Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Show and Tell...

Since words have failed me lately I thought I would show where my creative karma has been going. I'm having a lot of fun doing these little signs. Someone asked me what my favorite part of doing this is and after shopping for supplies :-) I would have to say picking out just the right papers to go together to make up a sign. You can check out all of my little sparklies at glitter me! I know it's kind of a ditzy name but what can I say - I told you words have failed me!!

Oh and to Shirley and Maija and Amy and everyone else who has been kind enough to leave comments on my blog - I'm not ignoring you I'm really not. I appreciate you more than you can know! REALLY!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Day, Another Dollar...

Yes, it is true - today is Monday. WooHoo. Yeah right - ha! You know there are actually people in this world who like Monday's. Really, I know, who knew. Personally I can't even imagine what these Monday lovers are thinking. Is it the return to a schedule? Is it the beginning of a new week thus opening a world of new opportunities? Is it sending kids back to school? WHAT IS IT? I know one thing for sure - I bet the majority of the Monday lovers don't work outside the home. I bet they don't have to drag groggy kids out of bed to drop them off at daycare. I bet they don't have to frantically search for backpacks, library books and lunch money. I bet they don't have to search their closet looking for something, anything that doesn't need to be ironed. I just bet they don't!

So in case there was any question, I am not a Monday lover. And since today is Monday I guess you know where I'm at - well at least mentally. MONDAY. You know I could go on and on about this Monday thing but I have made the conscious decision that I'm going to let it go - YES, LET IT GO!!!! That's my mission for today. Let go of the Maudlin Monday Meanderings - Make My Monday Marvelous. Yep, that's the motto.

And yes, I'm still struggling with this blog thing. I don't know what is going on. The majority of the time my fingers just fly over the keyboard, words tripping over themselves - but for the past month I've got NOTHING. Is this a writer's block? Is it mid-winter blues? Are my creative juices evaporating before my very eyes? Regardless of the reason I hope things begin looking up soon because really how many posts can a person do about the days of the week or the weather?

Oh and that girl scout never did show up so we had to resort to making our own cookies. Spring cookies. Hearts, butterflies, flowers. I'll show you pictures tomorrow because today it's Monday and I just didn't have time between looking for Fairytopia Barbies and clean underwear!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

In case I failed to mention it...

I HATE winter. I must have said this phrase to myself more than a dozen times over the past week. It's cold. It's snowy. It's icy. It's slushy and frankly it SUCKS! If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate know that I am envious - very very envious! It has been below zero for the past week. I'm sick of this. Can you tell :-)?

I know I've been neglecting the blog but there is absolutely nothing going on here. Seriously. We get up. We go to work or daycare or school (depending on which family member you are) we come home eat supper play a little wii do a little crafting and go to bed. THAT'S IT! Rereading that even I can't believe how incredibly boring we are :-) So rather than prolong the agony any longer I'll say good bye for today. Maybe something exciting will happen tonight like a girl scout will show up at the door selling cookies. I can always hope!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Can you believe I just wrote that? HAPPY MONDAY? I must have lost my mind there for a minute! What is it about the weekends that makes them pass so quickly? It is one of life's great mysteries - well one of the great mysteries of my life anyway.

Oh Oh Oh, I almost forgot about My Mario and Husband for Hire. Did you see this movie? Have you seen it advertised? It was on the Lifetime channel this weekend so you just know it was first rate made for TV viewing. As for the movie, well let's just say it wasn't Christmas in Handcuffs - so that should be a pretty good indication of the quality - although there was a lot of dimple flashing - oh and some dancing... I am sure you can still catch it on the Lifetime Channel as they played it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. I'm kind of wondering about the direction of Mario's career. Christmas in Handcuffs? Husband for Hire? He's starting to sound a little easy :-)

Things are very quiet over at Etsy right now so if you know of anyone looking for a unique Valentine's gift send them to my shop. Lots of glittery goodness going on :-)


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Got Glitter?

Can't you just see it - a big glitter mustache? Really, it isn't that far off from how I look many nights when I crawl into bed. Glitter, Glitter everywhere - where it will land is never clear. So yes, my glitter (and other various sundries and supplies) arrived yesterday. And guess what - I had to let the glitter thaw out - it was FROZEN. But once it was at working temperature I was a happy girl!

