Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's been a while...

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  Okay so it's not you it's me.  Sorry, it seems like the days fly by yet there has been nothing to say.  I'm sure you know the feeling. 

Work is winding down.  Only 7 days left - it still seems a little surreal - I wonder when I'm going to get it.  Sometimes I just have to learn the hard way (okay maybe a little bit more often than sometimes...).

The dog was shaved again.

Exhibit A:

Does she not look pathetic?  And she is cold.  Honestly she comes in, looks right at the nearest human and then shivers - like we don't feel bad enough already.  I bought her a sweater yesterday (yes it's true) now she looks like a pathetic dog pretending to be a little old lady - but the shivering has stopped.  I'll be posting monthly pictures just so we can all appreciate her regrowth journey :-)

Oh and while we are talking about this really important stuff - are you watching The Bachelor?  I mean I saw Brad the first time around but this new touchy feely Brad - I find him a little annoying.  First can he really be that understanding and second did the casting call for this season state that sad stories are a plus?  I mean really - what a tragic group of women - good for them caring, understanding, vulnerable Brad is on the scene to hug and kiss and kiss and kiss them and make all their troubles disappear.  Ahhhh reality TV.  May the saddest woman win... Okay well now that I have that off my chest I won't even get into my thoughts on Nicole Kidmann having a baby through a surrogate mother.  I KNOW - how could I possibly have time to think about finding a job when I have so much to think about! 

And lastly, I baked a pie.  I really should NOT bake pies. 

It isn't that the pies don't taste good - they taste great - but that crust thing - well let's just say it needs improvement.  And did you know one of the purposes of a top crust is to keep the apples from burning?  Because seriously, when the crust you made kind of doesn't stay in one piece so then you take the bits and pieces and lay them on top here and there part of the apples show and then they burn - WOW who knew.  I certainly did not.  And just so you know my culinary expertise is not lacking in only pie baking it extends to layer cake baking also.

But I do make a mean Manicotti

TTFN... and now do you see why I haven't been writing - so many deep thoughts...