Wednesday, May 19, 2010

but... I'm feeling likeable today...

People may not realize it but I am actually a glass half-full kind of person - about most things anyway - and just to prove it to those who may doubt I'm full of all kinds of like love today - really I am. Listen - here's the list of what I like - right now at this moment - seriously.

I like Finger Paints Finger Nail Polish. I happened upon it by accident. Syd actually wanted it so I bought it for her and then it was just setting there in the bathroom one morning so I tried it and I LOVE it. It dries fast and resists chips pretty well. I used to be a finger polish girl but then kids and no drying time entered my life and I sort of forgot how much I like polished fingernails. But I think it is time to remember.

I like Fingerzilla on the iPad. After I posted about this in the post where I talked about the iPad (which I have also decided I really like) I received a comment from Tom of Fingerzilla offering to send me to code to get Fingerzilla for the iPad. How cool is that? See the world is full of nice people and I really like that - and Fingerzilla. Doom and destruction with a tiny tap of the finger - really it's the little things that entertain me.

I like The Avett Brothers especially I and Love and You. Have you heard this song? Click the link - it's a little country but it's so good. I've been listening to it over and over.

I like thinking about the day my daughters were born as tonight is the eve of their 7th birthday. It was kind of a scary day and it wasn't supposed to be their birthday - it was supposed to be an ultrasound day - the birthday wasn't supposed to happen until July. BUT during that ultrasound the Chief OB guy decided I should have a couple of babies. I argued. I told the doctor on call in labor and delivery that I was going home. She called the Chief of OB (she was a tattle tale), who then came to my room and told me in no uncertain terms that no matter what I may have thought I WAS going to be having babies that day - hmmm guess he told me. He got over it but that doctor on-call - not so much. Really, it was an innocent mistake I thought I was being monitored I didn't think I was REALLY going to deliver. Who knew? Regardless by 7:30 that evening I had babies :-) Sweet, sweet baby girls. Sydney was 3lbs 8oz and Lauren was 4lbs 8oz.

I like summer. But I think I've been over this before. Anyone who knows me knows summer is when I truly shine. Sun, sun Mr. Golden Sun...

I like knowing when I've been self-indulgent enough and need to say good-bye.

So without further ado - TTFN... Tomorrow is birthday day. To say spirits were running high would be an understatement.

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Shirley said...

Hope that the princesses have a fabulous birthday!