Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I think we need to talk...

Okay I think I have made it pretty clear how I feel about My Mario. I mean sure, I mentioned Rob Lowe and how he is at the top of the "list" but that doesn't mean that I still don't think about Mario 'cuz I do. But here's the thing, as I understand it the Miss America pageant was on - yes, that's what I said, the Miss America pageant has come and gone. I GUESS it was on Monday. But I can't be sure because I DIDN'T WATCH IT! And why didn't I watch it? Because I didn't know it was on. Could anyone (Amy, McHubby, Ann, etc) bother to mention this little fact? NO. Did anyone (Amy, McHubby, Ann, etc.) send a little email? NO. Or heaven forbid could anyone (Amy, McHubby, Ann, etc.) make a telephone call - just a quick chat to tell me not to miss the show? NO. So guess what? Mario came and went and I didn't even know. My chance to see his dimples flashing at me - GONE. My chance to see if he could sing and dance his way to Miss America infamy? GONE. Now what am I supposed to do? Tell me? That's what I thought. So do you see why we needed to talk? This was important stuff.

But now I'm so distraught and distracted I can't even write. See now look what you've done. I guess I'll just be going. Saying goodbye. Turning off the computer. Left alone. To ponder. To think. To wonder when I will possibly see My Mario again. I hope you are all happy :-)

You know, even yesterday's question didn't prompt ANYONE to mention the entire Mario thing. Seriously, I don't know if I should even give you the answer. Okay fine here it is but only because I really like Melissa and she was the first correct guess. Yes, the answer is Mr. Belding - Mr. Richard Belding.

Now back to the music with today's question:

What was the only Yes hit to top the singles charts?
Another hand glittered monogram if you can name the album and DESCRIBE the cover art.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble...

There is something I have been thinking of writing about for the past few days but now I have totally forgotten what it was that I was going to say or even what the whole thing was about. So that leads me to believe it wasn’t as important as I had thought which means today it’s all about the ramble.

I am having kind of a – well - a day. We received some bad news regarding care for our son. I guess I haven’t gotten specific before, but our resident teen has special needs. He was born with Down Syndrome and is a great kid and relatively high functioning but frankly these hormones are driving all of us crazy. One minute up, one minute down, one minute just an angry white boy! I guess that is all pretty typical but because it is hard for Alex to express his needs conversationally it can be frustrating for all involved. Truly I can’t wait for this to pass. I am not in a hurry to see him grow up but I am in a hurry to see him happy again. It is what I think about – A LOT!

I have to go grocery shopping. I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING. I don’t know why. Maybe if there weren’t groceries to put away after the grocery shopping. And maybe if the cupboard space wasn’t already at a minimum the putting away wouldn’t be so bad. So I think at the end of the day the answer is – a new kitchen! And there really isn’t room for a new kitchen in this house so what we really need is a new house. Now if the right one would just show up…

I have done quite a few scrapbook layouts lately. I’ll post them tomorrow – too busy around here tonight. Some are okay some are not. But you know what – it’s okay. It’s for my family. When they look at these pages in 10 years they are not going to be critiquing my use of color or composition they are just going to see that I did some cool things and look at the picture. So there.

Along with the scrapping I have been knitting. I know, I know you never knew. You see I really am a knitter. I was a knitter before I was a scrapbooker. When I was 20 or maybe it was 21, I was hit head-on by a drunk driver and my knee was cut in half. Thus began the knitting. For three months I couldn’t walk but I had to do something so I started knitting. I made sweaters for my entire family – and they were nice. But it has been a long time since I have made anything. I did knit blankets for the girls when I was pregnant (and they sleep with them every night) but I haven’t touched needles since then – well until right before Christmas. I started sweaters for the girls. We’ll see how they turn out. McHubby doesn’t think they will ever make it off the needles. I’ll show him. Oh and I have found some great knitting blogs. I'll share links - tomorrow :-)

So that’s it. That’s my story today. I know it’s not much but, well, life can’t be full of geriatric bowlers every day!

Oh and the easy peasy answer to yesterday’s question was MILK! Hooray for Cathy.

Hey I just remembered what I have been wanting to write. I need help. No seriously! I have no idea how to email to those that have responded in the comments. Can I do that? I mean I feel bad, people leave comments or answer the trivia question but I don’t know how to send them a note from Blogger. Anyone?

