Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You are not going to believe this....

LOOK - LOOK AT THIS! Do you see it? Do you see what I see? Can you believe that My Mario is going to be mere minutes away from my adoring heart? Do you suppose he is so excited to meet me that he jumped on this excuse to sniff my frosting (PLEASE - remember I am a cupcake) and visit my little part of the country? I wonder if he'll get a haircut and new clothes for the big event? But wait, hold on, I just realized something. HE.NEVER.CALLED. He never even called to let me know when he'd be arriving. Does he think I am just going to drop everything and go running at his beck and call? I mean I AM the reason he is coming - right?
The least he could have done is called in advance.

Okay, seriously, I have a huge confession to make. I don't think I'll be visiting My Magnificent Mario. I'm really not a groupie kind of girl. It just isn't like me to join in with a group of adoring fans. I much prefer quality one on one time. I know what you are all thinking, "that cupcake is all talk and no action". Well let me tell you - it's true! Besides if he really wanted to see me HE WOULD HAVE CALLED! Seriously :-) But if Rob Lowe ever shows up - I'm all over it :-)

So while Mario is winning over thousands of women with his dimples and great butt I won't be one of them. Besides what if he does that talking thing. I am thinking it would be so over for me...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Have you seen the previews...

for The Bachelor? I mean, if you've been watching along with Dancing with the Stars you must have seen the teasers. Does that guy look hot or what? I haven't been as impressed with a Bachelor since Andrew Firestone. Let's just hope he has the personality to match, I'm still not over the disappointment about Mario.

Okay, about those dancing stars. I've decided that Ian Zierling is a nice guy. I don't know if it is true but as far as I'm concerned it is. And, did you hear Heather Mills say a year ago she couldn't imagine that she would be dancing on this show. Of course she didn't she was still married to Paul McCartney and his millions. Heather, we're not stupid, we read the newspaper... And just a word to those that may read this blog and may still be deciding what to be when they grow up. I have just two words - DENTIST.BRITIAN. It's a gold mine.

Okay on that note, I think I better call it a night.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Let the show(s) begin...

Do you know what day it is? That’s right – THURSDAY. The best night on TV night. Do you think I might need a life? :-) I mean really there are other things that get me excited but TV – it’s easy.

Okay fine, force me to think. Here it is, my list of what excites me, puts a smile on my face, and sometimes makes my heart beat faster…

Warm summer days that turn into warm summer nights that include a nice frozen cocktail on the deck.
The smell of the sun on my kids.
Sunglasses – cute sunglasses – and summer purses (plenty to be found at TJ Maxx)
My kids and their conversations with each other. I love to just fade into the background and listen to them interact. It does my heart good.
Suntans (safe suntans – but without that icky chemical smell)
Rob Lowe
The husband of the year.
Cute, fun, flirty summer dresses.
Scrapbooking and other assorted miscellaneous crafts and sundries.
Feeling pretty.
Friends – good friends. The kind of friends that you can laugh with and cry with. The kind of friends that you would stay up all night just to talk with. The kind of friend that will tell you about the spill on your shirt but will not tease you about tripping over the crack in the sidewalk. Those friends.

By the way, the items are listed in no particular order. Guess that totally explains why Rob Lowe is so far down the list. Actually this list shouldn’t come as any surprise. Isn’t this what I keep telling you? :-) And you know I seem to be read by an entire contingent of non-commenter's but please give me your list. I like reading lists. I like knowing about people. If you don’t have a blogger account get one – or post anonymously. But do something. Make it your goal. POST!

Oh and about that 80s’ thing. I’m going to call it over. No opinion is a negative opinion in my book. Maybe that is why I like this blogging thing – I can make my own rules! HA!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It has begun, again...

The new season of Dancing with the Stars and bonding time for the girls and me. They, the girls, call it the dancing show and like to do their own interpretive dance routines. Whenever a good cha-cha song came on last night Lauren would jump up and say “I have to dance” like she just couldn’t hold it in a minute more and started whirling around the floor. It was too cute if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I don’t have a clear favorite yet but I’m kind of liking that In Sync guy. I thought he seemed the most natural. And did you see Mario’s partner with Billy Ray Cyrus? It’s like she has just forgotten Mario and moved on. No mention of the dimpled darling. Do you think he dumped her? Is the honeymoon over? Is he spending his time mending his broken heart after learning that my real true love is Rob Lowe? Oh Mario how we miss you – as long as you keep your mouth shut…

And really, let’s just put it out there. How does Heather Mills do it? How could she dance like that? She’s got a fake leg. How could she get it to do those things? Clearly I don’t have any idea how a leg prosthesis works but holy bananas I never would have known. I give her a ton of credit but I’m not sure that it is a fair playing field – in either direction, but that’s not for me to decide and besides I have important things to discuss like stop light running idiots!

