Wednesday, October 3, 2007


That was me - hearing Albert had been voted off DWTS. WHAT? Wayne Newton stayed and Albert WENT? Okay who of you voted for Mr. Las Vegas? And WHY - WHY would you do such a thing? Please make some sense of this crazy, mixed-up decision. Even the judges were shocked and amazed. I don't get it. Okay first of all, I normally don't even watch the elimination show because frankly I think it is a little bit too cheesy. I had just told Amy I NEVER watch the elimination show - I just wait for the news to filter to me - but last night I turned on the tv three minutes early to get ready for Boston Legal and it happened, I saw it, the demise of Model Man! I just sat there in shock. This was almost as bad as Emmett Smith winning over My Mario. I just can't even process this information. And if you were one of those "people" that voted for Wayne Newton you can just leave right now. Really. Shesh.

So while DWTS was moving along and Albert and I were oblivious to his upcoming shake down I was TRYING to play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) on the wii. They just came out with the wii version. Well mii didn't do so good at the wii DDR. It was a sad little show. I was booed and hissed and and and I got a failure. I mean really, I can totally understand how Albert felt when he got "the last dance". And the thing is, I have rhythm, I have dancing skills, I can read a chart, but, well I guess it is fair to say I don't have a lot of coordination and I do have to look at my rings to determine my right from my left (you think I am teasing about this? - just ask the HotY that's all I'm going to say...) STILL, you think I could have pulled this together but NOPE. It wasn't happening. So while the DWTS are perfecting their foxtrots and tangos and mambos I'm going to be working on learning my right from my left and trying to beat those dang arrows. Seriously!



Wendy said...

OK - so I accidentally turned to DWTS the other night and because you are so obsessed I thought...Let's just see what she's so jazzed about. I didn't see Albert or Jenny Garth, but I saw Wayne Newton...I almost turned the channel. I saw the Cheetah girl dance...Dang that woman is fantastic...I want to be her! She's not some little skinny minnie but she seriously kicks A..! Oh and I caught a glimpse of Marie Osmond...Why is Hollywood telling these women that they should look like Joker from Batman...Bad plastic surgeons!

deb said...

tee hee.. everyone at work was talking about it too.

Anonymous said...

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