Monday, February 22, 2010

There were five in the bed...

and the mama one said Roll Over Roll Over so they all rolled over and NO ONE fell out... That's what it was like in our bed this morning. Two little girls and one big dog plus the HotY and I. It was cozy to say the least. I'm just thankful Alex didn't decide to come in and flop down in the middle - it would certainly have been a full house. Did I mention I'm tired this morning - I can't imagine why ;-)

Girl Scout cookies are in the house. The girls each sold 100 boxes but all are sorted and ready to deliver. I like a good organization project (don't tell anyone).

So there you go - short and sweet for a Monday. I'll save the story of our church going Sunday for later in the week. Let's just say it's never simple...

TTFN... let's hear it for having the bed to yourself!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does Lauren lick dogs?

I've been finding these little notes from Syd all over the house. I guess the girl has a lot to say. But this note about Lauren cracked me up.

It was actually supposed to say "Does Lauren like dogs?" but she had a small spelling error which totally changed the sentence. Lauren and I thought it was very funny but Syd not so much. Poor girl, but we teased her anyway - Bad mom - I know I know. We weren't relentless but we had fun asking her about things she might "lick" like school, and recess and ice cream (which she really does like to lick).

Anyway, just thought I'd share because I want to document this stuff and you all are the lucky recipients :-)

TTFN... Oh and No Lauren does not lick dogs but she does LIKE them a lot.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bring on the Saturday...

It has been a long week. Seriously, I can't even tell you. To say I was looking forward to Saturday would be a HUGE understatement. AND I'm very sorry to say the week concluded with me being the worst mom ever by yelling at the girls on the drive from school to dance. By the time we got to the dance studio we were all crying - great job mom :-(

But that was the past and this is the present and the present is Saturday and that's a good thing. I mean it isn't like the Say Yes to the Dress marathon wasn't enough but there was also valentine's mailbox painting and sledding. Did I mention Saturday is a good thing.

So here you go - sledding pictures for you viewing enjoyment.

I think this girl is destined to have a snowboard in her hands - this picture looks a little bit too natural for an over-protective mom's comfort level.

Oh and notice all that dirty snow in the background - it's a way of life this time of year. To say I'm ready for spring is an even bigger understatement than the previous one about looking forward to Saturday. I washed snow pants and coats Thursday night - I actually had a cramp in my hand from the Spray and Wash bottle which was premanently attached to my hand for 45 minutes while pre-treating the winter wear before throwing it in the washer - SERIOUSLY!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Seriously. The HotY bought me new perfume for Christmas. Romance by Ralph Lauren to be exact and I just can't fall in love with the scent. The funny thing is this isn't really a new perfume for me - I've worn it in the past but then changed to Style by Ralph Lauren (which I really really love but it is hard to find - thus the HotY's purchase of Romance) because as much as I liked Romance it just didn't seem to have any staying power. I don't know if this was a universal problem or what because "staying power" is no longer an issue. This new bottle stays and stays and stays with just a little spritz and I'm not crazy about how it smells anymore. Did they change the ingredients? Did I just get used to the other perfume? Has my nose changed? I don't know what the problem is but in my eternal quest to try to find the silver lining and not give up I keep trying to give Romance a chance to smell good again - so far it's not working, I can barely stand to smell myself. Grrrrr. That's $85 we'll never see again - DANG!

TTFN - and that smell in the room - you know that mix of too much, possibly bad, perfume, yes it's me - I'm sorry I'll try not to move and waft the scent around the room.