Friday, July 1, 2011

Much ado about nothing...

The kids and I went out for lunch today to kick-off the holiday weekend.  There is a local restaurant (Newt's for those of you in the area) which has opened a new location.  I was excited about this and thought we were in for a treat.  NOT.  It was so disappointing.  The food was not great (I had come to expect is was going to be great - my burger was overdone) and the service was definitely not great.  Our waitress was okay but not very attentive and really just looking around at the staff in general they all looked mad about something.  I saw little smiling, little friendliness - almost like the customers were putting them out for even having to be there.  I mean I know it is hot and everything but I don't think one customer in the place called any one of the waitstaff personally and asked them to come into work  I guess I felt like they were all - "this is Newt's we don't have to be nice - everyone thinks we're great".  So I'm sorry to say I think that was our last trip to this establishment. 

I know not much of anything to say but I thought I better update since it has been awhile.

Oh and the HotY and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend.  19 years of wedded bliss ;-)  Guess where we won't be gonig to celebrate :-)

TTFN...  enjoy your long weekend!

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Amy said...

Well that is definitely disappointing news! :-( I was thinking how handy that was going to be on the north side.