Thursday, March 22, 2007

Let the show(s) begin...

Do you know what day it is? That’s right – THURSDAY. The best night on TV night. Do you think I might need a life? :-) I mean really there are other things that get me excited but TV – it’s easy.

Okay fine, force me to think. Here it is, my list of what excites me, puts a smile on my face, and sometimes makes my heart beat faster…

Warm summer days that turn into warm summer nights that include a nice frozen cocktail on the deck.
The smell of the sun on my kids.
Sunglasses – cute sunglasses – and summer purses (plenty to be found at TJ Maxx)
My kids and their conversations with each other. I love to just fade into the background and listen to them interact. It does my heart good.
Suntans (safe suntans – but without that icky chemical smell)
Rob Lowe
The husband of the year.
Cute, fun, flirty summer dresses.
Scrapbooking and other assorted miscellaneous crafts and sundries.
Feeling pretty.
Friends – good friends. The kind of friends that you can laugh with and cry with. The kind of friends that you would stay up all night just to talk with. The kind of friend that will tell you about the spill on your shirt but will not tease you about tripping over the crack in the sidewalk. Those friends.

By the way, the items are listed in no particular order. Guess that totally explains why Rob Lowe is so far down the list. Actually this list shouldn’t come as any surprise. Isn’t this what I keep telling you? :-) And you know I seem to be read by an entire contingent of non-commenter's but please give me your list. I like reading lists. I like knowing about people. If you don’t have a blogger account get one – or post anonymously. But do something. Make it your goal. POST!

Oh and about that 80s’ thing. I’m going to call it over. No opinion is a negative opinion in my book. Maybe that is why I like this blogging thing – I can make my own rules! HA!


Amy said...

I like your list. And maybe you can occasionally post an 80's question. Just to make me happy of course!

Shirley said...

love your list!

Shirley said...,,20015862_6,00.html

Felicia said...

That warm summer night and deck thing would definitely be on my list. :)

charlotte said...

on my list- nice folks like you (the best kind of girlfriend!) thanks for putting me on your lil blogroll...I'm so flattered....thanks!

terri said...

i was wondering what it would take to get on your list. i sit here wounded from surgery and nobody cares, but i know you would if you knew about it. tt