Thursday, January 4, 2007

Just a quick one.

Yep, tonight it's just a quickie. I have been so busy shopping and thinking about being creative and taking care of a sick daughter that I almost forgot about you! And really I don't have anything much to say today. I'm dieting, I'm crabby, I'm hungry, I'm tired. That about wraps it up - aren't you glad you asked :-) But I knew you would be waiting for today's question. You can never get too much 80's trivia. I mean really, you just don't know, when that question about Devo and their upside down flower pots is going to appear.

So here it is - the 80's Trivial Pursuit question of the day.

What love theme from the movie Top Gun won an Oscar for the group Berlin?
So come on - you can't get much easier than this.


Shirley said...

take my breath away? Hope that you get un-crabby soon! ;)

Amy said...

Take My Breath Away! Come on. Dig deep!

nat said...

LOL - I guess the others were faster!

Robyn said...

oh man....I had to work, was too late!