Thursday, May 27, 2010

And I thought Sheryl Crowe was annoying...

with her chronic complaining about wanting to have some fun (remember – I wrote about it – HERE). NOW there is this song – YUCK. I hate this song. To be honest I’m not a fan of the Black Eyed Peas in any form – but this song – it can put me in a bad mood. I know, there are much more important things to put my energy into but sometimes you just have to get the little things off your chest. And this is one little thing that I would like to get off my chest, out of my radio listening area and into the graveyards of music. I can only hope the popularity of this annoying little tune is short-lived. Sorry to all you Black Eyed Peas but it’s a fact – they are even more annoying than Sheryl Crowe – and to be honest I’m not even that sorry. I just don’t like them. There I said it and I’m sticking by it. HA!

TTFN… I’m off to find a happy place – some place where only good songs play – some place called land of the iPod.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

but... I'm feeling likeable today...

People may not realize it but I am actually a glass half-full kind of person - about most things anyway - and just to prove it to those who may doubt I'm full of all kinds of like love today - really I am. Listen - here's the list of what I like - right now at this moment - seriously.

I like Finger Paints Finger Nail Polish. I happened upon it by accident. Syd actually wanted it so I bought it for her and then it was just setting there in the bathroom one morning so I tried it and I LOVE it. It dries fast and resists chips pretty well. I used to be a finger polish girl but then kids and no drying time entered my life and I sort of forgot how much I like polished fingernails. But I think it is time to remember.

I like Fingerzilla on the iPad. After I posted about this in the post where I talked about the iPad (which I have also decided I really like) I received a comment from Tom of Fingerzilla offering to send me to code to get Fingerzilla for the iPad. How cool is that? See the world is full of nice people and I really like that - and Fingerzilla. Doom and destruction with a tiny tap of the finger - really it's the little things that entertain me.

I like The Avett Brothers especially I and Love and You. Have you heard this song? Click the link - it's a little country but it's so good. I've been listening to it over and over.

I like thinking about the day my daughters were born as tonight is the eve of their 7th birthday. It was kind of a scary day and it wasn't supposed to be their birthday - it was supposed to be an ultrasound day - the birthday wasn't supposed to happen until July. BUT during that ultrasound the Chief OB guy decided I should have a couple of babies. I argued. I told the doctor on call in labor and delivery that I was going home. She called the Chief of OB (she was a tattle tale), who then came to my room and told me in no uncertain terms that no matter what I may have thought I WAS going to be having babies that day - hmmm guess he told me. He got over it but that doctor on-call - not so much. Really, it was an innocent mistake I thought I was being monitored I didn't think I was REALLY going to deliver. Who knew? Regardless by 7:30 that evening I had babies :-) Sweet, sweet baby girls. Sydney was 3lbs 8oz and Lauren was 4lbs 8oz.

I like summer. But I think I've been over this before. Anyone who knows me knows summer is when I truly shine. Sun, sun Mr. Golden Sun...

I like knowing when I've been self-indulgent enough and need to say good-bye.

So without further ado - TTFN... Tomorrow is birthday day. To say spirits were running high would be an understatement.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Well, I hadn't thought about it...

We had a meeting with Alex's teacher a couple of weeks ago. During the course of the meeting she asked what we thought of Alex going to Prom. I was okay with it, although I really hadn't thought much about it before she said something. I figured we would definitely want him to attend next year but I just hadn't given much thought to this year. But before we knew it Alex was going to prom. There were a couple of girls in his regular ed art class that were excited Alex would be attending and included him in their group. Nice nice girls (the girl in the dark blue dress is Grace, who was the organizer and is amazing and beautiful - I'll be forever grateful to Grace).

Alex had a great time. The group of kids were wonderful and he looked like such a gentleman, although I have to admit, to me he looked like my little boy playing dress-up. I'm not sure my heart understands that he is a man (note to self - must let children grow up).

So here are the pictures (most of them straight from the camera so don't expect any superior camera skills).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Think - Think - Think...

and then when it all gets to be too much go and crawl into a honey pot – at least that’s how it works for Pooh Bear (aka Winnie the Pooh). Since I’m trying to steer clear of honey pots and chocolate pots and cookie, cake and chip pots too I’m left with the thinking.

I’ve mostly been thinking about what to do about this darn dog. She really is the nicest dog ever – when she isn’t busy jumping up on people, stealing napkins and food from the dinner table and trying to eat her leash instead of walking on it.
I was home the other day and if she hadn’t been sleeping right at my feet I never would have known she was around except for the occasional hand nudge for a pet. BUT when we do know she is around she is impossible to ignore. When she gets excited she can run over a full grown adult without a second glance. She’s strong and she’s fast and she’s big. I can barely think about giving her away but she really does need some place where she has room to run and roam. Logically I know this would be the best option for everyone - but then my heart gets involved and I just don’t know if I can walk away and never look back. She loves us so much. The kids are ambivalent about her too. I just don’t know what to do. Oh great and here I am crying now because I’m thinking of life without Autumn. I mean really how do you turn your back on your heart???

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

But what do I do with it???

We have an iPad. I know there are people out there who would be as happy as clams to say they have one of these things and it’s not that I’m not happy but I’m not sure what to do with it to make sure I get the full benefit of this oversized iTouch – KWIM?

The good news is the iPad was a gift. But still I feel a need to justify the cost. I mean really, we’ve got an invisible fence system in the yard that the darn dog completely ignores – so since that hasn’t exactly turned out to be a wise investment - I’m all about value for the dollar lately. I know SOME of you who may be reading right now are thinking “hmmmmm, when has SHE ever been overly concerned about cost or value????” But - IT’S TRUE – sometimes things seem completely frivolous - even to me. I KNOW!
Anyway, the iPad is fun. And you don’t have to be so darn careful when using those pesky fingers on the touch screen. AND there are some fun games – like Traffic Jam (???). But it seems to be missing Fingerzilla - at least I haven’t found it yet. HotY – are you listening – the Fingerzilla application – can you get it? Sorry just a little personal note.
The HotY is using it for reading books (me I like to hold the real things in my hands – hard cover is the best). The kids want to use it for games. David Letterman recently pointed out that it makes a great portable picture frame. All uses well worth the price tag (please envision me rolling my eyes). But it’s a toy so it doesn’t have to have a real purpose right????