Saturday, January 6, 2007

WOOHOO Saturday!

It's Saturday! I usually don't post on Saturday's but I had a quick quiet moment so I thought what the heck, live on the edge, post an entry. So here I am. McHubby took the girls to dance, Alex is cleaning his room and I'm posting.

So a couple random thoughts.
1. I just got done cleaning the kitchen and I love my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. For a while I was boycotting them because of the whole Donald Trump Apprentice fiasco (you know the one where they tried to market the Magic Eraser). I mean I used to like the show but I find him (Donald) so, so, so, annoying and such an ass that I don't know if I can watch it this season (and my dislike of him has nothing to do with his dislike of Rosie O'Donnell because, well I find her dislikeful also - yes I KNOW it's not a word). So anyway, after the whole Apprentice thing I turned my back on the Magic Eraser. I received a free sample and used it but could never bring myself to buy one. Well one day last week I was in Target and there they were right by the checkout, Mr. Clean's bald head gleaming like a beacon, and I thought of my countertop with the red Kool Aide stain and I knew I had to buy the MAGIC ERASER. And now I'm so glad I did - I use it EVERY DAY! Yes, I barely scrub and like MAGIC all the hard to clean spots and stains just disappear. Now that, my friends, is a helpful cleaning tool, despite the efforts of The Apprentice!

2. Shoot I got so carried away by my love of the Magic Eraser I can't remember what number two was. Give me a minute I'll think of it. OMG what if I have the beginning of early onset Alzheimers. First it took me forever to think of the name of that darn Trump show (THE APPRENTICE) and now I can't remember what my second point was going to be. Oh oh oh I remember - Austria! That was my second point. Austria (so glad I can cancel that doctor's appointment now). You may remember my love of The Sound of Music from this previous post, and you may also remember my obsession with my stats counter world map that shows me little flags in all the places people have checked out my blog. WELL someone from Austria looked at my blog. It says they were there for zero seconds but I don't believe that time thing because it says some people have come here and never left (I mean really it says the I'm purrrrfect Amy has been here for 157 hours - come on we know she has to sleep sometime). Anyway back to Austria. I love that someone from Austria looked at my site because you can't love the Sound of Music and not love Austria.

Maybe it was a long lost member of the Von Trapp family. Maybe it was the King or Prime Minister or President, or whatever they have as a governing ruler, looking and getting ready to offer me a free trip to tour their country. Maybe it was that guy who I thought was named Lars but is really named Rolph looking and being really ticked off because I got his name wrong. Maybe it was a fluke. Regardless I'm just glad that someone in Austria knows I love their country and it's all because of Maria Von Trapp (the nice one - the one from the movie).

So that's it. Those are the two things I wanted to share. I know you understand :-)

And the 80's question of the day is:
What was the top-selling imported beer in the U.S. throughout the '80s?

And just because this is my blog and I can do what I want here is Lauren's "food art". She insisted on pictures!

Okay that's it. It's a wrap.



shirley said...

Loving the food art!!

80's beer..I'd have to go wil "Great Tast, Less Filling" but that was probably in the 90' I say BUD?

Need me some magic earsers!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

Amy said...


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andie said...

budwiser? (thinkin spuds)

I love the magic eraser!!!