Winter is back. We have more snow and cold and ice and - and - and - WINTER. Not really a big fan of the winter thing, but this time of year I pretty much expect what we get but start telling me it is going to snow in March and I get VERY VERY crabby. Trust me on this. IT IS NOT PRETTY.

I know I have had nothing entertaining to say lately. I'm sorry. Did I mention this singularly creative thing? I just can't seem to be creative in more than one area at a time. It's frustrating. It's boring. But don't leave. I'm really going to try to spice it up. Really!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And the winner is...

SHIRLEY! Ummm you know where to find me girl :-)

I didn't pick a number at midnight because my kids were in bed at midnight and frankly I was too. And then I forgot to ask them for a number before they walked out the door and I couldn't really come up with my own random number. Soooo once I was at work I IM'd a co-worker and said pick a number between one and ten and TELL me what it is (I think he thought this was some kind of twisted magic trick). So he did and he picked FOUR which equalled SHIRLEY! So there you go. Of course my co-worker still thinks I am crazy but it's the risk I take each time I open my mouth!

Okay, Shirley. Email me - I know you know how!

Have a great day everyone and thank you to everyone who sent in an idea. The wheels are turning!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here's the deal-io...

I'm going to do a give away for one of my signs today. BUT there is a catch cause you know nothing in life is free :-) Okay, so in order to be eligible for the give away you have to provide me with one idea or suggestion for my Etsy Shop. It can be a phrase you would like to see, a color combination, or just a general idea of something that you think may improve the signs. That's it. Easy-Peasy. By offering your ideas you become eligible for the give away. I will have one of my kids randomly pick a number and the poster with that post is the winner (I hope that made sense cause I know what I mean :-)) The contest will close at midnight tonight (January 15)

So what sign am I going to give away??? This sign:

So bring it on, put on your thinking caps - let me hear your ideas...

Oh, and I'm still out of glitter :-( (not only does blogspot not have smilies they don't have saddies either :-( I'm surprised I make it through the day with this lack of emoticons :-))


Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm out of glitter...

I know, can you believe it! I am out of glitter for my signs and other crafty endeavours. Okay, well I do have some of the odd ball colors, like Eucalyptus and Midnight and Frosty Lace (I don't like Frosty Lace at all - I mean it doesn't even glitter) but all the good colors - GONE! No wonder I've been out of sorts lately. But not to fear I've ordered more - more of the good glitter - I just hope it turns up soon. I'm having serious glitter withdrawal. If things get too out of control I may just have to break out the Frosty Lace but in my heart I will know that it is nothing but an inadequate substitute!

So the glitter shortage is a direct result of the sign extravaganza going on in my etsy shop. Seriously, I would never have believed how well my signs have been going over, not to mention selling. It makes me happy - very very happy :-) I am on the lookout for ideas to keep things fresh and exciting so if you have any suggestions let me know. Actually maybe I'll do a give away for ideas. Look for more details on this in my blog tomorrow. If I'm going to do a give away I want to give it some thought - you know get my glitter on :-)

Have a great day!


Friday, January 11, 2008

I need a laugh...

I've been particularly stressed out lately - I'm not sure why - it is just one of those things. For me there are two things that signal major stress-out (because really aren't we all stressed on some level every day?). #1 major stress indicator - the inability to make a decision - seriously. I mean I could barely decide what color socks to wear this morning let alone make a big decision. #2 major stress indicator - I get clumsy, yes, I know I've mentioned the tripping thing before but this is beyond that - this is constantly dropping things, breaking dishes loading the dishwasher, seeing my eyeshadow smashed to pieces after hitting the floor, dropping an entire carton of eggs, that kind of thing. Let's just say it's been a lot of fun around our house because after I inevitably drop something I can't decide if I should use a mop, a broom or a vacuum cleaner :-) Some days life is just like that...

BUT as I was pursuing Etsy I saw this card that jumped out at me and I'm glad it did because when I looked at the inside sentiment it made me laugh out loud - really. And now you know what kind of person I really am - told you I was crabby :-)


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Warning: may cause loss of hearing...