Alrighty then (remember Trey from Sex and the City and his “alrighty then” – yep it’s his voice I hear right now) without further ado, here is today’s 80s’ trivia in honor of My Mario. I really don’t want him feeling bad about that Rob Lowe thing…

What was the name of the principal on Saved By the Bell?

Until tomorrow...

Monday, January 29, 2007


We took the kids bowling yesterday afternoon. There weren’t too many strikes happening but we had fun. AND I want you to know I roll an awesome game when those bumper thingies are up. The kids had a great time and the ball boys only had to come and retrieve balls from the middle of the alley a handful of times. I took some pictures but mostly it is of hind ends and bowling balls (at first I typed butts and balls but – well I don’t think I need to explain why I changed - nothing to share here).

Anyway, you know I have this thing about getting older. I don’t want it to happen. Well it can happen but I don’t want anyone to notice I’m getting older. You know? So yesterday, while I was asking the husband of the year for an age evaluation he said “you know you are going to get older some day and if you don’t I don’t think you want the alternative”. I just looked at him and thought humph – fine be that way, I didn’t bother to respond. He knows the goal is to look 25 and feel 20 – what kind of an answer was that? See why I didn’t answer?

So what does this have to do with bowling? Well the lanes were mostly filled with families and a few teen groups thrown in. When the family next to us walked off the lane (which was fine with us because they were stealing our balls) they were replaced by Vi, Ernie and John (who were non-ball stealer's by the way). Now I don’t know Vi, Ernie & John personally but I would say they were somewhere in their late 70’s - I’m sure they more than qualified for the senior citizen discount!

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect from this ménage a tois, and what WAS Vi doing with two men anyway, but as I watched them I noted a few things. They were having fun. Vi was giving shout-outs to the guys just like a 16 year old and that woman could bowl. The last I saw she had four strikes in a row. McHubby told me it was rude to stare so I tried to avert my gaze but I was fascinated by this group. This group that was having just as much fun as the teenagers! It made me feel a little better about this aging thing. I mean really Vi wasn’t a beauty, but she wasn’t bad, and here she was, on a Sunday afternoon, bowling strike after strike with two guys. And all the attention was on her. Is there any more to want at late 70 something? I think it looks like Vi has a pretty good life – even if she doesn’t look 25!

Oh and I noticed Vi was taking notes while the bowling was going on. Maybe she was going to give the boys a few lessons when they got back to the senior citizen center! I think Vi seems like a smart old gal!

Okay did I give you the answers to the trivia questions? I can't remember. Okay here they are. The movie was St. Elmo's Fire. The bonus answer was Liv Tyler. And today's question:
What beverage was hyped in ads claiming: "It does a body good"?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

About last night...

So all this talk about Emilio Estevez and St. Elmo’s Fire and the Brat Pack got me thinking about Rob Lowe. Ahhhh Rob Lowe. Is there anyone as cute as Rob Lowe? I mean sure he doesn’t have Mario’s dimples and I’m assuming he can’t dance like Mario but really given a choice between Mario or Rob I think I’d take Rob. I KNOW! Can you believe I just said that? But really let’s look at the facts.

1. Mario is a little young for me – Rob just the right age!

2. Look at how that man has aged – can you say WELL! I mean I have no idea how Mario is going to look at 40. He could be all flab and wrinkles.

3. Saved by the Bell/Dancing with the stars vs. big screen super star and that new show Brothers & Sisters, which I like despite the whiny factor – oh and West Wing. Who do you think will be most likely to provide me with the lifestyle to which I am accustomed? I mean who knows if either of them are really Husband of the Year material - but still…

4. Rob has been on the list since its inception. Mario – he’s a newbie. I’m not sure he will stand the test of time. I mean he could really embarrass himself during this Miss America thing – what if he sings???

5. AND Rob is a guy’s guy. Sure he’s a pretty boy but not too pretty. I think he could stand his own against Brad “Fight Club” Pitt (also on the list). But there is some uncertainty about Mario and his sexual orientation. I mean to each his own but, you see, if he likes his own that really doesn’t help me out a lot does it? EXACTLY!

