Thursday, January 29, 2009

All you didn't want to know and more...

My friend Wendy tagged me on my Facebook page to list 25 Random things about me. I thought I'd post them here too. This is as random as it gets...

1.I am deathly afraid of fire. I will only use those long lighter things. We had a wood burning fireplace in our first house – it never got used – not even once.

2.I hate ripe bananas. I like them when they are still a little bit green.

3.I was in a head-on car accident with a drunk driver. My knee was cut in half. I don’t remember the collision at all.

4.I’m a girlie girl but I like cars.
• 1st car Buick Skylark (blue)
• 2nd car Ford Mustang (blue)
• 3rd car Mercury Cougar (blue)
• 4th car Ford Mustang Convertible (white/black top)
• 5th car Honda Civic Hatchback (teal)
• 6th car Pontiac Grand Am Sedan (teal)
• 7th car Chrysler Intrepid (Red – NOT burgundy – I hate burgundy)
• 8th car Chrysler Town & Country Van (black)

5.I was accepted to a college for Commercial Art but I changed my mind at the last minute and went to a local tech school for computers.

6.I have lived in six different cities/towns and have had 16 different homes.

7.I am the oldest in my family (1 brother, 1 sister)

8.I always tell my kids I love them at least three times a day.

9.I have a very patient and tolerant husband (like this surprises you)

10.If I could have a super hero power I would be a time traveler (or a mind reader).

11.I love water. Some day I want a lake or ocean in my backyard.

12.I talk to my parents at least once a week.

13.I wish I could talk to my ancestors.

14.I’m fascinated with the Industrial Age of America

15.I hate math but like to balance the checkbook and pay bills.

16.If I were a little younger I would totally have my belly button pierced.

17.I love it when my kids want to snuggle with me – which luckily for me - is a daily occurrence.

18.I read every night while my husband gives me a head rub. Head rub over – reading done. Sometimes I beg for more.

19.I love to do unexpected things to make people happy.

20.I have never done drugs of any kind nor smoked a cigarette

21.I recently discovered the joy of Pomegranate Martinis – they are fabulous!

22.I have a very loyal and supportive circle of friends. They are a very disparate group but I love them all.

23.My children are 10 years apart – people have actually asked me if they have the same father (the answer is yes).

24.I like to knit but only with colors I think are pretty.

25.I never leave the house without mascara on my lashes.

I'm supposed to tag other people but I'm inviting everyone - just play along if you want - no obligation. But if you play - let me know - heck you could even post in the comments if you are so inclined (anonymous poster - I'm talking to you - you didn't think I had let this go did you?). Have fun.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lack of content...

so many things could be listed under this category but I'll try to keep it to a minimum today.

I'm posting silly pictures of the girls - because - well they are girls and they are silly (hey, I warned you there would be lack of content). And besides they got their ears pierced a little over a week ago so take special note of the earrings. I'll talk more about that when I have more time - maybe later today. I typically don't post twice in one day but I never say never :-)

So, I know some of you are wondering about the mystery poster, as am I. So far no information has been forthcoming - but then as I was looking at my settings I noticed that even if someone WANTED to send me an email they couldn't, unless they already knew my email address, since I don't have an email listed. BUT I do now so if you are the mystery reader and you feel you would like to be kind and ease my mind go into profile and there is now an email button. Or I'll even save you the trip. The email is: I know I know how silly to be so obsessed about something so small - but I'm assuming that by now you all have figured out how I am :-) And if you are new - well it won't take you long to get it figured out :-) Let's just say, I'm quirky...

Okay, here's the pictures. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have been sitting here thinking I had things to say and yet not knowing how, exactly, to title my thoughts or what it is that I want to say. It has all left me a little speechless - it is all I can think when I try to think of some kind of label to put on these thoughts, so Speechless it is - why struggle when there is no other way...

Today I was busy worrying about all the small things in my life. Things that really don't mean a bean in the grand scheme of things and now I am feeling selfish and small and trivial and unworthy because while I have been obsessing and struggling and trying to figure out my own small problems, people in this world are struggling with big problems. Problems like Stage 4 cancer which could take a young mother away from her husband and son. Who am I to ask for compassion, grace and ease when there are people in this world who need it all so much more than I.