You know I get irritated with the non-40 driving Walmart shoppers, and the stop sign blind daycare neighborhood cruisers but my biggest pet peeve, the thing that really makes me boil – RED LIGHT RUNNERS! Seriously, it is an epidemic in my little city and a dangerous one too. They are looking into putting those automatic cameras on the stop lights to ticket the offenders and I whole heartedly back this idea. There I’ve said my piece. And if you are a red light runner (and I can’t imagine that any of you are) STOP. Don’t do it anymore. You could injure someone, ruin a family, cause harm to children. Think about it…

WOW that sounded a little too serious. I’m normally not in the business of posting PSA’s. It needed to be said but now I think I need to lighten up. Speaking of which, in an effort to lighten my own body I am trying a new diet strategy this week. Only pretty food. Yes, that is what I said. I am only eating pretty food. If it looks pretty (think strawberries and peaches and grapes) or if I look pretty eating it I am putting it on my plate - but if it is ugly food it’s out. I mean really a cheeseburger is not pretty and even if it were I do not look pretty eating it. BUT I make quite a picture biting into a sweet, ripe strawberry :-) Think about it…

Okay no answer yet and no opinions about the 80s’ question so I am hereby withholding until I hear from you. Seriously…

Monday, March 19, 2007

I have a sick child...

so it must be Monday. Why is it that my kids are prone to get sick on Sunday? Do they know I HATE calling in sick on a Monday. It is soooo cliche. Anyway, yep, sick kid. The flu. YUCK! Let's just say there is much laundry to be done... I'll spare the details.

So over the weekend I spent, oh I don't know, 48 hours at a scrapbook retreat. And what do I have to show for it? Four layouts and four birthday cards. Yep, I overachieved :-) But I did teach a make & take for over three hours. That took a big chunk out of my productivity. Here's what I got done (you did know I'd be sharing - right)

She is sucking on the beater thing from the ice cream maker. It is not a sternum and ribs as someone mentioned - but you know I have that image in my head now *SIGH*.

So that's it. That's what I got done. WooHoo I know. Well I didn't show you the cards but you have to believe me.

Oh and I have something to tell you. Even though I said I wasn't excited about it, and I'm not, that doesn't mean I won't be watching the new Dancing with the Stars, which premieres tonight. I mean you never know when Heather Mills may lose her leg!

The 80s answer from that day last week - you know that day long ago when I posted - it is Missing You. Remember that song. I'm not missing you at all. I'm singing it - right now - seriously, can you hear it???

I suppose I better post a new question. Are you sick of the questions? Let me know. If there is one thing I hate more than being predictable it's being boring - so if you're bored with the questions LET.ME.KNOW (actually I think most just ignore the questions - but I like to tell myself everyone is playing along...)

Which of Elizabeth Taylor's many ex-hubbies dies of a brain hemorrhage in Switzerland, in 1984?

I just read this post (I always read before I post) and it is BORING! I must work on my entertainment factor.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I can't even complain about Walmart...

I've been so crazy busy lately I just can't take the time to be creative. Seriously, it seems like the more I have to do during the day the less likely I am to want to create. On those days I want to read or knit - you know just do something else where someone has already done the creative work. And I think it is okay to take a break now and then (thus the pathetic excuses for posts) but I'm back and feeling slightly more creative tonight. Now don't go expecting big things because that is just not happening but you will get more than "Hey Hi! Gotta go - Bye!" :-) (by the way I have learned two things about Blogger - as much as I want it to change it just won't, so that means no direct response to comments and no smilies - someday they will see it my way but for now I'll just cope and deal).

So ANYWAY, I better get the creative stuff going on because I am going to a retreat this weekend (yes I said retreat - and for all you Scrapbooking virgins a retreat IS a scrapbooking event) and I have to do a make & take session. I hope that crabby thing doesn't kick in because I can be very dangerous with a little glitter and adhesive :-) (I'm going to break these Blogger people if it kills me). Maybe this little event will cure the rut I feel like I have been in. The all my pages look the same thing (sorry so much scrappy so little crappy I mean crabby). But I did do this over the weekend - and it makes me very happy - I like it.

Okay as much as I tried I have to admit that the creative is still a bit elusive. I'd promise big things for tomorrow but I hate to disappoint so just come back because I will at least give it a try...

As for that 80s question thing - here you go:

What John Waite song hit the top of the pop charts despite repeating its title 60 times in the lyrics?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We have a winner (or five)...

Hello! I took a minute to pick names from last week's commenters (is that a word - commenters? - well it is one now). And now the winners are: Deb, Shirley, Maija, Melissa and Abbey. So please send your mailing address to me at

I PROMISE (really I do) a REAL entry tomorrow night. Tonight there is knitting and relaxation calling my name. I can hardly wait...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your fabulous birthday greetings. I had a wonderful day (okay it was a weekend) and even I will admit I was spoiled!

