ability to just stop - atypical - quirky - that label I understand. And when I got pregnant the pounds piled on. All those abused fat cells in my body decided to rebel and had one heck of a party. WooHoo - let's inflate - and they did. And so the cycle continued until I am where I am today. It's not good. How I feel about myself affects every aspect of every moment of my life so it isn't simply about vanity it's about my life. So tomorrow (you really didn't expect me to NOT procrastinate on this did you) I'm beginning to take control of my life again - at least my diet and fitness life. It's the least I can do for me and my kids and the HotY.
This has been a very hard thing for me to write because, like I said, I would prefer to just pretend none of this exists. That people really do love me for who I am on the inside, but we all know the truth of that little lie - we are a superficial society - many lasting judgements are made on that first impression. For those of you who only know me through this blog you may find my revelations surprising since I don't know that I have ever complained about how I look but it's not good. So I'm hoping that you all will stick with me. I may talk about it now and then. I'll probably do a little update monthly just to keep me honest and you may find I'm a little crabbier than usual - but it's time for change and we all will have to take the good with the bad...

TTFN... man, I need to find a kleenex :-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Conan O'Brien is on my list...

Did you see Conan O'Brien's last show tonight? If so then you understand why he is on my list. Sure, he may have red hair and glaringly white skin but he is funny and he seems to be a very humble and appreciative person. Make me laugh and make me think and play nice and you are almost guaranteed an in with me :-) So for all of you (Amy) who questioned my placement of Conan on the list - watch the last show - it's got to be on You Tube somewhere - oh and while you are searching that out try to find the video of his trip to Finland - that show made me laugh until I cried. Seriously.

I know this was sooo just out there. No rhyme no reason. But really I have been thinking and thinking and thinking that I should find something to write about as I haven't written in a while but when I try to put words to paper I come up with NOTHING! I want to write but nothing is coming. No flow. It's frustrating. I know I have things to say but still - nothing. So this is what you get - my idolization of Conan O'Brien - and you thought I had it bad for my Marvelous Mario :-)


Oh, one other totally random thing to go with the rest of this totally random post... I was talking with a friend the other day and I used the word "rote" he had no idea what I was talking about and made me show him the word in the dictionary since he didn't believe me when I said it was a real word and I had used it correctly. Do you know what the word rote means? And what about orthogonal? Do you know the meaning of this word (without looking it up)??? Can you use it in a sentence? Hey, what can I say, words (and my hair) are my thing... :-)

Monday, February 16, 2009


Hmmmmm. I received an email today which said "update your blog already. I need updates". But the thing is I'm a little low on the updates these days.

  • I've been really crabby lately - that's an update.
  • We made heart shaped crayons for Valentine's Day school friend gifts (you can see the details of that little project on this blog: Elle's Studio - thank you Amy ;-)) That's another update.
  • I had today off from work. We get one random holiday a year and this year they picked President's Day. It was like a bonus day since most of the world was working. That's update number three.
  • Alex is in the shower right now and I can hear Taylor Swift singing about her Romeo - okay maybe that isn't an update but more like a little bit of insider knowledge. He has a shower radio, he got it for Christmas - does that count as an update?

What about these?

  • I met my friend Wendy for breakfast at Panera on Saturday.
  • I got my hair cut tonight and took Syd with me. She talked non-stop and picked out the "bride hair" she wants when she marries Wyatt. He will say "Hon, you look great" when he sees her (those were her exact words - I'm thinking Wyatt doesn't stand a chance when pitted against the girl's determination - this has been going on for the entire school year. Did I mention she is in KINDERGARTEN. At least she isn't bringing home a boy's phone number like her sister... and I was excited about having girls - HA!)
  • I'm watching The Bachelor tonight although I'm not at all impressed with Jason nor his selection of love-sick women. I mean really, you're a single dad - is this the way you want to find a mother for your son???
  • I'm wondering what the etiquette is regarding throwing your own birthday party. I have such a eclectic group of friends. Nothing would make me happier then spending an evening with all of them in one room.
Soooo, as you can see the updates - not so much lately. I'll try to see if I can't spice things up this week but I don't start coming out of my shell until the first real day of spring - SERIOUSLY!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me...

no no no, not yet - don't get yourselves all worked up :-) My birthday isn't for another month - which just happens to be the exact date that the all new season of Dancing with the Stars will begin. I'm considering it a birthday present to myself - I've got big expectations for this season. Of course I can't remember who any of the dancers are - with the exception of Shawn Johnson as she is from my native state (I don't know if I spelled her name correctly but I know where she lives :-)) but I'm thinking they have big things planned for my viewing pleasure - after all it will be my birthday. Let the countdown begin...


Oh, and because I failed to mention this fact yesterday - although my sister is very unlike me in some very superficial ways - I love her very much - even if she does have a paint fetish :-)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Like Night and Day...

well sort of anyway. I have a sister - have I mentioned this before - I think I have - but if not - I have a sister. She is 6 years younger than I am. ANYWAY, she and I are not very much alike - my brother and I - that's a different story, but Nic and I - different. While I was Miss Girly Girl, must wear dresses every day, you can never have enough Barbies, she was Miss Tomboy, I will wear this football jersey t-shirt every day, what is a Barbie? (seriously - she hated Barbies - who hates Barbies?)

Anyway she posted THE 25 random things on her Facebook page and I thought I would share them. I probably shouldn't share someone else's 25 things without their permission but she's my sister and she's younger so really I can do what I want (did I mention I was the bossy one??). So without further ado here are her 25 random tidbits. And we aren't quite as different as I might have thought (my comments are in blue - because again, you know me right and you knew there would be comments).
1. I am totally and irrationally afraid of snakes!