Okay so there you have it. I’m ashamed to say that in the early bloom of my infatuation with Mario I forgot all about Rob. Rob who has been on the list from the beginning. Rob who still looks good two decades after making About Last Night. Rob who made one little mistake with that whole sex video thing but turned it around and became a decent guy. Yep, #1 on the list is Rob Lowe – I won’t forget again.

Ummm still no winner for the bonus question from yesterday. No new question until someone comes up with the answer :-)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Every Single Morning...

while I am taking my shower the radio station I listen to plays All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun by Sheryl Crowe - every.single.morning. Can I just tell you how much I HATE that song? I hated it when it was popular and I hate it even more now. At least when it was a hit I could understand why it was being played – some one some where liked it. But I had hope – I ASSUMED it would eventually lose it’s popularity and I would never be annoyed again – but nope – some people just can’t let sleeping dogs lie. I mean really what is the deal – it’s an old song. It isn’t popular. Is it the station theme song? Does one of the DJ’s have a thing for Sheryl Crowe? Is Julie D. calling in every morning with a request? Why must they play this song EVERY SINGLE DAY? What’s the deal? JUST LET IT DIE! And there isn’t even a buffer, just get up, get in the shower, turn on the radio – crappy song, that alone is enough to put me in a bad mood even before I’ve hit the Walmart zone.

And as long as we are on the topic let’s just talk about music for a minute and how it makes us feel (well fine how it makes ME feel - it is my blog after all). Anyway, I can be having a bad morning but let me hear a little Hammer Time or the Hooters or Rob Thomas and I feel all good and non-crabby inside. Or, and this is a quirky thing about me (just in case there weren’t enough quirky things about me already) play some Todd Rundgren and I'm in a very happy place. I love Todd Rundgren. He can always put me in a good mood (sometimes mellow but still good) I mean I know he is pretty much before my time but I still love his music. Play me a little Hello It’s Me and I’m yours. And although Todd is not much to look at his music just does it for me and makes me feel all calm and swooney. Ditto for James Taylor. Oh and Simon and Garfunkle too. I know I know it sounds so middle age and all but really I like new music too. I love that Hinder song and Snow Patrol and Nickelback so I’m not that weird - or old!

Oh and lest you think I am fickle, when I said I love Todd I meant I love his music. REALLY! It isn’t the Mario Mania kind of love – I couldn't forget my Mario just like that! There would have to be a lot more involved than just another pretty voice :-)

Okay so the answer to Monday’s trivia was Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen.

And for today let’s do a spin-off: In which Brat-Pack movie did Emilio Estevez’s character have legal aspirations (yes I made it up myself – but it’s a good one)? (by the way if you've been checking I've changed this question three times because I had the wrong character - but this time it is right - I promise - next time I'll just stick to the Trivial Pursuit questions...)

AND the bonus question (which could earn you your very own hand glittered monogram): What big screen starlet thought Todd Rundgren was her father until she was eleven and caught a glimpse of the real deal?

Monday, January 22, 2007

I can hardly believe I am going to say this...

I'm sick again. I KNOW! I can't even believe it. Starting today - I am taking vitamins and I am NEVER going to skip the flu shot again. I've had enough! But you know I swear I get the sick from my kids. If they've got it I'll get it. And just so you know there are some things no one ever tells you about children and that sick thing is one of them. Sooooo my humanitarian effort of the day, in the spirit of thinking about YOU, is to tell you those things about kids that no one ever seems to mention:

1. You will NEVER again in your life claim any of the following as your own:
a. Pop aka soda
b. Anything considered a dessert
c. Jewelry
d. Art/scrapping Supplies
e. Stickles
f. Bathroom time

2. You will NEVER be able to do ANYTHING without having to answer the following questions:
a. Why are you doing that?
b. Where are you going?
c. What's that ("that" entails any item within viewing distance)?
d. Are you chewing gum?
e. Can I have some (whatever you may happen to be eating at the time)?
f. Why does yours look like that?

3. Any illness your child contracts is HIGHLY contagious.
a. Pink Eye
b. The flu
c. Colds
d. Chicken Pox
e. Rashes
f. Hoof and Mouth disease (don't ask just believe me)

4. When you take your children out in public all other children will be perfectly behaved while your children will act like they have just been released from a cage. This is especially true in the following situations:
a. Church
b. Out for dinner anywhere but McDonalds
c. Shopping
d. The movie theater
e. Doctor's office
f. Your place of employment

Yep, those are the big secrets. There are more, but I think four points is enough for one day - anything else would be overkill :-)

So that's it for today my friends. It takes a long time to type a paragraph when you have to stop to blow your nose after every word!

