Sunday, January 4, 2009


We have finally completed our last Christmas celebration. Can you hear that huge sigh of relief? The 2008 holiday season can officially be put to rest. And that my friends is a good thing. I'm more than ready to get on with 2009. Let's get this party started. I think I may even be a little anxious to get back to work (I'm sure this is merely a fleeting thought but I'm just saying - it's time to get back to the schedule).

Sooooooo, that being said - here are the last of the Christmas pictures. Enjoy - or don't. You can move along - it won't hurt my feelings - sometimes even I get sick of my kids :-)

Princess Syd with her Knight in Shining Armor her cousin (my nephew) Jordan.

Lauren with her cousin (another nephew) Nicholas. Don't they look happy? :-)

The girls. Sydney, Shelby (my niece) and Lauren.

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Shirley said...

too cute! I love the matching dresses!