Monday, January 15, 2007


It snowed. It started yesterday, I thought it was supposed to be a dusting - a dusting of 10 inches! It actually looks nicer than the browns and greys we have been looking at all winter and I like it - for now. 24 hours from now - not so much. That is my time limit on snow, 24 hours. I think I'm living in the wrong climate. Our snow lasts MUCH longer than 24 hours. Right now it is 3 degrees - this snow is going to be around for awhile.

Tomorrow night at this time Florida will be sounding very nice. I love Florida. It's warm. There are fountains and pools and beaches. Mickey hangs out there. It's a fabulous place - well except for the bugs. I hate bugs. I REALLY hate bugs. I forgot how much I hate bugs because right now - no bugs. On second thought I'll take the snow and leave the bugs to Florida - but still it would be a nice place to visit - as long as a black widow spider didn't crawl up my leg and bite me while flying back home on the plane. That would mean that I'm attracting bugs and that is something I certainly don't want to encourage! A bug attracting cupcake - it's bad enough just to deal with a crab now and then. Oh that didn't sound too good did it - but you KNOW what I meant.

And as long as we are talking about bugs - the answer to Friday's question was SKIN SO SOFT - there were a lot of right answers on that one. HOORAY! And for the record I don't think that SKIN SO SOFT takes care of bugs or mosquitoes at all, BUT I'm still bringing a bottle with me when I go to Florida!
So McHubby told me these questions are far too easy. I am insulting the great 80s' minds that are reading - so tonight - it's gonna be hard and you can blame it on McHubby. If I were you I'd ask him for a bottle of Stickles to win your forgiveness :-)

What movie had Eric Stoltz begun filming, when he was summarily replaced with Michael J. Fox?


Jennifer Stewart said...

Hahaha...hey girl! Uh...the ULTIMATE in 80's movies...Back to the Future!! :D I looooove that movie!


deb said...

Is it Back to the Future?? Wow - I didn't know that bit of trivia. It's one of hubby's favorite movies!

So you got hit with snow? I live in New England and have yet to have a big snowstorm (not that I'm complaining.) Up til last week we've had nearly 60 degree days.

Abby said...

Back to the Future!

I loved Eric Stoltz

andie said...

back to the future...duh!

Poshyarns said...

I am guessing Back to the Future which I watched with my 7 year old over Christmas and he loved it, apparently that Delorean is still cool!

Thank you for your lovely comment on my quilt. Now, now, straight line impairment is no excuse, do curvy quilting, it could be fabulous.