I'm home with a sick girl today. Lauren has been fighting a cold for about week and today seems to be the peak. At least that is what I thought at 6:00 a.m. when she was coughing and sniffling and hoarsely calling for me to fix her covers! That is when I made the decision she would stay home today. So here we are - at home. I have silently crawled away to my computer hoping she won't notice that I am no longer sitting beside her listening - listening to her sweet little voice - that sweet little voice which has not stopped since 6:00 a.m.. SERIOUSLY!

The girl is chatty. We've talked about pre-school, we've discussed all the merits of wearing warm slippers, we've covered the myriad of reasons why hair is soft and not hard like fingernails, we've thoroughly discussed why mommies have to go into the bathroom by themselves and I've had play by play documentation of Sponge Bob Squarepants and that's just the talking. Would you believe there is a song for every thought and action that may occur in a day? THERE IS! Really. I am not kidding. The girl never stops talking or asking questions or just simply sharing her life views. I don't know where she gets it. Ohhhhhhh, I know what you all are thinking and you are wrong - dead wrong. I mean sure I talk a lot but it's valuable information - trust me... :-)

So that has been my day so far. I expected to get a lot done while she was resting, getting plenty of sleep and fluids but all this stimulating conversation has really kept me busy! Oh My Gosh - she just discovered I was gone - Oh no here it comes "hey mom..."


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cha cha cha CHANGES...

My life has been full of them lately.

Change #1 - After spending a considerable amount of time trying to decide what to do I have chosen to resign my position on the design team at my local scrapbook store. I really enjoyed being on the team and I feel like the two years that I spent providing pages to the store as inspiration and class projects really helped me stretch my creativity. I thank Ann and Terri and all the other employees at VIP for the opportunity to do what I love and to share that with others.

Change #2 - The HotY is starting a new job with a new employer on Monday. It is still in the technical field but different then what he had been doing (which is something technical - so there you go - that's what I know about his job). The new job will have a big impact on our home schedule for a few months but after that it should all be good. In the meantime if you see me and I look crabby I probably am because somewhere there are children, my children, clammoring for my attention and I don't have their father around to help. I can't even think about it :-)

And there are some other changes out there that don't affect me directly but still have forced me to encounter change in my life. So there you have it. It is the year of changes.

And here is the highlight of today but he is already melting away :-( I have two girls pretty unhappy about the demise of Frosty!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm not only quirky...

but I am a blog geek too! I swore I would NEVER start reading blogs - not to mention actually write one. I made this solemn non-blog reading promise because I knew what would happen - I'd get sucked in. I'd want to keep reading. I'd want to be a voyeur into people's lives. Blogging is like a dream come true for the Mrs. Cravitzs' types of the world (and if you don't know who Mrs. Cravitz is I'm not going to explain - it would only depress me to realize there are adults in this world who have NO idea about Samantha's nosy neighbor or Darron's annoying boss, Mr. Tate). Anyway, I'm not saying I'M a Mrs. Cravitz but it has been mentioned once or twice in my presence.

So I DID start reading blogs. I even learned the "big names" in blogging (The Pioneer Woman, Dooce, Cathy Zielski) and yesterday one of those big names, Jen Lemen, actually read MY blog AND commented and I was excited. I wanted to tell someone and then it happened I realized I AM A BLOG GEEK! I mean really I can live with the quirky thing but I'm not sure I'm ready for blog geek. It was an eye opening realization and I'm not admitting it to anyone - well except for the people reading this blog because, well, you know you're a blog geek too - but I won't tell if you don't :-)

So Jen Lemen if you are reading today THANK YOU. Thank you for making my day. Seriously!!!

TTFN my friends!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 - Day 2...

Happy New Year! We rang in the New Year with the flu. Only Alex avoided the nasty virus. I guess it pays to be a temperamental teenager with little patience for family time :-)

Due to all the bodily emissions happening in our house I have had very little contact with the outside world. I'm at a loss for words. I can't even complain about traffic or Walmart - I guess I could go on about Target's ludicrous return policy but then I've already been there and done that - I hate to be repetitive :-)

So that's it today. Maybe tomorrow when I head back to work and become immersed in real life I'll have something to say but for now maybe you should savor the silence - moments such as these are rare :-)


Oh and I'll be putting up lots of Valentine's themed signs in "the shop" this week (I mean really, you all know how I feel about pink) so if you get all warm and gushy about the Hallmark holiday of the year check it out!!!