Sunday, July 31, 2011

It was good while it lasted...

For the past week the girls have been staying with their grandparents.  Enjoying camping in the great outdoors along with other fun pursuits.  For the past week my house has been clean.  I mean like stop on over don't even bother to call first clean.  Oh look how pretty my house looks clean.  Oh my, there is a cushion out of place I must fix that right away clean.  It was awesome.  It was so relaxing.  It was paradise.  And then they came home.  I was so glad to see them and spent a few minutes cuddling with each and then in the time it took to lug their dirty clothes down to the laundry room there were towels on the bathroom floor, hair accessories lying all over and standing water on the counter.  There were Barbies strewn over the bedroom floor, open dresser drawers and jewelry dumped on the dresser.  SERIOUSLY.  I had a clean house for 7 days.  SEVEN DAYS and in seven minutes it was destroyed.  Who in the heck knows if there is a cushion which needs straightening when it looks like a tornado tore through the living room.  Ahhh yes, I'm very glad they are home BUT if only they could be home in a clean house...

TTFN... oh and if you are planning on stopping over - call first.   

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I've got nothin'...

literally.  I've got nothing in the way of pictures from the graduation celebration.  I started out with the camera and then realized it was so hot and steamy my lens was fogged so I set the camera aside waiting for the fog to recede and assumed the Hoty would pick up taking pictures.  Last night I learned this was not true.  So I've got nothin' and I'm not the happiest about that.  I guess you'll just have to take my word for it when I say it was a great party.  We had many guests and a happy Alex.  Food was plentiful and the decorations were pretty nice too :-)  Of course there was the accompaniment of the dog howling in her kennel as SHE knew she was missing a good party.  If there is anything Autumn loves it is a good party - all those people to jump on and maul and the possibility of a good belly rub.  She really hated missing the festivities but was unable to join us due to the very reason just given of why she likes a party :-) 

I know I had promised pictures of my idea for centerpieces but ummmm that went to the wayside with the non-picture problem and the fact that they were not a long lasting item - but I'll try to explain them.  They were miniature hot air balloons.  I used helium balloons, curling ribbon, small pails I bought in the Target dollar spot and marbles.  I took one helium balloon and attached ribbon from the top of the balloon to the bottom of the pail.  I then filled the pail with marbles and curling ribbon spilling from the top.  Inserted a cut-out picture of Alex and placed one on each table.  They really were cute but if you try them you will understand when I say PAIN IN THE BUTT.  Getting that balloon attached to the pail and keeping everything straight was more trouble than it would seem.  Oh and I won't even talk about the things that happened when a hot air balloon was assembled and ready to go and the balloon would break.  Seriously, some things are better left unsaid...  I also had picture boards, paper chains which I had envisioned festooning the ceiling in swags but as I was not the paper chain hanger my idea was nixed.  Beggars can't be choosers :-)  There were red and white paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and of course a Congratulations Alex banner.  Those things I may yet get pictures of but the centerpieces - nope. 

And lastly I have to give some of the success of the party to my sister who worked her butt off filling coolers when they ran low, replenishing food supplies and just generally making sure the behind the scenes stuff went smoothly so we could welcome and visit guests.  Of course along with doing it out of the goodness of her heart she does have her son's graduation coming up next year.  I keep thinking of that phrase "payback is hell" :-)  (love you Nic). 

So that's it - a party recap with no pictures - sorry :-(


Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm on a break...

Actually I am in the middle of cleaning the house, assembling decorations, making bars and supervising the HotY in the garage all for the sake of Alex's graduation party - which is a worthy occasion but this preparation stuff - it should have been started a week ago but we like to live on the edge in the Crabby house! 

The problem is as I am working on one thing I notice something else that needs to be done like all the walls should be painted and the carpet replaced.  I KNOW not something you can take care of in less than 24 hours.  So guess what people are going to see what they are going to see, marks on the walls, stains on the carpet,and heaven forbid, maybe even a cobweb in the corner.  Hopefully they will all love Alex enough to overlook the less than perfect environment. 

I'll post pictures tomorrow.  I have a super cute idea for table centerpieces (did I mention I haven't started on the centerpieces?).  I can't wait to show you.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scrapbooking confessions...

I haven't talked about the middle-aged, middle-income, expanding middle hobby of scrapbooking in a long time because with the birth of my signs sb'ing (as it is known by those cool sb'ers) went to the wayside.  I haven't made a layout in years.  But because of the signs I do use the gadgets and gear for scrapbooking.

One of my gadgets is a Making Memories SLICE, which is an electronic die cutting machine - and here is the confession I HATE MY SLICE.  It is not one of the new models it is the first edition which I have owned for approximately 4 years.  I have hated it from the start but I made my bed and now I must lie in it.  The dang thing needs constant adjusting.  Like just now I am trying to make decorations for Alex's party and I installed a new blade but it won't cut right so I have to adjust the blade and adjust the blade and adjust the blade and then I have to apply more adhesive and then after fifteen minutes or so I have to adjust the blade oh and wait I need more adhesive now oh and now after about 40 circles I have to change the blade.  Do you see the pattern here?  Frankly right now I think this "gadget" is a piece of crap.  I'd use my time better going out and buying a circle punch.  GRRRRRRRR okay rant over.  But really my Slice - it sucks!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer...

There is no other time I wish for my youth (both childhood and young adulthood) than during the lazy, hazy days of summer.  The sense of freedom, the excitement of what the season may bring, the anticipation.  Last night as we stopped at the gas station and I watched a group of early 20 something guys piling into a van (really, a van) you could sense their excitement and joy of the freedom of a Friday night in the summer heat.  FUN! 

Okay I'm feeling a little melancholy today - maybe because the skies are a little gloomy and my kids have been spending the past week with their grandparents.  Yep, that and looking through old pictures trying to put together a picture board for Alex's graduation party in a couple of weeks has contributed to my sad day.  I feel so old today.  UGH!!!  And my kids are growing up and our dog Callie died and our dog Autumn is BIG and it might rain and that poor baseball fan died trying to make his son happy and bad things are happening to good people and CASEY ANTHONY IS GOING TO  BE FREE!!!!  It's a crappy day!

TTFN... my kids come home tomorrow I'll be back to my crabby self in no time.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Much ado about nothing...

The kids and I went out for lunch today to kick-off the holiday weekend.  There is a local restaurant (Newt's for those of you in the area) which has opened a new location.  I was excited about this and thought we were in for a treat.  NOT.  It was so disappointing.  The food was not great (I had come to expect is was going to be great - my burger was overdone) and the service was definitely not great.  Our waitress was okay but not very attentive and really just looking around at the staff in general they all looked mad about something.  I saw little smiling, little friendliness - almost like the customers were putting them out for even having to be there.  I mean I know it is hot and everything but I don't think one customer in the place called any one of the waitstaff personally and asked them to come into work  I guess I felt like they were all - "this is Newt's we don't have to be nice - everyone thinks we're great".  So I'm sorry to say I think that was our last trip to this establishment. 

I know not much of anything to say but I thought I better update since it has been awhile.

Oh and the HotY and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend.  19 years of wedded bliss ;-)  Guess where we won't be gonig to celebrate :-)

TTFN...  enjoy your long weekend!