Oh dang I almost forgot - EIGHTIES TRIVIA!!!!
What acting siblings got to tote six-shooters in the hit western Young Guns?
And yes, yes, yes, the answer to Friday's question was "Time to make the donuts"

Oh and we got more snow but it was worth it for pictures like these:

Thursday, January 18, 2007

2006 Husband of the year???

So are we all over the Stickles thing now 'cuz I'm movin' on. There is only so much Stickles love that can be shared - some things just have to be experienced to be truly enjoyed.

Okay, so are we ready - movin' on? Yesterday, in my inbox there was a newsletter from my lss (local scrapbook store for those who are not in on the scrapping know) and to be honest I don't always get to the letter right away. It isn't that I don't want to know all the latest and greatest it's a time thing - REALLY. But yesterday I felt compelled to read the letter as soon as I saw it (some day I will tell you all about my super special ESP powers but that's another story). ANYWAY, as I started reading and paging and reading and paging I found it - there it was VIP 2006 Husband of the Year. WHAT? There's a husband of the year -' McHubby? She's talking about my McHubby. WOW! I didn't have any idea. I didn't know he was even nominated :-) But, well there it is, in print, Dennis Grimm, Husband of the year. Who knew :-)

Oh and just one other little thing I feel I need to clear up; yes it is true, he does haul my stuff, my tons of stuff, and he does come and pick it back up and he does it with a smile but that part about me being spoiled - SO NOT TRUE!!! I.AM.NOT.SPOILED. Ask anyone :-) Seriously!

So the Husband of the Year caught me off guard. It made me smile. It generated email - to me - telling me to tell my hubby congrats. Shoot I didn't even know that many people knew about scrapbooking - AND read the newsletter. Life is full of surprises.

And by the way that is McHubby in all his Saturday morning roll out of bed glory! I mean really shouldn't the husband of the year at least get a glamour shot :-)...

NOW who would have guessed that you people would actually know the answer to Tuesday's question - Bob Fosse. Are you Googling the question? Shesh, I don't even know who he is let alone that he is an answer to an 80s' trivia question. Holy Bananas you people impress me. Okay now for today: What five-word phrase did Fred the Baker famously mutter in Dunkin' Donuts ads?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So about those Stickles...

Okay so I know a lot of you have stopped by because of a post on Two Peas regarding Stickles and someone spilled the beans about my Stickle love soooooo, although this may be a little too late, here is the scoop. STICKLES. Manufactured by Ranger Products. Stickles are the ultimate in glitter glue. They come in small bottles with micro tips that make it easy to apply glitter anywhere. They are fabulous! There is also something called Icicles which are also by Ranger but they come in a little bit bigger bottle with a little bit bigger tip for a little bit bigger glitter so if you are looking for the micro glitter than you want Stickles not Icicles. Not that there isn't a place for Icicles, and really they have a little spot in my heart, but the real deal is the Stickles. Oh and Stickles come in THIRTY colors. If you do a search under Stickles by Ranger you should get a fair amount of hits. What I found is that although many places carried them many places were out of stock. I did find a few to purchase from Addicted to Rubber Stamps(they were a little more expensive but they had the colors I was looking for). McHubby bought the Stickle extravaganza on Ebay. So that's the Stickle Story.

Now that I've taken care of that business let's get on to the real stuff of life. Like I was home with two sick little girls today. Now they weren't sick enough to feel the need to stay in bed and take multiple naps, just sick enough to not go to pre-school or daycare. I have an amazing amount of admiration for stay-at-home moms because it is NOT an easy job. Holy Bananas - we did art projects and we watched Noggin' and had lunch and story hour and more art projects but they still found time to consume a 1/2 bag of mini marshmallows, change clothes three times, prepare a tea party for their stuffed animals, take an airplane ride in their chair plane and multiple snuggles. I'm exhausted. Here's a little snap of today's project.

BUT since I was busy playing super mom all day I put together a pot of Chicken Noodle Soup which we will have tomorrow night for supper. Right now it smells YUMMY in here! Can you smell it - I can't wait!

