Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes, I'm still up...

and yes it is almost midnight and yes I should really be in bed as I am getting a nasty cold and I can already tell that by tomorrow morning I will not have a voice. BUT I don't want to disappoint the HotY by going to bed at a decent time on the weekend - not to mention doing so when I'm sick (believe me he will have a discussion with me about this in about 10 minutes when I do go to bed). I really should have known that this cold thing was only going to get worse as today was a bad hair day. My hair never turns out when I am getting sick - it is like all the sick cells go to my head - really. I'm not kidding. Sick = limp hair. Fine, don't believe me but it's true - ask Amy and Heather they will verify it was a bad hair day.

Anyway, there were two things I wanted to say about today's shopping trip and now I can't remember either one of them. Shoot. I mean it was important enough for me to sign on and start typing and now I can't remember.

Oh now I remember - two very ironic things happened

1. I got to Heather's at 9:15 just as planned and she wasn't ready and why wasn't she ready? Because she knew I was driving and if I was driving I would be late :-O WHAT? And then we got to Amy's house and guess what? AMY WASN'T READY and Amy is always ready on time but do you know why she wasn't ready? Because she knew I was driving and if I was driving I would be late. What is going on here? I'm not always late for social events, sometimes I'm on time and today I was ON TIME. RIGHT ON TIME but from now on I'm going to be late - it is my duty to my friends. I've decided they count on me to be late thus giving them a few extra minutes to get themselves ready so from now on when I'm late it isn't because I wasn't ready on time it is because I'm doing my friends a favor - seriously!

2. Oh and that getting lost thing. Do you know what makes that even more pathetic? I have a navigation system built in my van and we had our destination plugged in and yet I still got lost - which prompted Amy to say "so when your navigation says keep left you keep right???" I guess you had to be here. Anyway, you know sometimes that annoying woman giving me directions gets it wrong and everyone once in a while I just like to test her that's just the way I do it. You know sometimes I think I make my life harder than it has to be :-)

Okay I'm done and possibly slightly delirious (but while I've been typing this my pal Gavin came on and well I had to listen) so I'm going to bed. Finally. The HotY will be happy.


Amy said...

You were NOT having a bad hair day! I like the bangs. You could go with the snack pack hair too. I won't mind if we both have those bangs!

Shirley said...

hope that you feel better ASAP!

Maija said...

I'm with you on the hair business!!