Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkins and apples...

we still have to go to the orchard and get pumpkins and apples. My kids have been patiently waiting for this treat which I cannot put off any longer. I should have done it Saturday instead of shopping since the weather has gotten much colder since then. But the shopping, it was already planned. Besides, pumpkins or shopping, you decide.

Anyway, the plan was to go on Monday but it was REALLY cold so the plan got changed to today but I'm fighting my once every two years nasty cold and had a stressful day on top of it so the pumpkins, they needed to wait. Now the plan is to go tomorrow and it really can't be put off another day. So tomorrow after school off to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch even if Amy and Heather are going to do a really fun thing in the big city tomorrow night. A really fun thing that they invited me along to do with them but which I declined because I promised my kids the apple orchard/pumpkin patch. That's part of being a parent - putting your own fun aside for the fun of your children. And really picking out pumpkins and apples will be fun and my kids will have a blast and I'll get to take pictures. Not that I'm not envious of Heather and Amy but the pay-off as time spent with my kids will be worth it. So I'm hoping for sunshine and much less stress and no sore throat tomorrow - oh and updates from the girls while they are partaking of their really fun thing :-) Did you hear that Amy - updates. You know my cell number...

Okay that's it.

TTFN... Off to bed.

Oh and that really fun thing that Heather and Amy are going to be doing - YES, it has to do with scrapbooking, what can I say... :-)

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Amy said...

Well if you would sign up for the texting plan I would give you a blow by blow report!!! You know it will be well reported just so you feel like you were right there with us. :-) I will not disappoint you.