Well shoot, I was wrong and McHubby was right. You all ARE super 80s' wonder machines. I didn't think anyone would know the answer to yesterday's question but we had not one but but but LOTS of correct answers. So Back to the Future is correct. I'm impressed. BUT today it's going to be REALLY hard.

What famed choreographer died suddenly while waiting for the curtain to rise on a revival of his show Sweet Charity?

That's it.

Monday, January 15, 2007


It snowed. It started yesterday, I thought it was supposed to be a dusting - a dusting of 10 inches! It actually looks nicer than the browns and greys we have been looking at all winter and I like it - for now. 24 hours from now - not so much. That is my time limit on snow, 24 hours. I think I'm living in the wrong climate. Our snow lasts MUCH longer than 24 hours. Right now it is 3 degrees - this snow is going to be around for awhile.

Tomorrow night at this time Florida will be sounding very nice. I love Florida. It's warm. There are fountains and pools and beaches. Mickey hangs out there. It's a fabulous place - well except for the bugs. I hate bugs. I REALLY hate bugs. I forgot how much I hate bugs because right now - no bugs. On second thought I'll take the snow and leave the bugs to Florida - but still it would be a nice place to visit - as long as a black widow spider didn't crawl up my leg and bite me while flying back home on the plane. That would mean that I'm attracting bugs and that is something I certainly don't want to encourage! A bug attracting cupcake - it's bad enough just to deal with a crab now and then. Oh that didn't sound too good did it - but you KNOW what I meant.

And as long as we are talking about bugs - the answer to Friday's question was SKIN SO SOFT - there were a lot of right answers on that one. HOORAY! And for the record I don't think that SKIN SO SOFT takes care of bugs or mosquitoes at all, BUT I'm still bringing a bottle with me when I go to Florida!
So McHubby told me these questions are far too easy. I am insulting the great 80s' minds that are reading - so tonight - it's gonna be hard and you can blame it on McHubby. If I were you I'd ask him for a bottle of Stickles to win your forgiveness :-)

What movie had Eric Stoltz begun filming, when he was summarily replaced with Michael J. Fox?

Friday, January 12, 2007

The day formerly known as no crab day...

So it's Friday and if you have been keeping up you know that before the name change Friday's were always a crab-free zone. Sure sometimes there was a little edginess that could be interpreted as crabby but it was all in your interpretation - really. But now there's this Cupcake World thing, what am I supposed to do with that on a Friday? I mean really a name like It's a Cupcake World would lead one to believe that EVERY DAY is sugar coated and gooey with sweetness - and it is - seriously. But still IT'S FRIDAY - the day traditionally known as being filled with extra creamy goodness. How do I differentiate the day that breaks the rules? Maybe I can call it Extra Sprinkles Friday? Or maybe Extra Creamy Goodness Friday is the way to go? I don't know... I've got to think about this a bit. I mean really - WWMD (What Would Mario Do)?

AND while we're talking about it. I've gotten emails. From people. People who read this blog. AND do you know what those people that read this blog and write emails have been saying? They have been saying that they (those that write the emails) do not like the new name. No new name. Liked the old name. Why the name change? -- And you know what? I'm not sure I like the new name either. I really did kind of like the old name. And you know there is that URL quandary and the fact that it still refers to Crabby kind of stuff. Besides, I figure if Prince could change his name to that funky symbol thing and then change it back to Prince I should be able to change my mind. I mean I know I'm not a freak like Prince and I've never experienced purple rain or worn a raspberry beret but it's almost exactly the same - just different. I'll let you know what I decide.

Okay, well now that I've wasted valuable time on that urgent business let's get on with the important stuff. Stuff like Grey's Anatomy. Don't you just love Alex? I love Alex. He's my favorite. He's always been my favorite even before it was trendy to say he is your favorite. And you know he may be McJerky but we all know deep inside he is Mc I'm going to bring the best out in him guy (you KNOW what I mean don't pretend you don't) And I am a little sick of wimpy George. Can you imagine if Wimpy George and Whiny Meredith were REALLY to have sex. OMG it would be like going to a Bangles concert with all the whining and wailing going on. I mean it isn't like I want them to leave the show because every show needs a little wimpy and whiny but Holy Bananas sometimes I just want to say SHUT UP! I know I know his dad is going to die. He's got a lot to think about but what's Meredith's excuse?

