Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Can you believe I just wrote that? HAPPY MONDAY? I must have lost my mind there for a minute! What is it about the weekends that makes them pass so quickly? It is one of life's great mysteries - well one of the great mysteries of my life anyway.

Oh Oh Oh, I almost forgot about My Mario and Husband for Hire. Did you see this movie? Have you seen it advertised? It was on the Lifetime channel this weekend so you just know it was first rate made for TV viewing. As for the movie, well let's just say it wasn't Christmas in Handcuffs - so that should be a pretty good indication of the quality - although there was a lot of dimple flashing - oh and some dancing... I am sure you can still catch it on the Lifetime Channel as they played it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. I'm kind of wondering about the direction of Mario's career. Christmas in Handcuffs? Husband for Hire? He's starting to sound a little easy :-)

Things are very quiet over at Etsy right now so if you know of anyone looking for a unique Valentine's gift send them to my shop. Lots of glittery goodness going on :-)


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