This bad news about people we know has put me in my place. My heart is aching tonight for this family. A family who had their entire future changed in the amount of time it takes me to drive to work. It has all left me speechless.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've got something to say (or who are you) ...

I KNOW! Can you believe it - ME - with something to say - even in the dead of winter with nothing more to look forward to than the sound of snowplows cleaning up the streets.

So here's the thing - and this is NOT about control, this is about knowing my audience - seriously. I'm asking this for you so I can make sure I am meeting your expectations and bringing you content you can appreciate :-)

Alright - so the comments on this blog are usually left by regulars - people I know or have grown to know - even those who post anonymously are still known to me - well until yesterday and this anonymous post:

"I love that song! :-)"

I know it seems innocuous enough but really I have no idea who left this comment and I always know who leaves the comments, even when no name is given. So who are you mystery poster? Please tell me - all you have to do is leave another comment and sign your name - or send me an email and let me know who you are. I have a feeling you are a regular and that you live somewhere in my local area and that I know you (hey, that is a lot of stuff to know for not knowing - KWIM???) so please tell me - it will be a good thing - I promise!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where's the Tête-à-tête?

not to mention the witty dialogue...

I can't tell you how much I wish I had something to say - but alas I do not. No words of wisdom, no venting, no ranting, no raving, I don't even have any dirty little secrets to share (okay I have one - but it is more of a guilty pleasure than a dirty secret - are you ready - here it is - I like THIS song - I know I'm turning a little red even admitting it but there you go - and yet even this is anti-climactic). I've been so darn bored I've been reading my own blog (now maybe that should be a dirty little secret). Someday I'll tell you something about the blog but not today I just don't feel like getting into it and I've already made one confession today - that's enough.

So just to give you something to read here are two of my more favorite things that I've written. You know just in case you are all really bored too...

1. Who is looking for me?

2. Bowling with the elders...

Enjoy and stay tuned - you never know when I will have something to say.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've been put on notice...

with this email:
Yo, woman! Get your butt off the couch and update the blog!
Seriously, that is a direct cut and paste from the email my friend Shirley sent me. She was feeling all giddy like because where she lives (Seattle) the sun finally decided to shine. Sure it's easy for her to be all happy and bossy when she's got sunshine. But you know I don't like to disappoint so Shirley - this one is for you :-)

I haven't been not blogging for any particular reason other than I've got nothin', nada, zilch, zero. I'm out of words. There has not been one exciting thing happening in my life since January began. It is the dog days of winter people and I really hate the cold. REALLY HATE THE COLD. I have no idea why I live where I do, I guess it is because we don't have bugs year round - the cold kills them off. So I've made my choice - cold and no bugs for half the year. I hate bugs even more than I hate the cold :-) My special bug hatred used to be saved for spiders but I think I've moved past spiders (I still don't like them) and moved on to beetles. YUCK. And the variety of beetles you can find is truly mind boggling. Seriously, we used to own Childcraft Encyclopedias when I was growing up (my personal favorites were Holiday's and Customs and How We Get Things) I've seen these things, I know. The beetles had a big section in one of those books - probably Gross Things You Wish You Had Never Seen :-)

So that is it - the sum total of what has been happening in my house. NOTHING but the minute something big happens you will be the first to know :-)


Oh, just so you know I haven't been a complete couch potato, I have been having some fun with Facebook - most of my first cousins are on there and since we are spread all over the country (Seattle, LA, San Diego, Destin Fl, Iowa, Michigan etc.) it has been kind of fun chatting and "meeting" their friends. I know I know Facebook - but what can I say... Besides with all this connecting you just never know when you are going to get an invite to a warm destination (for a vacation in the sun I can live with the bugs).

Monday, January 5, 2009

Big happenings in the little city...

It's been a big night at our house. Lauren lost her first tooth. It's been loose for awhile and hanging by a thread (literally). Tonight she was complaining that she couldn't bite and then showed me how loose the tooth was. I told her she should just pull it out and she did. WOW - she never listens to me.