And here we are. The end of the post. The swan song of today. The 80s trivia that may die a long and painful death if you people don't start submitting your answers :-) Did you hear me?
So I'm trying one more time. I'm putting it on the line. Here it is:

What Avon bath oil saw its sales soar after rumors surfaced that it kept bugs away?

And yesterday's answer. The answer I thought was easy as pie. The answer that got two comments. Eddie Murphy - that's the answer.

Later Gators!

Random photo of the day - again, just because I can.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's McThursday

Yes today is the day, the day I've waited for all week long, good tv day, Grey's Anatomy day. Oh fine McSteamy and McDreamy night but keep it quiet I'm not sure what Mario will do if he finds out :-) So in anticipation of the big event I am posting a quick early evening entry but I really don't have anything to say, it happens sometimes - really!

Okay so let's talk 80s trivia for a second (I know I know how surprising). HOORAY to new reader Deb for her correct answer of Freshen Up Gum (I'm ignoring that Amy chick - who IS she anyway?) My friends and I used to call it something a little different but I really can't talk about that on a family and scrapbook friendly blog :-) Come on we were in jr. high what would you expect? So yep Freshen Up - that's the answer.

I have been finding some great, creative, inspirational blogs lately. I'll add some links this weekend but for now my McThursday is about to begin so get your popcorn and get settled for love in the operating room!

Oh and before I leave (you know what TIME it is):
What TV comic hit the 1985 pop charts with the Rick James ditty Party All The Time?

Gotta run...

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Jenny, Jenny You've Got My Number!

Okay so ever since I posted yesterday (after I cleared the rainy clouds away and stopped singing the weepy song) I was singing 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 all day long and I'm still singing it today! YES to Abby, YES to Andie, and YES to Amy (hey do we have an "A" thing going on???). The rest of you should be ashamed that you couldn't come up with that icon of the 80's. Just for you click here to listen and REMEMBER :-)

You know, today is Tuesday and it is just not the same without My Mario dancing his way into my heart. All day long I have had a sense of anticipation that I couldn't identify and then when I finally sat down and looked at the dismal offerings on tv I remembered - NO MARIO. It's Tuesday and there is no more Mario. And NO Nip/Tuck. AND on a REALLY good day there was Mario ON Nip/Tuck - with a naked butt IN.THE.SHOWER. Please don't tell me you missed that little piece of goodass I mean goodness. Anyway, I know he hasn't been around in awhile but I still have Dancing with the Stars let down. When is that Miss America paegent anyway?? Maybe I need to go look at my pink phone for a little bit.

And just because I am feeling the need for a little retail therapy check out this adorable blouse. Is that not the CUTEST thing you have ever seen. And just so you know I'm buying it so if your name is Amy or you live within 100 miles of me you can't have it too. It's mine. I know, I'm not playing nice or thinking of YOU but you know when it comes to cute clothes there are no rules!

And here it is the moment you have all been waiting for, today's 80s' trivia question of the blog:
What breath-sweetening product was hyped in 1980s ads as "the gum that goes squirt"?
Come on I know you know this one...

Monday, January 8, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays...

What I feel has come and gone before
No need to talk it out
We know what
it's all about
Hangin' around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and
Mondays always get me down

Do you know this song by the Carpenters? I mean I don't know if they wrote it but they sang it. Anyway, that is how I feel today. Rainy Days and Mondays. Just kind of sad. I know why, but yet I don't. Regardless I know I SHOULDN'T feel this way. I'm lucky. I have a good life. I have nothing to be sad about. But still - it happens. Maybe it is part of being a girl. Or it could be the weather. Or the season. Or the path not taken. Or all of the above.

So SAD, that is where I am at today and I am feeling pretty guilty about it because I am not a cry myself to sleep kind of girl. Nope, I can't just keep the melancholy feelings to myself. I have to send emails and write a blog and whine to my husband and closest friends. I have to spread the sadness. And that isn't really the person I want to be. It really isn't. People will try to cheer me up and make me feel better but when I want to be miserable I don't want someone to make me smile I want someone to tell me it is okay to cry. And that is what makes it hard to be my friend. I know that. So most of the time I try to be happy (sure crabby - but still happy) I try not to let the blue mood come out and rain on everyone's parade but every once in a while I just have to break down and say it. I'M Sad.

