Saturday, January 2, 2010

What have I told you???

How many times have I complained about Walmart? How many times have I mentioned the driving skills of SOME Walmart drivers? Did I not even convince Amy that Walmart is not the shopping mecca of the world? That's what I thought. BUT - Look - look at this:

THIS is the HotY's car after a trip to the Walmart area the day before Christmas. He was driving on the frontage road when - BAM a car pulled out of the WALMART parking lot. He (the Walmart driver) didn't stop, he didn't even slow down before pulling out onto the road. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE HotY. So now do you believe me. DO NOT SHOP AT WALMART. Enough said.

Actually 2009 went out with kind of a bang for us. First the car, and then last Saturday Alex hit a tree, a big tree, while sledding with his cousins. He looks like he got hit by a tree! Scraps, bumps, bruises and one big black eye. A trip to the ER verified he was okay but he took a beating. Poor guy! I'd show you pictures but I think the car is enough for today.

Here's hoping 2010 is a much less accident prone year!

TTFN... and remember - Walmart - it is not worth it no matter how low the cost.

Oh and we are looking at new cars. The HotY is thinking a new Sonata but Syd and I we're voting for the Dodge Charger. I'll keep you updated.


Shirley said...

Dang! Glad that he's okay. CHARGER! More manly. LOL!

Amy said...

:-) I don't know which way to go with a comment on this one! Glad Dennis was okay.

Maija said...

Good thing for me I don't do Walmart! Glad hubby and Alex are both ok after their accidents!
Happy New Year!!