Monday, June 11, 2012

Let the summer begin...

The last of the school year activities have concluded - HOORAY! 

Spring concert - check
Last day of school - check
Graduation parties - check
Cheer camp - check
Last soccer game - check
Dance recital - check

Bring on the sleeping in, the hazy and lazy, the sprinkler and swimming pool.  The long nights and endless days.  Bring on the ice cream truck!  Oh wait, that's not my life that's my kids life - oh well at least I can observe from the sidelines. Summer - it's my favorite.  Haven't I been telling you this for the past 5 years???

Dance pictures.  Enjoy. 

TTFN... and yes their ears do stick out when their hair is slicked to their heads.  Did you notice they have the same ears.  Guess they must be sisters.