Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble...

There is something I have been thinking of writing about for the past few days but now I have totally forgotten what it was that I was going to say or even what the whole thing was about. So that leads me to believe it wasn’t as important as I had thought which means today it’s all about the ramble.

I am having kind of a – well - a day. We received some bad news regarding care for our son. I guess I haven’t gotten specific before, but our resident teen has special needs. He was born with Down Syndrome and is a great kid and relatively high functioning but frankly these hormones are driving all of us crazy. One minute up, one minute down, one minute just an angry white boy! I guess that is all pretty typical but because it is hard for Alex to express his needs conversationally it can be frustrating for all involved. Truly I can’t wait for this to pass. I am not in a hurry to see him grow up but I am in a hurry to see him happy again. It is what I think about – A LOT!

I have to go grocery shopping. I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING. I don’t know why. Maybe if there weren’t groceries to put away after the grocery shopping. And maybe if the cupboard space wasn’t already at a minimum the putting away wouldn’t be so bad. So I think at the end of the day the answer is – a new kitchen! And there really isn’t room for a new kitchen in this house so what we really need is a new house. Now if the right one would just show up…

I have done quite a few scrapbook layouts lately. I’ll post them tomorrow – too busy around here tonight. Some are okay some are not. But you know what – it’s okay. It’s for my family. When they look at these pages in 10 years they are not going to be critiquing my use of color or composition they are just going to see that I did some cool things and look at the picture. So there.

Along with the scrapping I have been knitting. I know, I know you never knew. You see I really am a knitter. I was a knitter before I was a scrapbooker. When I was 20 or maybe it was 21, I was hit head-on by a drunk driver and my knee was cut in half. Thus began the knitting. For three months I couldn’t walk but I had to do something so I started knitting. I made sweaters for my entire family – and they were nice. But it has been a long time since I have made anything. I did knit blankets for the girls when I was pregnant (and they sleep with them every night) but I haven’t touched needles since then – well until right before Christmas. I started sweaters for the girls. We’ll see how they turn out. McHubby doesn’t think they will ever make it off the needles. I’ll show him. Oh and I have found some great knitting blogs. I'll share links - tomorrow :-)

So that’s it. That’s my story today. I know it’s not much but, well, life can’t be full of geriatric bowlers every day!

Oh and the easy peasy answer to yesterday’s question was MILK! Hooray for Cathy.

Hey I just remembered what I have been wanting to write. I need help. No seriously! I have no idea how to email to those that have responded in the comments. Can I do that? I mean I feel bad, people leave comments or answer the trivia question but I don’t know how to send them a note from Blogger. Anyone?

Alrighty then (remember Trey from Sex and the City and his “alrighty then” – yep it’s his voice I hear right now) without further ado, here is today’s 80s’ trivia in honor of My Mario. I really don’t want him feeling bad about that Rob Lowe thing…

What was the name of the principal on Saved By the Bell?

Until tomorrow...


Melissa said...

I haven't figured out how to respond to people who leave comments either. I'll be watching to see if you learn the secret!

And this question is far too easy.. Mr. Belding! LOL

andie said...


oh you knit....i wanna learn...I've been sewing a ton latley

I love grocery shopping!!!

Maija said...

My 15 year old son is making me nuts! He;s so sullen and miserable around the house, but he lights up on the lacrosse field with his buddies!