Monday, January 25, 2010

It's a party...

it's a dog party. Call in the hounds - the NaughtyDoodle turned one today. Yes, it's true, Autumn is celebrating her birthday and in a big way. She snatched two sticks of string cheese and a chocolate chip cookie. When the kids asked what she was getting for her birthday I said "she gets to stay here" that's her present. And after today that is a pretty big deal. So now that she is officially out of puppyhood it gets better from here - right???

The HotY and I are heading for the big city tomorrow to get his new car - I think - assuming everything goes as planned and the car checks out in person. CarFacts says it is a good one. I'm hoping the drivers on the road tomorrow are better than the Walmart drivers I encountered on my way to work this morning. Crabby and frustrated before 8:00 a.m. and on a Monday - oh and did I mention it snowed??? I won't even get into all the happy wonder that made up my day today, seriously consider yourself lucky you didn't cross my path. Hey, they don't call me crabby for nothin' :-)

Okay, TTFN. Things to do places to go - well things to do anyway...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Have I told you lately...

that Conan is on my list. I know I talked about it here (click) and probably elsewhere too. But really it just seems like he is such a nice person. Tonight on his last show hosting the Tonight Show he said something that I thought was very profound and touching. He said, in talking about his own good fortune and blessings, that cynicism has no place in life and if you are kind extraordinary things will happen. Now that is something to think about. It actually made me tear up. Not so much because Conan was saying goodbye but mostly because I truly believe that human kindness is one of the single most powerful forces in life. That's definitely something to think about.

Okay now I'm going to watch the inane performance of Jimmy Fallon, who is NOT on the list. Oh and while we are at it - just WHO are the Roots? I've never heard of this Jimmy Fallon proclaimed worlds best band in my life. Seriously who are they?

TTFN... Tomorrow - do something kind and something extraordinary may happen and even if it doesn't you did something kind...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

No, no I do not want to buy a hockey pizza...

It is hockey pizza selling time in my fair city. Hockey is a huge youth sport in our area and each season the hockey playing youth are forced to traverse the frozen tundra to peddle pizzas which bare no small resemblance to a hockey puck. Seriously! But in the interest of youth sports we support the annual hockey pizza sales.

Today my neighbor braved the below zero elements and rang my doorbell - just moments after the HotY and children left the house to run a few errands. Normally I may have ignored the doorbell but since everyone had just left I thought maybe something had been forgotten and one of the kids was at the door to retrieve their forgotten hat or mittens. So I wrangled the dog and opened the door and there stood "K" anxious to show me the very newest in hockey pizzas. And there I stood trying to keep a 40lb dog from bolting out the door while unshowered, unbrushed, unmake-up'd wearing a dirty t-shirt, holey pants and no bra. I very calmly and coolly, as if I were in my finest party attire, said "K" I would be happy to buy a hockey pizza but please come back tomorrow I promise I won't buy from anyone else (which will be an easy enough promise to keep - you don't really think I plan to answer the door again do you?). He said okay and left while I closed the door and vowed never to answer the doorbell before showering again. So there, that's why I didn't buy a hockey pizza today - but I know "K" and he'll be back tomorrow. This time I'll be prepared...

TTFN... invest in a peephole - it may save your vanity.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've got a PLOODLE...

OMG - the DOG went to the groomers earlier this week for a trim. I expected her to come home looking like a cute Goldendoodle who had just received a haircut. What I was not expecting was a PloodleDoodle. A big shaggy dog with a not quite poodle cut but more than just a trim cut. Really, it was sad and if you think I didn't like it you should have seen Autumn. She moped around all night and then the cat started mocking her - she was one depressed puppy. No one asked for a Poodle (or Ploodle as the girls call her). Who gave these people permission to change our dog???? But we all averted our gazes and rallied around her (Autumn). I tried to tell her it is only hair and everyone has at least one bad haircut in their lives but she knew I was just trying to make her feel better. So for now - I just try to keep her away from the mirrors.

Anyway, I had every intention of showing you pictures of our Doodle turned Poodle but Syd insisted on taking them. I have pictures of the toilet bowl, the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, the dog dishes, the sweater lying on the chair in the living room and the HotY's butt but what I don't have is a picture of the dog (and THIS is why I thank the makers of digital cameras because if I spent money developing the pictures that get taken around this house it would not be a wise use of my dollars).

Oh, wait, the HotY just saved the day and snapped a picture of Ms. Ploodledoodle - see for yourself, it's not good. Let's just hope it grows out before the other neighborhood dogs get a look because all the eyeshadow and mascara in the world is not going to detract from this haircut...


Oh and that is one of her chew toys hanging out of her mouth. She's got an oral fixation.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What have I told you???

How many times have I complained about Walmart? How many times have I mentioned the driving skills of SOME Walmart drivers? Did I not even convince Amy that Walmart is not the shopping mecca of the world? That's what I thought. BUT - Look - look at this:

THIS is the HotY's car after a trip to the Walmart area the day before Christmas. He was driving on the frontage road when - BAM a car pulled out of the WALMART parking lot. He (the Walmart driver) didn't stop, he didn't even slow down before pulling out onto the road. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE HotY. So now do you believe me. DO NOT SHOP AT WALMART. Enough said.

Actually 2009 went out with kind of a bang for us. First the car, and then last Saturday Alex hit a tree, a big tree, while sledding with his cousins. He looks like he got hit by a tree! Scraps, bumps, bruises and one big black eye. A trip to the ER verified he was okay but he took a beating. Poor guy! I'd show you pictures but I think the car is enough for today.

Here's hoping 2010 is a much less accident prone year!

TTFN... and remember - Walmart - it is not worth it no matter how low the cost.

Oh and we are looking at new cars. The HotY is thinking a new Sonata but Syd and I we're voting for the Dodge Charger. I'll keep you updated.