Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bring on the Saturday...

It has been a long week. Seriously, I can't even tell you. To say I was looking forward to Saturday would be a HUGE understatement. AND I'm very sorry to say the week concluded with me being the worst mom ever by yelling at the girls on the drive from school to dance. By the time we got to the dance studio we were all crying - great job mom :-(

But that was the past and this is the present and the present is Saturday and that's a good thing. I mean it isn't like the Say Yes to the Dress marathon wasn't enough but there was also valentine's mailbox painting and sledding. Did I mention Saturday is a good thing.

So here you go - sledding pictures for you viewing enjoyment.

I think this girl is destined to have a snowboard in her hands - this picture looks a little bit too natural for an over-protective mom's comfort level.

Oh and notice all that dirty snow in the background - it's a way of life this time of year. To say I'm ready for spring is an even bigger understatement than the previous one about looking forward to Saturday. I washed snow pants and coats Thursday night - I actually had a cramp in my hand from the Spray and Wash bottle which was premanently attached to my hand for 45 minutes while pre-treating the winter wear before throwing it in the washer - SERIOUSLY!


Amy said...

Looks like you are getting along nicely with the new camera. Great pics!

Shirley said...

FUN pics! Am jealous. We're going to have to drive to see snow. *sigh*