Monday, March 5, 2007

Did someone say it was Monday?

Because if it isn't I'm really in for a heck of a week. It has been a Monday in my life - ALL DAY! And seriously, the fact that it is in actuality a Monday is not helping me feel one little bit better.

I have a few questions - if you have any answers please feel free to pipe up. Any input is appreciated :-)

1. When exactly can I expect the teenage crabbiness, discontent, hormone rampages and just plain unpleasantness to end? Anyone?

2. When is it going to be spring? We've had more snow in the last two weeks than we had all season. Sorry but I'm not buying the global warming theory any longer. Does anyone know Al Gore's address I have a snowball I'd like to send to him. :-) And just to add to the general good will of the season - somethings wrong with our furnace. The heating guy is on his way over here as I type - can you say after hour$ $ervice call?

3. If it is a person's birthday this Friday is it fair just to call this birthday week? Is it? With gifts and adoration bestowed on said person daily. That's how it works in my house - well at least this week.

And of course we have the perennial 80s' question of the day:

4. What causes St. Elmo's fire?
By the way since it is someone's birthday this week I think all questions this week will deal with a degree of Rob Lowe - I'm just saying.

And yes, the answer to the last question, whenever it was, it seems like forever, was Rudy.

And in case you think I did nothing but question the meaning of life this weekend here is proof that I did a few other things.

Oh and since I have that birthday thing I will draw a random name from each day's comments. Winners will receive a monogram (like you're surprised). What can I say I have a thing for these monograms.

Have a great week.


Amy said...

Looks like someone used their new stash of ribbon! :)

And is that question actually from the game? I have no idea. Remember it being said in the movie by Rob but don't actually know!

Shirley said...

can't help you with your questions but wanted to say that your layouts are beautiful!

~Vicki said...

Answer to question number one: when they pack up and leave the nest!

My sympathies too, over the furnace. Been there too, and know the pain!

Thanks for the chuckles and sharing the beautiful artwork!

Maija said...

I have the same question about teens...when will it end? The misery, sullen face and malcontent....of course that is until his buddies show up. And we call him Ike....I Know Everything. I love your daughters personal clothing choice! She will definately be noticed!
I hope I win...I want a monogram!'s going to be way too hot today...they are saying 81.