Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've got something to say (or who are you) ...

I KNOW! Can you believe it - ME - with something to say - even in the dead of winter with nothing more to look forward to than the sound of snowplows cleaning up the streets.

So here's the thing - and this is NOT about control, this is about knowing my audience - seriously. I'm asking this for you so I can make sure I am meeting your expectations and bringing you content you can appreciate :-)

Alright - so the comments on this blog are usually left by regulars - people I know or have grown to know - even those who post anonymously are still known to me - well until yesterday and this anonymous post:

"I love that song! :-)"

I know it seems innocuous enough but really I have no idea who left this comment and I always know who leaves the comments, even when no name is given. So who are you mystery poster? Please tell me - all you have to do is leave another comment and sign your name - or send me an email and let me know who you are. I have a feeling you are a regular and that you live somewhere in my local area and that I know you (hey, that is a lot of stuff to know for not knowing - KWIM???) so please tell me - it will be a good thing - I promise!