Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Always trust your gut instinct...

like when you just want to go for a quick walk and two five year olds ask to join you. I really just wanted to go for a 20 minute walk before it got too dark but then those two faces looked so excited to go with me that I caved and said yes. 20 minutes later when we STILL hadn't left the house I knew I should have followed my original plan of sneaking out the back patio door (I could have been back before then even knew I was gone) but a promise is a promise - so off we went.

Along the way we talked about Halloween and scary witches and skeletons hanging in trees. We kicked leaves and discussed why it is not okay to jump into leave piles if you didn't do the raking. It was a nice walk and we came home with a little color in our cheeks and smiles on our faces -worth the extra time (and so much for gut instinct)!

And now, totally unrelated to walking or Halloween or even scary witches (no commentary here please) are the rest of the pictures I am willing to share from our trip. Enjoy.

Our Cabin - No. 7:

The fabulous screened in porch:

Bedroom (and no that is not someone hiding under the covers - just a hastily made bed):

Kitchen (yes, it got used):
Bathroom (clean, modern, indoor plumbing is always good):
Living room:

Front cabin view:

I could have spent countless hours sitting on this dock:

View from the porch:

Oh and this, this is the HotY. He isn't going to be happy about this:

The Mississippi Headwaters:

Virgin Mary in her grotto:

And the next pictures - pure bliss:


Wendy said...

What a beautiful place! And hopefully this won't offend...but it struck me funny and it's the only thing I've found funny all day so I hope you will indulge...

I'm glad Mary is in her grotto...I'm glad they let her out of the bathtub!:-)

Maija said...

I've had walks like that!
The cabin location looks heavenly!!

Ann said...

looks beautiful Angie. Glad you had a nice weekend.

Shirley said...

green with envy

Amy said...

I think you should make it an annual trip. The pictures are wonderful to look at.