Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And now - the rest of the story...

Okay I've given you an overview of the trip. I've given you pictures of the trip. I've even given you a picture of the HotY while on the trip but I haven't really given you the details of the trip. Details like how six hours in the car with only your spouse for company is a LONG trip. But considering we got on the road just seconds before reaching the "I'm not saying another single word to you for the next six months" stage I have to admit it could have been MUCH longer. But disaster was averted after all and the time passed pretty uneventfully, although quietly. After a couple hours of companionable silence (yes, I napped) I couldn't take it anymore and my "I really must do something to annoy someone" tendencies kicked in so I proceeded to sing every song that came on the radio. It really isn't the singing that bugs the HotY so much because although my tone isn't always the greatest I can carry a tune, it is the fact that if I don't know the words I just make up my own. For some reason he seems to find this exceedingly annoying - and really there are a lot of songs where I just wing it so you can imagine his joy at my concert performance. Alas, after awhile even the most effective annoyance can get old so I gave up the singing for an hour or so (besides I was getting a hoarse throat). But I wasn't done trying to push a button. About a half an hour from our destination I found an even more annoying diversion - I began reading EVERY single road sign. I KNOW so juvenile of me but so fun. I was especially challenged when we would pass a farm yard full of campaign signs but I passed the test and even though he didn't tell me I know the HotY was truly impressed with my abilities (oh and in case you were wondering - the most popular sign was the "Right turn lane begins. Yield to bicycles" at the beginning of each right turn lane - I got to read that one a lot). The game came to a quick halt when I mistakenly read a STOP sign a little too emphatically causing him to think there was an approaching deer or something (I was truly sorry). I think it was a good thing we got to the cabin when we did (that slightly smiling picture of the HotY in the car - that WASN'T taken at this point of the trip :-))
Anyway, once we arrived at the cabin all the stress of the world seemed to roll off my shoulders and we were able to relax and enjoy the quiet (and it was REALLY QUIET) and scenery. Finally about 8:00 p.m. we roused ourselves to go in search of pizza - which we found - but upon stepping foot in the door we were greeted by a less than friendly high school girl who told us we could order a pizza to go but there would be no eating of pizza in the restaurant as they were trying to clean up and close. Fine - we could eat it at the cabin there was no need for her to get snippy - sheesh! So we took the pizza and ate cold pizza at the cabin - but that was okay we were on vacation and there was a microwave.
So really that was the pattern of the majority of the trip.
  • Mornings spent in the surprisingly comfortable bed
  • Annoying behavior when warranted
  • Hanging out at the cabin for most of each day
  • Enjoying the Scenery
  • Savoring the Quiet
  • Staring at the Calm Waters
  • Marveling at the Sunsets
  • Rousing about 8:00 p.m. for something to eat
  • Back to the surprisingly comfortable bed.
Now you know the rest of the story and now, I'm done, I'm done talking about it because I'm not sharing all the details and vacation is over. It's back to reality whether I like it or not :-) But try to find your own secluded cabin somewhere - it's an escape I highly recommend.


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Shirley said...

you and I would kill each other on a long road trip like that. LOL!