Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So about those Stickles...

Okay so I know a lot of you have stopped by because of a post on Two Peas regarding Stickles and someone spilled the beans about my Stickle love soooooo, although this may be a little too late, here is the scoop. STICKLES. Manufactured by Ranger Products. Stickles are the ultimate in glitter glue. They come in small bottles with micro tips that make it easy to apply glitter anywhere. They are fabulous! There is also something called Icicles which are also by Ranger but they come in a little bit bigger bottle with a little bit bigger tip for a little bit bigger glitter so if you are looking for the micro glitter than you want Stickles not Icicles. Not that there isn't a place for Icicles, and really they have a little spot in my heart, but the real deal is the Stickles. Oh and Stickles come in THIRTY colors. If you do a search under Stickles by Ranger you should get a fair amount of hits. What I found is that although many places carried them many places were out of stock. I did find a few to purchase from Addicted to Rubber Stamps(they were a little more expensive but they had the colors I was looking for). McHubby bought the Stickle extravaganza on Ebay. So that's the Stickle Story.

Now that I've taken care of that business let's get on to the real stuff of life. Like I was home with two sick little girls today. Now they weren't sick enough to feel the need to stay in bed and take multiple naps, just sick enough to not go to pre-school or daycare. I have an amazing amount of admiration for stay-at-home moms because it is NOT an easy job. Holy Bananas - we did art projects and we watched Noggin' and had lunch and story hour and more art projects but they still found time to consume a 1/2 bag of mini marshmallows, change clothes three times, prepare a tea party for their stuffed animals, take an airplane ride in their chair plane and multiple snuggles. I'm exhausted. Here's a little snap of today's project.

BUT since I was busy playing super mom all day I put together a pot of Chicken Noodle Soup which we will have tomorrow night for supper. Right now it smells YUMMY in here! Can you smell it - I can't wait!

Well shoot, I was wrong and McHubby was right. You all ARE super 80s' wonder machines. I didn't think anyone would know the answer to yesterday's question but we had not one but but but LOTS of correct answers. So Back to the Future is correct. I'm impressed. BUT today it's going to be REALLY hard.

What famed choreographer died suddenly while waiting for the curtain to rise on a revival of his show Sweet Charity?

That's it.


CJJ said...

Bob Fosse!

Angela said...

I knew it! :) Bob Fosse

Shirley said...

love the new project. sorry about the post. ;) hope that the kiddos feel better ASAP!

deb said...

Thanks for the scoop on stickles! That was quite a find on ebay!

Love your love letters (but I would!) :)

You do have quite a few 80's fans who know their trivia! Keep it up. It's fun! :)

Amy said...

Love that banner!

andie said...

fosse fosse fosse

The 80's rocked