Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gone in a flash...

that is how the month of October is shaping up. It seems like the more stuff we have going on the faster the time flies and this month has been jam packed. It's all good but I could use a little more time on my hands!

The big kid event for the month was last weekend with a special treat for the kids. Several months ago we purchased tickets to attend the Laurie Berkner concert being held in the big city. If you don't know about the goodness of Laurie Berkner check her out. She is a regular on Jack's Big Music Show (I think it's on Nickelodeon) and my kids are CRAZY about her (Moon Moon Moon and White Coral Bells are my personal favorites). The day was a total surprise we told them we were going to watch something. They thought cloud watching would be a good surprise - seriously! When we arrived at the venue they took one look at the posters and proceeded to freak out! It seemed like forever before the doors were opened. Once the concert started it was a free for all complete with kids dancing in the aisles and a 6 year old and younger mosh pit! Alex was kind of on the edge about what he wanted to do,

Lauren sat in her seat glued to my side and was very reserved

and then there was Syd who was not only dancing in the aisles but probably would have climbed up on the stage and joined the band if she had been allowed. That girl. I have no idea where she came from some days! She is like no one I have ever known before. Life is a constant adventure full of surprises and potential.

This weekend was our low-key weekend with only a birthday party to attend. I did get some photos out of the deal - which you are seeing here - today. Both girls were in full "posing" mode.

And the big event for the "adults" in our family is the short week we have this week. There is no school on Thursday and Friday so the HotY is taking full advantage of the break and has planned a romantic getaway for the two of us. Seriously, I know next to nothing about the plans other than we are staying "up north" by a lake in a cottage with fireplace option. Too bad it doesn't include the outdoor hot tub option because have you ever enjoyed the wonder of a hot tub on a cool autumn night under a star filled sky? Seriously, it rates right up there - trust me! I guess there is a lake but I have a feeling the water is not heated :-) So I'm not sure what to expect and at first I was okay with that but now as the date is drawing closer I'm starting to get a little curious about the plans. I've started a list so I make sure I am covering all the possibilities. Right now it includes three items:

  • Wine

  • Blow dryer

  • Make-up

Just because I may be somewhere in the isolated wilderness doesn't mean that I can't try to look nice - I mean really you people know me - right?

The following weekend I have shopping in the big city with Amy and Heather, a school spirit run and a neighborhood party and then it's Halloween - the next big thing next to Christmas as far as my kids are concerned.

So that's it - aren't you glad you asked :-)



Amy said...

I can't get the SATC episode with Amanda and Steve on their honeymoon out of my head when I think of you going 'up north'! Bring your charged cell phone and maybe some warm sweaters. Can't wait for the details. Oh and take your camera.

Maija said...

You girls are darling- what a great surprise for them!
Enjoy the romance with your hubby!

Shirley said...

adorable pictures! have a FAB time with the HotY!!!