Friday, October 31, 2008

Of halloween past and present...

I have survived another Halloween. My kids think it is the greatest thing next to Christmas. Me, not so much, I've never been a big fan of Halloween, I don't even remember being that crazy about it as a kid. My little town used to have a Halloween parade and every kid got a full bag of candy - I don't remember what kind of candy it was but I'm thinking those circus peanut things or something equally as disgusting. I wasn't even that crazy about Halloween as a young adult. I went to parties and inevitably dressed up as the girl in pajamas with the baby bottle full of whatever adult beverage was being served but it really wasn't my favorite thing to do and frankly I'm not that creative about the costume thing. Now the HotY he is much more creative about the costumes. One year he made Alex the most awesome robot costume ever. He was the hit of the neighborhood complete with flashing lights and dryer vent legs and arms. I'd show you a picture but the costume happened before we had a digital camera and I just don't feel like going to all the trouble of finding and scanning a picture right now. Sorry but some nights I'm just lazy! So the point is I'm not exactly sorry to see Halloween come to an end - I really can't even wait until the mandatory five day waiting period is over so I can take the candy to work. I know! Oh and about those Halloweens past - I actually made the decision to move to my current small growing city on Halloween SEVERAL years ago thus beginning the journey towards my destiny and the HotY - he's such a lucky guy :-)

Here are some pictures from our Halloween highlights. We had trick or treating in my office this afternoon and someone said they thought my girls looked just like me. I don't see it but took it as a great compliment none-the-less. Alex was enjoying a night with his teen scene group so was not present for the costume photos - again proving that photos of teenage boys continue to be elusive.

The princess bride looking a little disappointed because the frog didn't turn into a handsome prince after all.

Patiently waiting for candy to arrive

Our cute witch who was a little worried that the neighbors might not recognize her with her new haircut.

More of the blushing pricess bride. She received several proposals and refused them all.

The first costumes of the day for school scarecrow day. Note the unbrushed hair and slightly disheveled look - let's just say the HotY was in charge.
Someone was not at all happy about the hat...
Have a great night and may all your halloweens be filled with fabulous costumes and only the good candy!


Shirley said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Where did you find the princess bride outfit? It's gorgeous!

Wendy said...

They are so big! I love Lauren's hair and their costumes are fabulous! I met Dan on Halloween and he proposed to me the night of the big Halloween mega storm in 1991...Did I ever tell you that?