So there I've said it (and said it and said it) and now EVERYONE knows and pretty soon I will get over it, I'll be okay and back to my normal quirky self. I might cry before that happens, but feel free to ignore me - I know how annoying I am when I feel this way. Shoot I should have let you all know you were being invited to a pity party :-)

SOOO moving on, I read a blog today that made a huge impression on me. The blog is by Rebecca Sowers and she has decided that there has been enough "All About Me" attitude going on in the world the past couple of years and this needs to change. We need to start concentrating on others and what THEY need. This is the year to make it "All About You" as she puts it.

This is the year to say how are YOU? How are YOU feeling? What can I do to make YOU feel happier, more fulfilled, better appreciated? IF we make ourselves feel better in the meantime that is just gravy because really at the end of the day isn't it all about how we have made those in our orbit (even the ones that invade our bubbles) feel? That's what I think, which is one of the reasons I feel guility about feeling bad because feeling bad (for me) is such a selfish, self-centered emotion. So today I am not doing a very good job of thinking of YOU but tomorrow will be better I promise. And for those of you that may get an email (Amy) I'm sorry :-)

And FINALLY, I was thinking about the 80's question of the day (and today's is good - so good it almost made me smile) and I realized that although I have been posting a question I HAVE NOT been posting the answer. For those really clever people the clue to the answer (and sometimes the actual answer) is over in the links. For those that ignore the links I need to be more obvious so here are the answers so far. Ringo Starr, Take My Breath Away, and Heineken. That's it so far. Good guesses everyone.

And today's question of the day is (did I mention this is a good one?): If you wanted to call Jenny for a good time what number would you dial?

Have a great day even if it is rainy and a Monday.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

WOOHOO Saturday!

It's Saturday! I usually don't post on Saturday's but I had a quick quiet moment so I thought what the heck, live on the edge, post an entry. So here I am. McHubby took the girls to dance, Alex is cleaning his room and I'm posting.

So a couple random thoughts.
1. I just got done cleaning the kitchen and I love my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. For a while I was boycotting them because of the whole Donald Trump Apprentice fiasco (you know the one where they tried to market the Magic Eraser). I mean I used to like the show but I find him (Donald) so, so, so, annoying and such an ass that I don't know if I can watch it this season (and my dislike of him has nothing to do with his dislike of Rosie O'Donnell because, well I find her dislikeful also - yes I KNOW it's not a word). So anyway, after the whole Apprentice thing I turned my back on the Magic Eraser. I received a free sample and used it but could never bring myself to buy one. Well one day last week I was in Target and there they were right by the checkout, Mr. Clean's bald head gleaming like a beacon, and I thought of my countertop with the red Kool Aide stain and I knew I had to buy the MAGIC ERASER. And now I'm so glad I did - I use it EVERY DAY! Yes, I barely scrub and like MAGIC all the hard to clean spots and stains just disappear. Now that, my friends, is a helpful cleaning tool, despite the efforts of The Apprentice!

2. Shoot I got so carried away by my love of the Magic Eraser I can't remember what number two was. Give me a minute I'll think of it. OMG what if I have the beginning of early onset Alzheimers. First it took me forever to think of the name of that darn Trump show (THE APPRENTICE) and now I can't remember what my second point was going to be. Oh oh oh I remember - Austria! That was my second point. Austria (so glad I can cancel that doctor's appointment now). You may remember my love of The Sound of Music from this previous post, and you may also remember my obsession with my stats counter world map that shows me little flags in all the places people have checked out my blog. WELL someone from Austria looked at my blog. It says they were there for zero seconds but I don't believe that time thing because it says some people have come here and never left (I mean really it says the I'm purrrrfect Amy has been here for 157 hours - come on we know she has to sleep sometime). Anyway back to Austria. I love that someone from Austria looked at my site because you can't love the Sound of Music and not love Austria.

Maybe it was a long lost member of the Von Trapp family. Maybe it was the King or Prime Minister or President, or whatever they have as a governing ruler, looking and getting ready to offer me a free trip to tour their country. Maybe it was that guy who I thought was named Lars but is really named Rolph looking and being really ticked off because I got his name wrong. Maybe it was a fluke. Regardless I'm just glad that someone in Austria knows I love their country and it's all because of Maria Von Trapp (the nice one - the one from the movie).

