Thursday, October 25, 2007

I have a warning...

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT purchase apples from a certain new Super Target in a certain upper Midwest city which sometimes receives snow in October. And it is all because of THIS GIRL:

This girl who looks all sweet and innocent in this photo - which by the way, is false advertising.

Yesterday, after the candy incident at Michael's, where she opened a piece of chocolate candy at the checkout and I had to hand it sheepishly to the clerk and say "I'm sorry" because I didn't have 39 cents in cash, we went to Target where she practically drowned in a sea of sadness when the bakery girl handed her sister a pink frosted cookie and she got a plain one (the poor bakery girl took one look at her pitiful face and RAN to get another pink frosted cookie - seriously the sad look SHE pulled out of her hat would have melted the most hardened heart) We were almost ready to check out and IT happened. SHE picked up an apple from the produce bin which she proceeded to smell as if it were ambrosia, and then SHE LICKED THE APPLE. And I, in my haste to control the situation actually PUT THE APPLE BACK in the bin. Yes, I put the apple back in the bin. I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry. I think by Monday that apple will have made it's way to some unsuspecting shoppers home so the apples should be safe by then but in the meantime I feel terrible. I'm sorry and remember always wash your fresh fruits and veggies.



Amy said...

That picture makes me smile. So sweet and innocent.

deb said...

Oh the things I have to look forward to!! The apple story - VERY funny even if it wasn't at the time.