Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Jenny, Jenny You've Got My Number!

Okay so ever since I posted yesterday (after I cleared the rainy clouds away and stopped singing the weepy song) I was singing 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 all day long and I'm still singing it today! YES to Abby, YES to Andie, and YES to Amy (hey do we have an "A" thing going on???). The rest of you should be ashamed that you couldn't come up with that icon of the 80's. Just for you click here to listen and REMEMBER :-)

You know, today is Tuesday and it is just not the same without My Mario dancing his way into my heart. All day long I have had a sense of anticipation that I couldn't identify and then when I finally sat down and looked at the dismal offerings on tv I remembered - NO MARIO. It's Tuesday and there is no more Mario. And NO Nip/Tuck. AND on a REALLY good day there was Mario ON Nip/Tuck - with a naked butt IN.THE.SHOWER. Please don't tell me you missed that little piece of goodass I mean goodness. Anyway, I know he hasn't been around in awhile but I still have Dancing with the Stars let down. When is that Miss America paegent anyway?? Maybe I need to go look at my pink phone for a little bit.

And just because I am feeling the need for a little retail therapy check out this adorable blouse. Is that not the CUTEST thing you have ever seen. And just so you know I'm buying it so if your name is Amy or you live within 100 miles of me you can't have it too. It's mine. I know, I'm not playing nice or thinking of YOU but you know when it comes to cute clothes there are no rules!

And here it is the moment you have all been waiting for, today's 80s' trivia question of the blog:
What breath-sweetening product was hyped in 1980s ads as "the gum that goes squirt"?
Come on I know you know this one...


Amy said...

I know. I know! But I will give someone else a chance. But it does start with an "F"!

Ok. You can have the shirt but I get that jacket! :)

deb said...

I just found your site.. I would have gotten yesterday's trivia but I can't remember the gum. Oh wait. I think it's Freshen Up?! Thanks Amy for the hint. this is fun. I'll check in again! Now I'll be singing that song all day too. :)