Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friends, Church and other assorted stuff.

What can I say I have a lot on my mind today! I don’t even know where to start. It’s all so big and yet so trivial, these thoughts of mine. But that is the way it goes with me. It seems like a big deal but then I spell it all out and guess what – NOT A BIG DEAL. Well, it’s still a big deal to me but to someone else – trivial. I mean just think what a mess my life would be if I were Paris Hilton. Now there is a woman with a troubled existence. But she has made a huge, life altering, incredible discovery, she is never again going to drink and drive. I’m amazed at the sacrifices that woman is making (HUGE eye roll). Oh and that is the last you will ever hear of her from me again. I cringe when her name even has to pass my lips – thank goodness that isn’t too often. There are things that suck in my life but thank goodness I’m not Paris Hilton! All the money in the world isn’t going to buy that chick a sane life!
Hey I said this post was about Friends, Church and Assorted STUFF, I’ll get to the other stuff – seriously.
I had an opportunity to meet a friend for dinner last night. I only see this particular friend about once a year since she doesn’t live here but has to come to my little city for business every once in awhile. It was great to see her but sometimes I get overwhelmed with it all. I just want to enjoy the moment but know that I have to cram it all into a few short hours and then I get so bogged down with trying to think of everything that I want to say that I don’t say anything. I hate that. So although I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and seeing her again I am not sure she knows it since I think I seemed a little distant. But really I wasn’t that way on the inside. Maybe I need to start wearing one of those clapboard sign things around my neck so people know what the heck I am thinking.
And about that Church thing, let’s just say I have missed a LOT of masses and I think it is time to get back in the swing of things. I think everyone needs some balance in the big picture, a time to reflect on the greater good and the reason for being here. I haven’t had the opportunity to think about these things lately, so back to church for me. Say what you want, but for me – it’s a good thing.
Gotta run.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Without further ado...

So without further ado here are my recent layouts. Also, the invitations from the princess party. You KNOW there was much glitter involved :-)

It's not so much the heat...

as the humidity. Really! If you have ever lived, worked, or thought about the Midwest you have heard this phrase and it's true! Today it is so hot and humid my kids thought it was raining since the windows were all steamed up! But I don't mind the heat- really I don't. It's summer. This is what summer is all about, I'd feel cheated if it were any other way. Today is a perfect day to hit the swimming pool. I wonder if Amy would let me borrow her wire basket because you know what that wire basket does to me :-)

So I said I would post my recent layouts, and I will, seriously. But I won't get to it until tonight. I know, I know, you're disappointed but I'll get to it I promise :-) Sometimes I wonder if I am getting tired of this Scrapbooking thing??? Did I just say that??? I think I did - And with that I will be on my way. Feel free to chat :-)


Monday, June 25, 2007

All of life's events rolled into one

day! Saturday was a busy day for us. I had a Memorial Service to attend in the morning, followed by a wedding followed by a High School graduation party. All that was needed to fill out the agenda was a baptism.

So I got to run the gamut of emotions. I didn't cry at the Memorial Service (it was for a friend's mom, whom I didn't know, but out of respect for my friend I attended) but I did cry at the wedding. I always cry at weddings. I don't know why. McSon was sitting between McHubby so he couldn't even hold my hand, well he could have but let's not start a fight :-) So other than the crying thing the wedding was fun. I had a great time laughing and chatting with friends and there was free beer and wine - Life is good :-) Seriously.

Oh and we didn't make it to the graduation party. We had intended to go, but it just didn't happen. So that's was my year in a day event calendar :-)

Oh I did some scrapping this weekend. I'll share tomorrow. I know you can hardly wait :-)


