Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's McThursday

Yes today is the day, the day I've waited for all week long, good tv day, Grey's Anatomy day. Oh fine McSteamy and McDreamy night but keep it quiet I'm not sure what Mario will do if he finds out :-) So in anticipation of the big event I am posting a quick early evening entry but I really don't have anything to say, it happens sometimes - really!

Okay so let's talk 80s trivia for a second (I know I know how surprising). HOORAY to new reader Deb for her correct answer of Freshen Up Gum (I'm ignoring that Amy chick - who IS she anyway?) My friends and I used to call it something a little different but I really can't talk about that on a family and scrapbook friendly blog :-) Come on we were in jr. high what would you expect? So yep Freshen Up - that's the answer.

I have been finding some great, creative, inspirational blogs lately. I'll add some links this weekend but for now my McThursday is about to begin so get your popcorn and get settled for love in the operating room!

Oh and before I leave (you know what TIME it is):
What TV comic hit the 1985 pop charts with the Rick James ditty Party All The Time?

Gotta run...


Amy said...

I'll just give you his initial EM. Nuf said. Happy McThursday to you. Enjoy.

deb said...

Yea, we had a bad name for it too.. so juvenile! :) I don't know the answer today even with the hint given. I'm sure as soon as you say it I'll remember of course. I haven't gotten into Grey's Anatomy but I know so many people who love it.