Monday, October 8, 2007

It's all for the kids...

You know there are MANY days when I question my ability to be a good mother. I don't think I am unique in this, but in this case there is no comfort in numbers. Although today, today, while it was POURING rain, pouring rain so hard that the windshield wipers could not even keep up, I opened my window ALL THE WAY, allowing rain to come in and soak my sleeve so that I could wave and blow kisses to those two little faces peeking out the window and enthusiastically waving their arms and blowing kisses back. And I didn't even consider not doing it because that is the kind of thing a mom (and dad) will do for their kids. Put their own comfort aside just to bring a smile to a little face. So today, at least for now anyway, I feel competent to be a mom. By tonight that could all change, but for right now I'm just going to go with it and feel all warm and motherly inside.

Don't forget it's all about the dancing tonight!


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