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Okay, so every year, in June, my little city has a week long celebration. It's fun - it's crowded - it's usually hot - it's a tradition. Last night we took the kids to the 'fest as it was KIDS NIGHT! Even though I knew it would be muggy, hot and there would be hundreds of people and many whining children (led by my children of course) it is a fun thing to do. I get to see people I only see once or twice a year, exclaim over how much their kids have grown, secretly think they look much older than I do :-), that kind of thing. Back when I was Y.S.T. (Younger, single'er and thinner) it was all about the BIG STREET DANCE. There is nothing like a summer night mixed with cocktails and music to heat things up. Anyway, I digress.
So last night, after the Meet Dora extravaganza (did you know she's not real :-( ) we stopped to talk with the Schwartz's (hi Sue) and while we were standing there talking to the male Schwartz I was yapping away and a BUG FLEW IN MY MOUTH. Seriously. A BUG And it wouldn't get out. I tried spitting and coughing and gagging and really just making an all around spectacle of myself but that dang bug was in there, somewhere and it wasn't coming out so I HAD TO SWALLOW! Yes, I swallowed a bug. I felt like I was on Fear Factor but there wasn't any big pay-off at the end. I immediately got a Diet Coke to try to make things better but I "felt" that bug in the back of my throat ALL NIGHT LONG. And now, now that I'm talking about it - I think he has crawled back up and is hanging out in my throat. YUCK. Sorry I gotta go. I feel a huge urge to drink a gallon of water.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Oh what a beautiful day. I've got a wonderful feeling eveything's going my way.

Okay so I wouldn't go that far, but it is an absolutely gorgeous morning. The perfect summer day. I can't tell you how good a beautiful summer day makes me feel. I love everything about this time of year. The sights, the smells, the freedom, just that certain feeling inside. I wonder if those weird winter loving people feel the same way about winter because seriously, I just don't get that. But summer love, that I understand :-)

So even though I am feeling the summer lovin' there are still some things that are just irking me this morning but I'm not crabby - really I'm not. Just a little - well - irked. So here are the little clouds of irritation floating in my blue sky of life. Oh and they aren't big black storm clouds, these are just those little clouds that occasionally block the bright sunshine for a few fleeting seconds. By noon they'll have dissipated.

1. One vehicle - we are living with one vehicle this week because the other one is in the shop having some warranty work or another taken care of - AGAIN! I mean I really appreciate the Hubby of the Year and all but this taking the van in thing that he seems obsessed with is driving me nuts. I mean really does anyone actually have their oil changed every 3000 miles? I don't think so.

2. Working - on a beautiful summer day. Enough said.

3. Budgets - hate budgets.

4. The non-emotional aspect of email. I hate it when I get an email and I have no idea in what mood it was written. I can only read it in the mood that I decide it was written in. No wonder those little emoticon things were written. I mean what would you think of me without my smilies?

That's it. See just four little things. Small clouds (well except for the car in the shop thing - that is a medium cloud). Speaking of clouds, don't you just love looking at clouds and interpreting their shape. If you haven't done it lately I highly recommend doing so - and when you do - let me know what you are seeing in your clouds.

Okay that's it.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Rain, Rain go away!

It's raining. Not that we don't need the rain because we do, but we had plans for this evening. Plans that included being outside. Enjoying the weather. Watching children play and birds frolic while listening to a live swing band. But now the rain may take a toll on our fun. BooHoo. Last time it rained hard Syd stood at the window and shouted "BAD RAIN GO AWAY" waited a short pause and then disgustedly declared "well, that didn't work". The girl is observant (LOL). So I'm hoping for the passing of the rain. It can rain later. There is plenty of time for the rain.
We celebrated a nice Father's Day. Saw Shrek III (not as good as Shrek I & II) and went out for pizza. Oh and I actually cooked a good Sunday morning breakfast with AWESOME muffins from a Tastefully Simple mix. Do you know about Tastefully Simple? They make some of the most wonderful products. Good stuff. I highly recommend the Absolutely Awesome Almond Cake, Beer Bread and the Cinnamon Muffin things. YUMMY! Oh and their Spinach Dip stuff, and Bacon Bacon and Garlic Garlic and Simply Salsa, and and and. Seriously you have to check them out. Here is a link - but don't look if you are hungry, REALLY! Tastefully Simple.
Okay - gotta go and shout at the rain. I'm hoping I can make more progress than Syd.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm here - I'm here...

I've been crazy busy - and when I get crazy busy the blog suffers. Sorry but that's the deal. I guess when I'm busy my mind is so overloaded with busy that it forgets witty and creative. Not that I am witty and creative on a regular basis but every once in a while it happens - seriously.

I really wanted to post some pictures tonight but there really isn't anything significant to show you. So "x" that.

I wanted to tell you how well the dieting has been going - but then I ate a cookie and I REALLY didn't need cookie - so next week - next week we will talk about the diet.

I wanted to share some wonderful words of wisdom - but alas my wisdom has run dry. Of course I will still pretend to know everything but the fact of the matter is - no wisdom here this week.