2. I LOVE in particular - I get all tingly and happy inside when the new boots come out for the fall season. I's a problem. (Okay my thing - sunglasses - but regardless - it's a collecting problem)

3. I also love clothes and love to shop. (Ditto)

4. I'm in advertising. My husband is an engineer. It works...go figure.

5. I love to paint - walls that is. We moved into our house 15 years ago and the family room has been painted about 6 or 7 times already. (She gets this from mom - who will get up any given morning and decide she is going to paint a room - any room - just for fun - the color may be up for a week or a year - but the painting it is a random decision. Me - it took me 3 weeks to decide on a paint color for the bathroom - paint is not like underwear people, there is no need to change frequently)

6. I like change - hence the multiple paintings of the family room.

7. I love to cook.

8. I hate doing laundry!

9. I would love to live on a lake, so I could go waterskiing every day in the summer. (Ditto)

10. I am going to attempt to learn to surf on our trip to Mexico. I am very excited and VERY nervous.

11. I hate making a fool out of myself. (which is why I'm nervous about trying to surf).

12. I am realizing that trying to come up with 25 random things about yourself is really hard.

13. I love cars. My ideal job would be working at Motor Trend or Car & Driver test driving cars and then writing critiques for the magazine. (Did I not mention this love of cars thing in my list also - it's a family thing trust me - I won't even go into the number of cars our brother has owned)

14. I like decorating, but I don't like to spend a lot of money on it - goes back to #6 - I don't want to spend a lot of money on stuff for the house because I know I will want to change it after 6 months or a year. (I like the decorating thing also - and Nic - two words - TJ MAXX)

15. Magazines I subscribe to: O, Architectural Digest, Waterski

16. I don't really read that many articles in magazines, I just like to flip through them and look at the pictures and read the photo captions. I may scan an article or two.

17. I am very proud of my sons. I think they are really good and kind. I know...every mother thinks that, but I think other people would agree. (They are very good boys - seriously)

18. I love to eat, especially anything Italian or chocolate.

19. I like to exercise once I start doing it, but I have a hard time making myself do it.

20. I apparently have a thing for older men - my husband is 12 years older than I am and all but 2 of the guys I've dated were older than me. (have I mentioned my husband is a younger man???)

21. I like martinis - a lot. Not the James Bond type, but the Sex in the City Cosmo type.

22. It took me awhile to find them as an adult, but I know have really great friends who I can relax with and have fun with and who love me for who I am.

23. I write and design ads and brochures for farm equipment - I have never lived on a farm, nor do I have any desire to live on a farm and, if it weren't for my job, I probably wouldn't pay much attention to the products I spend every day working with, but, yet, here I am. (Yep, we grew up in a Midwestern agricultural state and very rarely even visited a farm even though my dad's career was solely dependent on the farming industry).

24. That being said, I get a very content, happy feeling when I'm driving down the road on a beautiful spring day and notice the green haze of the new crops popping through the dark soil. (and the smell of the fresh turned earth in the spring - I love that smell - seriously you can smell the dirt)

25. I write and talk entirely too much. I could go on and on and on when I start writing. Although it's been hard to come up with 25 random thoughts, it's almost been harder not to elaborate on all 25. (I'm so glad I don't have that talking problem ;-))

So there you go, now you know a little bit more about my sister. I know, I know, pulling content from someone else's rambling, but really I've had nothing to say but thought you deserved to read SOMETHING new - I'd hate to be remembered as the chick who hunted down that stop sign runner like a dog after a cat (hey, it had been a bad day...)


Oh and this is her, my sister, Nicole - feel free to call her Nic - we do :-)

And one other thing - the HotY sent me a link to THIS article the other day - I thought it was good and so apropos with this post so I'm sharing - you know I'm all about sharing the knowledge :-)

Monday, February 2, 2009

One of those days...

today ended up being one of THOSE days. Really.

Each day I pick up my little cherubs :-) from school. Today, after turning onto the main road which leads almost directly to the school, an SUV (okay it was a Chrysler Aspen to be exact) ran a stop sign and pulled out right in front of me. GRRRRR. Then the same SUV ran the next stop sign which is a little bit further up the road - FINALLY he arrived at the stop sign at the school intersection and actually stopped. Believe me when I say I was waiting to see what he would do - all the while hoping that our destinations were the same - and they were. So I pulled into the pick-up line right behind Mr. Speedy McGreedy - proceeded to get out of my van, walk to his vehicle and rap on the window. He acted all surprised like to see me standing there and rolled down his window. I proceeded to say the following "I assume your children go to school here" to which he replied "yeah" (and believe me I know he was saying "so what" under his breath) and I said "well my kids go here too and I'm certainly glad they weren't with me in the car while you were running all those stop signs" He looked at me and said "I don't know what you are talking about get the F*** out of here" and rolled up his window. I was so mad, let's just say the adrenaline was pumping - and really I don't know what I expected him to do BUT he needed to know what he was doing was UNACCEPTABLE! Seriously. So I went back to my car, memorized his license plate number and thought "dang I should have just called the report in to the cops but now I can't because if they pay him a little visit he will know it was me". Shoot. And then I pulled out of the pick-up line, pulled into the parking lot and proceeded to start shaking. I can be such a girl!

So there you go - I confronted a total stranger about their driving. It actually is pretty unlike me - the confrontation thing - I hate confrontation. I will avoid it at all costs - until you get me pushed up against a wall - or really ticked off - then it is all over - and I hate it. I hate the loss of control. GRRRR.

I don't know how the rest of THAT driver's day went but the rest of mine was pretty much ruined. And to think there are people out there that like to do this kind of thing. Not me. Next time I think I'll just leave it to my friendly law enforcement officers...