So I owe a few people monograms but I'm too unorganized to do it tonight - but tomorrow, I promise. So tune in - okay?

Sorry for the short, uneventful post but it can't be all drama all the time :-)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Obviously someone never got the memo...

I know you think this is going to be about the lack of comments. That's what you thought isn't it? BUT it's not. Nope. Obviously someone never told the Grey's Anatomy people that today was birthday eve - MY birthday eve, because it's a rerun. The night before my birthday it's a rerun. I bet Rob Lowe and his Brothers & Sisters show wouldn't be a rerun if it was on tonight...

So tomorrow is the big day. The one day a year I can say is all mine. It will come and I will enjoy the day and feel like the world should be different somehow but really it is just the same but still, the anticipation is good.

You know, I know that sometimes I sound like I am pretty full of myself - like I think the world should cater to me BUT I don't really think I'm all that. Although I have been thinking about how we each make our own impact - big or little - and it all mixes together and creates the world as we know it today. It's like making cookies. Even though the big things are flour and sugar and butter it also calls for that 1/4 teaspoon of salt - and although just a little thing in the whole cookie batter of life, without that little bit of salt the cookies just aren't quite as good. Sure they are still edible but you can sense something is missing. So that's my thought for today. No matter how small of a grain of salt I am, what I do in this world still makes a difference. That's my birthday present to myself for 2007.

Okay so go out, have a cupcake on me. It's my birthday eve you know! Besides what else are you going to do with your time - remember, Grey's Anatomy is a rerun!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I'm almost certain I don't need to mention the comment posting and the birthday thing again - RIGHT?

Okay so on to the real meat of what has been drifting through my mind today. So you know those people that you email back and forth? I'm not talking about your close friends and family members, I mean that handful of people that you have a friendship with but it is still pretty much at the superficial stage. You know what I mean, co-worker, neighbor, my kid plays with your kid kind of friends. And you know how you talk to them once a week or so via email. And how at the start of the email thread you type a paragraph or two (how are you? how's the weather? What are you doing tonight? you know that kind of thing). And then they send an email back with their answers and basically the same questions back to you and this goes on for a while and then pretty soon there isn't a whole lot left to say - BUT no one is ending the email string. Do you know what I mean? It's like not wanting to be the first person to hang up the phone. Pretty soon the email is made up entirely of one word replies, LOL's and smilies (I mean isn't that WHY the smiley was invented?).

So why does this happen? Are we afraid to cut the string because we are afraid we may never speak to this person again and there goes the beginning of a wonderful friendship? Or is it because you just can't read inflection. Good Bye can mean so much more than good bye when you can't HEAR the person saying the adios. KWIM? Maybe we all need to come up with our own personal code for I just can't think of another thing to say, it isn't that I don't like you or that I don't want to have this same conversation tomorrow, it's just, that well, I have other emails to send, work to do, a life to live.

A friend of mine (who I am NOT using as an example or implicating in this entry) said "indeed" is his signal that he just can't spend another minute on this mundane conversation (which I have so noted by the way). Do you have a signature sign-off phrase? I don't know if I have one. I think I'll work on one. What do you think of "you know as stimulating as this conversation has been I really must go and watch my grass grow". Okay so maybe that's a little strong. I think I'll just go with - okay gotta go but I'll be around tonight, or tomorrow, or whenever I feel chatty again. I like that. I'm going with it.

HEY, did you people know you are TWO for TWO. I still have no answers to the trivia questions. Do you not know ANYTHING about Rob Lowe? Well I'm not giving up on you yet. So here is an easy one. Seriously:

What is Rob Lowe's date of birth?

Now remember POST. You can't be eligible for the monogram drawing unless you post. SO POST. Oh and if I owe you a monogram for any of the other bonus questions let me know - I've been slacking...

AND for the love of granola tell me your sign-off, I'm not always good at reading the signs no matter how many smilies you may post :-)

Okay gotta go, but I'll be around.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I've seen the future...

and the newest installment of Dancing with the Stars does not hold any interest for me. There is no Mario. There really isn't any leading male, that I could see, at all. Am I missing something? And then there is Heather Mills. I mean how can we take someone seriously that on national TV says, "I'm just worried about keeping my leg on", as a ploy to increase ratings. I know it is probably a true statement but has her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney so devastated her that she is willing to seek publicity by leaning on her prosthetic leg? I am not trying to be insensitive I just thought it was kind of demeaning - to her, by her. I mean I'm the first one to understand making fun of yourself but somehow I just didn't find that funny. Hmmm and I see that this post is going down a road I hadn't intended so I'll just bring it back around...

