Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm thankful...

my house is nearly clean
my mom is making the turkey and pies and stuffing for Thanksgiving Dinner
my family will begin arriving this afternoon for the turkey day festivities
I can sleep in a little bit tomorrow (see that note about my mom making the turkey, stuffing...)
Syd was a great little helper today and Lauren was the official decorator for the holiday
Alex got a haircut and the HotY will be home at 3:00

I'm not thankful for
the gallon of milk I broke on the garage floor
the Pledge that accidentally got sprayed on the kitchen floor
and the washer that broke last night
but all in all there is more good than bad. 
For that I am especially thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Did I mention I'm glad to be here?

I just remembered I totally forgot to tell you about this - I don't know how I forgot but I did.  Earlier in October I attended a funeral so I was dressed up and wearing heels.  I stopped at the store on my way home and had a couple bags of stuff.  When I walked in the door, standing in front of the stairs, I tried to kick-off my shoes without putting my sacks down and then it happened (fine you know what happened but let me tell you anyway).  I lost my balance, I tried to catch myself but it was too late.  I went down the stairs backwards.  At the bottom my head hit the floor, my legs flipped over my head and my neck gave a horrendous crack then my head hit the floor again, this time so hard my cotacts popped out.  I KNOW!  I layed there for just a second making sure I could move my neck and slowly stood up.  Other than rug burns on my face and bruises along the back of my body I was uninjured.  It could have been bad - it could have been really bad, especially since there was no one home but the pets (some help they would have been - although to Autumn's credit she did touch even one thing that came out of the bags when they went flying)..  Once the HotY and kids did get home I told him the story and then subsequently during the night I would remind him that I could have died just so he would appreciate me being around even more than usual :-)  But it really did scare me.  AND I totally believe that my Guardian Angel was watching over me - I'm really thankful she was around! 

Okay that's it.  You know I've had so many close-calls I obviously have not done whatever it is I have been set on this earth to do.  Darn I wish someone would clue me in about that - but maybe it's better I don't know - you never know when my luck may run out!