Monday, January 22, 2007

I can hardly believe I am going to say this...

I'm sick again. I KNOW! I can't even believe it. Starting today - I am taking vitamins and I am NEVER going to skip the flu shot again. I've had enough! But you know I swear I get the sick from my kids. If they've got it I'll get it. And just so you know there are some things no one ever tells you about children and that sick thing is one of them. Sooooo my humanitarian effort of the day, in the spirit of thinking about YOU, is to tell you those things about kids that no one ever seems to mention:

1. You will NEVER again in your life claim any of the following as your own:
a. Pop aka soda
b. Anything considered a dessert
c. Jewelry
d. Art/scrapping Supplies
e. Stickles
f. Bathroom time

2. You will NEVER be able to do ANYTHING without having to answer the following questions:
a. Why are you doing that?
b. Where are you going?
c. What's that ("that" entails any item within viewing distance)?
d. Are you chewing gum?
e. Can I have some (whatever you may happen to be eating at the time)?
f. Why does yours look like that?

3. Any illness your child contracts is HIGHLY contagious.
a. Pink Eye
b. The flu
c. Colds
d. Chicken Pox
e. Rashes
f. Hoof and Mouth disease (don't ask just believe me)

4. When you take your children out in public all other children will be perfectly behaved while your children will act like they have just been released from a cage. This is especially true in the following situations:
a. Church
b. Out for dinner anywhere but McDonalds
c. Shopping
d. The movie theater
e. Doctor's office
f. Your place of employment

Yep, those are the big secrets. There are more, but I think four points is enough for one day - anything else would be overkill :-)

So that's it for today my friends. It takes a long time to type a paragraph when you have to stop to blow your nose after every word!

Oh dang I almost forgot - EIGHTIES TRIVIA!!!!
What acting siblings got to tote six-shooters in the hit western Young Guns?
And yes, yes, yes, the answer to Friday's question was "Time to make the donuts"

Oh and we got more snow but it was worth it for pictures like these:


terri said...

loved the pictures, way too cute--can i get copies? sorry to hear you are under the weather. should you decide that you want to know more about kids as they grow older than 4 please let me know, would be happy to share. terri

Shirley said...

love the pictures! I sooooo agree with the last point in #1! Yes, it is possible to BF and do #2 at the same time! Bwahahahaha!

deb said...

#4 is very funny! Not really when it's happening, I'm sure.

I think the answer is Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen?? I saw that movie way back when too and I think that's who it is.

Feel better soon!