Anyway, she was very excited until she saw the blood on the tooth. That freaked her out - for about ten seconds - and then it was all about the blood. She kept showing it to Syd who did not appreciate the bloody tooth. And then Lauren had to call everyone she knew to tell them about the lost tooth and to say that we would be sending a picture - blood included of course. Seriously - the blood it was a big thing. Who knew. I'm not quite sure what more to say about that. I mean really it's blood - but here is the picture - be sure to note the blood.

There was more I was going to write but in all the excitement of the losing of teeth and the making of phone calls and the admiring of blood I can't remember what more I could possibly have to say. Now just to remember that Tooth Fairy thing...


Sunday, January 4, 2009


We have finally completed our last Christmas celebration. Can you hear that huge sigh of relief? The 2008 holiday season can officially be put to rest. And that my friends is a good thing. I'm more than ready to get on with 2009. Let's get this party started. I think I may even be a little anxious to get back to work (I'm sure this is merely a fleeting thought but I'm just saying - it's time to get back to the schedule).

Sooooooo, that being said - here are the last of the Christmas pictures. Enjoy - or don't. You can move along - it won't hurt my feelings - sometimes even I get sick of my kids :-)

Princess Syd with her Knight in Shining Armor her cousin (my nephew) Jordan.

Lauren with her cousin (another nephew) Nicholas. Don't they look happy? :-)

The girls. Sydney, Shelby (my niece) and Lauren.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Returns - or - How to Freak Out a Five Year Old...

Today the I took Lauren and Sydney for a girl's day. First on the agenda was lunch followed by a trip to Target for Christmas returns. I had all the return items in a large red plastic bag (from Target - of course) so the girls could not see what was in the bag - until I started taking things out and placing them on the counter. And then the panic began. The returns were duplicates of items that had been received for Christmas - but Lauren & Syd did not know that - they thought they were the very presents they had received. And why would they think I was returning some of their presents? Because they haven't been picking up!!! And believe me there have been days when I really would like to return at least half of what they have gotten - not the least of which are Polly Pocket shoes!!!! You know what I mean - you've seen those shoes. They're tiny and the vacuum cleaner loves them! Anyway, I wasn't a totally mean mom - I only let them freak out for a couple of minutes - before the tears started or Syd crawled over the counter to rescue her princess dress (and I'm not kidding about that - she was beginning to climb the cart in her haste to retrieve her dress).

I know I know not much of a post but I'm procrastinating. I'm meeting Heather and Amy for scrapping tomorrow and I don't know where to begin with the packing. A problem only a scrapper will understand - so much stuff - so little space...


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Now what???

2009. WOW, the beginning of a new year. The unequivocal fresh start - and believe me - there are many areas in my life which could benefit from a fresh start. So many things need changing and improving that I am overwhelmed and do not even know where to begin. Seriously. And if I let it happen, if I let overwhelmed win and overwhelm, it leads me to inactivity - actually dormancy would be even more accurate. I get so consumed by seeing all that needs to be done that I simply do nothing and ignore everything. There is just too much. Pretty soon I don't write, I don't call, I just don't communicate (I know I know there are those of you who are skeptical about this - but it's true - ask the HotY).

So first and foremost my resolution for 2009 is to not become overwhelmed. To learn to take things one piece at a time instead of trying to take on the entire pie of life.

Secondly, I'm going to try to stop repeating myself so often. I reread some of my older blog entries and what I have found is I say the same things over and over and over again. Talk about BORING. So if you find me repeating myself please feel free to speak up because right now I am so sick of myself I could puke. I really don't know how you people put up with me.

Thirdly, follow-through. I need to work on my follow-through. If I say I'm going to do something I need to do it. PERIOD. And really this follow-through thing combined with the overwhelmed thing contribute greatly to the good, the bad, and the ugly of my life so if I can get these two areas under control I think the rest will all fall into place. I'm hoping...

So there you go - I'm not sure where all this will lead. Hopefully to good things and good places. To being that extraordinary person I would like to be instead of who I am today. It may even lead to discontinuing this blog. I'm not quite sure - one piece of pie at a time...

TTFN... Feel free to share your own resolutions. I'm listening.