Sooo you know I was hoping for comments - lots and lots of comments. Need I remind you that this is the BIRTHDAY WEEK! I want to give away monograms. Heck I don't even care what you do with them. Of course the first monogram winner Angela did frame hers and all but really you don't have to follow her standards - seriously. So tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, heck tell total strangers (oh and if someone could send a note to Rob and Mario that would be great). Seriously, I mean really just how much do I ask for? See, that's what I'm saying...

Oh and no answer to St. Elmo's Fire yet, and yes AMY it was in the real game.

But since it is all Rob all the time
this week I'll post another question today - just because I can and, well, if you didn't know, it's my birthday, well not today, but Friday, but it still counts, the birthday thing, cause you know, I'm calling it a week... Oh wait, here's the question (and yes Amy, I am making this one up on my own):
In the movie Masquerade what crime are we led to believe was committed by Rob Lowe's character?

And here is a super duper bonus question.
In the movie Masquerade what do I personally have in common with the character that Rob Lowe played?

I really doubt anyone will get this question (NOT even the I'm purrrrfect Amy BUT if you do there will be a big pay-off, I don't know what yet, but I'll think of something, trust me.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Did someone say it was Monday?

Because if it isn't I'm really in for a heck of a week. It has been a Monday in my life - ALL DAY! And seriously, the fact that it is in actuality a Monday is not helping me feel one little bit better.

I have a few questions - if you have any answers please feel free to pipe up. Any input is appreciated :-)

1. When exactly can I expect the teenage crabbiness, discontent, hormone rampages and just plain unpleasantness to end? Anyone?

2. When is it going to be spring? We've had more snow in the last two weeks than we had all season. Sorry but I'm not buying the global warming theory any longer. Does anyone know Al Gore's address I have a snowball I'd like to send to him. :-) And just to add to the general good will of the season - somethings wrong with our furnace. The heating guy is on his way over here as I type - can you say after hour$ $ervice call?

3. If it is a person's birthday this Friday is it fair just to call this birthday week? Is it? With gifts and adoration bestowed on said person daily. That's how it works in my house - well at least this week.

And of course we have the perennial 80s' question of the day:

4. What causes St. Elmo's fire?
By the way since it is someone's birthday this week I think all questions this week will deal with a degree of Rob Lowe - I'm just saying.

And yes, the answer to the last question, whenever it was, it seems like forever, was Rudy.

And in case you think I did nothing but question the meaning of life this weekend here is proof that I did a few other things.

Oh and since I have that birthday thing I will draw a random name from each day's comments. Winners will receive a monogram (like you're surprised). What can I say I have a thing for these monograms.

Have a great week.

Friday, March 2, 2007

And this is what happens...

when there is a snow day and I'm in charge:

Do you notice the difference here? First note that the hair is combed and clothing is weather appropriate. Moving on, it is apparent that colors match, and there are not any contrasting patterns going on. Now if I could only convince her that it looks as good as what she had picked out...

You know, I love being artsy-craftsy but sometimes it comes back to haunt me - as in yesterday's outfit and Syd's belief that she is a fashion icon. I am not kidding when I say that she can go through 20 outfits in a weekend. Most consist of some type of swimming or dance apparel, minus a shirt. Seriously, she thinks it's a good look for her!

And Alex thinks he has a career in interior design. Every time I go into his room he has things rearranged and reorganized. He'll drag every stuffed animal, art project, beanie baby, and knick knack he has ever owned in his entire life and "decorate". I guess he could have worse hobbies, like when he used to go through the garage sale bins to pick out his outfit for the day - complete with twenty-five cent price tag attached. Seriously!

Oh, and I found a question for today. Ready?

Who was the youngest of Clair Huxtable's kids?

Thursday, March 1, 2007

This is what happens...

when school is closed for a snow day and dad is in charge.

Notice the NON-Matching EVERYTHING and the uncombed hair. This is a chick ready to hit the town. And she is VERY proud of her clothing choice. I'm envisioning the future and it is not looking good. Does she not know that her mother has NEVER in her entire life, even as a toddler, worn an outfit that does not match? Seriously, it's true. While my brother and sister were experimenting with that stripes with plaid thing (and there are pictures to prove it) I wouldn't even have considered such a combination. I know what matches - no Garanimals needed. But it seems that Syd did not inherit the "match" gene. Oh well I guess things could be worse and she could refuse to wear clothing at all - now that would be a problem...

Shoot I can't remember what the question was from the other day. It seems like it had something to do with a TV show. What was it. I mean, yes I could look but then I would have to save this as a draft and close out of posting and then go into viewing and look at the question then sign back into posting and pull up the draft and add the answer - it just seems like WAY TOO MUCH WORK. But I'm still trying to remember on my own. Hmmmmm. Give me a minute - it will come to me... Still thinking... It's on the tip of my tongue... Dang it I had to go back and look, I just couldn't call up the super memory powers today. The answer: Three Men and a Baby!

And after all that I'm not posting a question today. I've looked at over 30 questions and none of them are blog worthy - so no question for you!