Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm not only quirky...

but I am a blog geek too! I swore I would NEVER start reading blogs - not to mention actually write one. I made this solemn non-blog reading promise because I knew what would happen - I'd get sucked in. I'd want to keep reading. I'd want to be a voyeur into people's lives. Blogging is like a dream come true for the Mrs. Cravitzs' types of the world (and if you don't know who Mrs. Cravitz is I'm not going to explain - it would only depress me to realize there are adults in this world who have NO idea about Samantha's nosy neighbor or Darron's annoying boss, Mr. Tate). Anyway, I'm not saying I'M a Mrs. Cravitz but it has been mentioned once or twice in my presence.

So I DID start reading blogs. I even learned the "big names" in blogging (The Pioneer Woman, Dooce, Cathy Zielski) and yesterday one of those big names, Jen Lemen, actually read MY blog AND commented and I was excited. I wanted to tell someone and then it happened I realized I AM A BLOG GEEK! I mean really I can live with the quirky thing but I'm not sure I'm ready for blog geek. It was an eye opening realization and I'm not admitting it to anyone - well except for the people reading this blog because, well, you know you're a blog geek too - but I won't tell if you don't :-)

So Jen Lemen if you are reading today THANK YOU. Thank you for making my day. Seriously!!!

TTFN my friends!

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jen lemen said...

you are too cute! ;) have a great night! xo