Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I've seen the future...

and the newest installment of Dancing with the Stars does not hold any interest for me. There is no Mario. There really isn't any leading male, that I could see, at all. Am I missing something? And then there is Heather Mills. I mean how can we take someone seriously that on national TV says, "I'm just worried about keeping my leg on", as a ploy to increase ratings. I know it is probably a true statement but has her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney so devastated her that she is willing to seek publicity by leaning on her prosthetic leg? I am not trying to be insensitive I just thought it was kind of demeaning - to her, by her. I mean I'm the first one to understand making fun of yourself but somehow I just didn't find that funny. Hmmm and I see that this post is going down a road I hadn't intended so I'll just bring it back around...

Sooo you know I was hoping for comments - lots and lots of comments. Need I remind you that this is the BIRTHDAY WEEK! I want to give away monograms. Heck I don't even care what you do with them. Of course the first monogram winner Angela did frame hers and all but really you don't have to follow her standards - seriously. So tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, heck tell total strangers (oh and if someone could send a note to Rob and Mario that would be great). Seriously, I mean really just how much do I ask for? See, that's what I'm saying...

Oh and no answer to St. Elmo's Fire yet, and yes AMY it was in the real game.

But since it is all Rob all the time
this week I'll post another question today - just because I can and, well, if you didn't know, it's my birthday, well not today, but Friday, but it still counts, the birthday thing, cause you know, I'm calling it a week... Oh wait, here's the question (and yes Amy, I am making this one up on my own):
In the movie Masquerade what crime are we led to believe was committed by Rob Lowe's character?

And here is a super duper bonus question.
In the movie Masquerade what do I personally have in common with the character that Rob Lowe played?

I really doubt anyone will get this question (NOT even the I'm purrrrfect Amy BUT if you do there will be a big pay-off, I don't know what yet, but I'll think of something, trust me.


Abby A said...

Rob Lowe played Tim Whelan, a playboy who has an affair with Olivia an orphaned heiress. He shoots her stepfather when he bursts into the bedroom where Tim and Olivia are together.

You have yachting in common with Rob Lowe's character

deb said...

I hate to say I didn't see Masquerade so I don't know any of those answers (darn! I wanted a monogram!) :o)

It's you're birthday week?? See what happens when I don't check in for a few days. Well, happy birthday week to you! I hope you do something extra special on your birthday.. like breakdancing with your neon green parachute pants on or something totally 80's like that! I had an 80's birthday party for my husband last year.. too funny! Did I already tell you that?? Anyway.. I totally agree about Heather Mills too.