Monday, January 29, 2007


We took the kids bowling yesterday afternoon. There weren’t too many strikes happening but we had fun. AND I want you to know I roll an awesome game when those bumper thingies are up. The kids had a great time and the ball boys only had to come and retrieve balls from the middle of the alley a handful of times. I took some pictures but mostly it is of hind ends and bowling balls (at first I typed butts and balls but – well I don’t think I need to explain why I changed - nothing to share here).

Anyway, you know I have this thing about getting older. I don’t want it to happen. Well it can happen but I don’t want anyone to notice I’m getting older. You know? So yesterday, while I was asking the husband of the year for an age evaluation he said “you know you are going to get older some day and if you don’t I don’t think you want the alternative”. I just looked at him and thought humph – fine be that way, I didn’t bother to respond. He knows the goal is to look 25 and feel 20 – what kind of an answer was that? See why I didn’t answer?

So what does this have to do with bowling? Well the lanes were mostly filled with families and a few teen groups thrown in. When the family next to us walked off the lane (which was fine with us because they were stealing our balls) they were replaced by Vi, Ernie and John (who were non-ball stealer's by the way). Now I don’t know Vi, Ernie & John personally but I would say they were somewhere in their late 70’s - I’m sure they more than qualified for the senior citizen discount!

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect from this ménage a tois, and what WAS Vi doing with two men anyway, but as I watched them I noted a few things. They were having fun. Vi was giving shout-outs to the guys just like a 16 year old and that woman could bowl. The last I saw she had four strikes in a row. McHubby told me it was rude to stare so I tried to avert my gaze but I was fascinated by this group. This group that was having just as much fun as the teenagers! It made me feel a little better about this aging thing. I mean really Vi wasn’t a beauty, but she wasn’t bad, and here she was, on a Sunday afternoon, bowling strike after strike with two guys. And all the attention was on her. Is there any more to want at late 70 something? I think it looks like Vi has a pretty good life – even if she doesn’t look 25!

Oh and I noticed Vi was taking notes while the bowling was going on. Maybe she was going to give the boys a few lessons when they got back to the senior citizen center! I think Vi seems like a smart old gal!

Okay did I give you the answers to the trivia questions? I can't remember. Okay here they are. The movie was St. Elmo's Fire. The bonus answer was Liv Tyler. And today's question:
What beverage was hyped in ads claiming: "It does a body good"?