Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Terror at PetCo...

The dog went to the groomers at PetCo today. She had a few areas of matted fur. They said they thought they would have to shave her a bit. I said okay do what you have to do.

On the way back home from our various Wednesday night activities we stopped to pick up the dog. The kids and I waited in the car - all of them anxiosly peering out the back window waiting for our beloved Autumn to appear. And then it all broke loose. There was screaming and crying. I thought someone had slammed their finger in the door or some other tragic accident - and then I saw this...

And this:

Our dog. Our fluffy, happy, people loving puppy is is is - a weasel??? A rat? I just don't even know. The girls were seriously hysterical when they saw her. Lauren cries and carries on every time she looks at Autumn.

Oh Autumn, we are soooo sorry. But it will grow and you'll be all fluffy again soon. And I promise I'll never complain about your poodle cut again. You were a beauty with that look compared to the skin head "do" you're sporting now. Poor puppy...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt - take two...

Same concept different day and location.
That's what happens when your two sets of grandparents live in different places - double the fun - just ask me - I'll tell you - really it's double the fun :-) Oh did I mention I'm super tired and feeling a little punchy? I've been so tired lately I've fallen asleep every night this week before I've finished my prayers (yes, I say my prayers at night - it's in my head and I guess I'd say it's more of a conversation - but still I count it as prayers - THERE now you know another little secret - man you people are nosey ;-))

More pictures.

There are frogs in that pond and they were determined to catch one - they didn't and that's a good thing because I'm sure it would have just led to screaming and really some days there is more than enough screaming (it's all good of course - but still - it's enough).

Monday, April 5, 2010

A fabulous day for an Easter egg hunt...

Our Easter routine was a little different this year. Instead of spending the day with my family (who we will see this weekend) we spent the day with the HotY's family. The location was different but the egg hunt was the same - well not exactly the same since it was in a different yard with different grandparents and cousins but there was an egg hunt and as far as my kids are concerned that's good enough!

Here are some highlights of the day (absent pictures of Alex - who once again was not having much to do with the camera - who knows what that kid is thinking about some days).

Before heading to the hunt there were bunny treats to check out in our own home. The bunny was a little bit restrained this year (that bunny, he's getting smart since Easter candy has been known to hang around until the 4th of July)!

Alex's basket - minus Alex. At least he is represented :-)

TTFN... word has it that those Reeses Peanut Butter eggs are on sale at Target...