So that's it. Those are the two things I wanted to share. I know you understand :-)

And the 80's question of the day is:
What was the top-selling imported beer in the U.S. throughout the '80s?

And just because this is my blog and I can do what I want here is Lauren's "food art". She insisted on pictures!

Okay that's it. It's a wrap.


Thursday, January 4, 2007

Just a quick one.

Yep, tonight it's just a quickie. I have been so busy shopping and thinking about being creative and taking care of a sick daughter that I almost forgot about you! And really I don't have anything much to say today. I'm dieting, I'm crabby, I'm hungry, I'm tired. That about wraps it up - aren't you glad you asked :-) But I knew you would be waiting for today's question. You can never get too much 80's trivia. I mean really, you just don't know, when that question about Devo and their upside down flower pots is going to appear.

So here it is - the 80's Trivial Pursuit question of the day.

What love theme from the movie Top Gun won an Oscar for the group Berlin?
So come on - you can't get much easier than this.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Well let's get right down to it shall we. Have you seen this? Have you heard the news? Did you know this was happening? Do you have any idea what I am talking about? This - THIS is what I am talking about MARIO LOPEZ TO HOST MISS AMERICA PAGEANT. Yes, that's right, that's what I said. My Mario is going to host the Miss America Pageant. My Mario in the presence of fifty beautiful women. Will he remember me? Will he stop seeing me in his sleep? Will he find the Mrs. Mario of his dreams? Will Mama Mario let ANYONE become Mrs. Mario? And what about that trophy she promised to make him if he didn't win the glittery disco ball. Did she make him that trophy? And what about me - what about my blog - do you think it was me? Do you think it was my blog that has lifted My Mario from Saved by the Bell oblivion to a super dancin', pageant hostin' hero? 'Cuz I'm thinkin' that might be the case (SMILEY) I have so many questions, so little information! I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.

Oh and before I forget. The wonderful "I'm Purrrrfect" Amy gave me the Totally 80's version of Trivial Pursuit. I thought it would be fun to post a question each time I blog. You can submit your guesses and we'll see how you do against the fabulous 80's wonder machines of Amy and I. So without further ado here is today's question (no fair looking up the answer - either you know it or you don't - no cheating allowed!)

Which former Beatle was the original narrator on Thomas the Tank Engine?

That's it - and it's an EASY one. So submit your answer - 80's Lover's Unite (SMILEY)

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Every day is a new start.

That is my resolution for 2007. Every day is a new start, a fresh beginning, a chance to change the status quo. I, for one, am notorious for thinking that a bad day is the beginning of a bad streak. That I have to wait for the start of something major or a crash to the bottom before starting anew (hmmm wonder if anew is one word or two - I'm going with one). Anyway, that has changed with the new year. I think it will be a good thing.

So, with that being said I have been told by a few people that the name of this blog is a little bit negative. It puts the expectation out there that this is going to be an ongoing case of PMS (yes, I know sometimes it is but a girl has to vent on occasion) but that isn't really what I want this blog to be about. I mean the day I wrote for the first time I was crabby and I didn't really put much thought into the name - it was a spur of the moment decision - but now, now I'm kind of stuck with it. If I change the URL I might lose my myriad (yes, I said MYRIAD - fine so maybe it isn't a myriad but it is a least a dozen) of loyal readers. So what to do? Well I think I will change the name but keep the URL for now. Will that work? What do you think? All those in favor of a name change but not a URL change vote Yeah. All those in favor of both a name change and URL change vote NAH. I'll be watching for your comments.

Okay then, since I have already decided to change the name, no matter what you people think about that, let's get on with it. On another web-site I am known as Cupcake. I'm not sure why. It was another one of those split second decisions. It seemed I needed to have a persona and the name stuck and seemed appropriate. Personally, I prefer Princess Cupcake but since we know each other feel free to drop the princess (SMILEY). On the website my tag line was "Just a cupcake in a wedding cake world" (hey I like it and it means something to me). Which leads me, FINALLY, to the new name "It's a Cupcake World". Actually the cupcake sort of fit in on this blog since my identity was the crabby cupcake. AND now I can branch out into the whole world of cupcakes. I feel so liberated. Okay so that's it. The new name. I mean really it's better than my other choice which was "Trivial things I think of every day that make no sense to anyone but me"...