I was going to try some funny stories - but forced funny falls flat! So no go there.

So this - this is what you are left with. A rambling ramble that says nothing. Nothing at all. I mean even the weather has been seasonally appropriate if not perfect so I've got nothin' my friends - absolutely nothin'. A better person probably would have moved on by now and let you get to the things that need to be gotten to but not me. I mean really what if I accidentally trip over something significant to say? I really hate to disappoint myself. Alright, alright, I give up. It's not going to happen. Nothing to say here. Move along...


Thursday, June 7, 2007

I don't care WHAT you say...

I DO have super, special, ESP and Rob Lowe and My Magnificent Mario DO read my blog - seriously. I mean just look at these facts. First I talked about Mario and then there he was in my neighborhood - the Mario appearance in Minneapolis - a mere hop from my home. And then there was Rob and my true confession of undying and unwavering love :-) and now - now I find out that Rob is playing golf in IOWA - again, just a hop and skip from my humble abode.

Coincidence? I think NOT! And you know what I think I think one of these days, lured by my super special ESP karma, they are going to stop playing hard to get and just plant themselves on my doorstep - that's what I think!

I know what you're thinking. But that's okay you just go on thinking that I don't know what reality is - 'cuz really I do. Now if you don't mind I have an elf to entertain and a lady bug picnic to attend. But I'll be back with my pot of gold before you know it.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Someday's I am just CRABBY!

And today is one of those days. I don't know why - there isn't a reason - and really does there need to be a reason? Can't I just be crabby because I want to?

Today's crabby isn't the "some people are annoying me before I've even seen them" variety of crabby - it is the "every single thing that happens today is making me crabby" kind of crabby. GRRRRRRRRR. I just want to growl at someone. Come on, run a red light, slam the door in my face, make an unreasonable request - give me a reason to BE fiesty. I'm waiting...

I know, I know, this is supposed to be the blog FORMERLY known as Crabbydeal but NOW known as a place filled with sprinkles and candied cherries and light fluffy little cakes - but dang it sometimes all that goodness just pisses me off! I mean seriously not even I've done everything for you - you've done nothing for me (is that Rick Springfield - I think so - and Rick is a cute guy and all but he isn't any Rob that's for sure - oh wait I digress) on the radio could make me happy this morning. *SIGH* That just isn't a good sign.

So I'd better go before I say something that might get me in trouble and scare off potential new readers. Oh and by the way, my stats have been going down and that makes me crabby. Am I not interesting? Are my entries becoming the strained peas of the blogging world? What's going on? Tell me! And if you do like what I have to say, well when I'm not crabby anyway pass the word - tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your co-workers, heck tell your enemies - read the blog - be the blog - make peace with the blog...
Alright - I've got to go - really - things are getting a little too quirky - even for me. :-)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Highlights of a garage sale...

Lest there is a remote reader who feels they may have missed out on a once in a lifetime bargain here is an overview of what was hot and what was not.

1. The one and only original Nestle’s S’more Maker. This item was NOT hot. And I do mean that figuratively and literally. I mean, do you have any idea how long it takes to roast a marshmallow by the light of a 40 watt light bulb? Me neither – we have never made it past 45 minutes – and guess what - that is NOT long enough. It may have worked for the Easy Bake Oven people but the S’more people – they need to keep trying. (AVAILABLE)

2. There was a myriad of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. The husband of the year was appalled that I actually priced these babies – but hey I couldn’t put a potential collector’s item in the free box. The twenty-five cents I put on them was worth it to wipe out a lifetime of Rummage Sale Regret. (Some items still available)

3. Ceiling fans – one hot/one not. The fans belong to my neighbor Jan. I thought Jan was asking too much for them but even at inflated prices one sold. So maybe I’m not the garage guru that I thought I was. (1 ceiling fan with lights available)

4. HOT HOT HOT - two toddler beds in PERFECT condition available for purchase with or without toddlers included. Personally I would have gone with the toddler included option but the buyers disagreed. (Beds - Out of Stock/Toddlers - Available)

5. Special of the day - toddler training pants. Washed and ready to wear. I was afraid that such an item would be too tacky but again I am not the garage guru that I had imagined. (No longer available)

So all in all the garage sale was a success. A lot of work but a success. Now I can go out and stock up on entirely new offerings for future garage sales!