Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sometimes it is better alone...

going to church that is. Every once in a while (okay really, whenever I can swing it) I like to go to church alone. I know it is supposed to be about love and faith and family and community but there is just something about being able to sit in the pew, quietly, by myself. No kids to hush, no HotY to shoot dirty looks to, no Kleenex passing or book dropping or potty breaks. Just me and my thoughts and God. I'll admit it does get a little lonely around the Sign of Peace while waiting for all the other families and pairs to finish their rounds - but that's okay it is a solitude I can live with.

Usually when I go to church alone it is on Sunday night. I KNOW! It is unusual for there to be mass on Sunday night's but I think it is because our community is largely composed of people employed by a large medical facility and Sunday evening mass accommodates the schedules of people that save lives on a daily basis. I am not part of any medical community but love the Sunday evening mass just the same. It is quiet. The sun is beginning to set and there just seems to be a tranquility that doesn't seem to exist on Saturday night or Sunday morning. It really does give me a chance to think and be thankful and meditate on all that is happening in my life. I think that alone is enough permission to warrant a little church selfishness, which I thoroughly enjoyed this evening. Next week it will be back to the same old hustle and bustle of Saturday night church. The kids will be there in the middle and the HotY will be holding his post at the other end of the pew and when it comes time for the Sign of Peace it will be utter chaos but that in itself is its own goodness - not quite the same as the solitary mass but if that happened too often I'd probably just get lonely.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening. Find some solitude to gather your thoughts - it can be a good thing.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

And they're off...

off to begin their first day of school. Kindergarten began today - it was a short day and there is no school tomorrow but next week the real deal begins! AND I didn't cry! I KNOW! But you know I am more of a cryer before or after something but when I'm in a moment I'm in a moment and just kind of go with the flow - KWIM? I know it's kind of weird - I mean if I see someone else's moment (babies being born, birthday's being celebrated, graduations, weddings etc) I'm weeping all over the place - but when it is happening to me personally - at that moment - not so likely to cry. I'm weird what can I say. Anyway, today was a big day! And now the journey begins.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't care what you think...

it's true, I do have Super Special ESP. If you don't believe me just ask around. Seriously :-) BUT just in case you still have doubts here is another example (and really you are just going to have to trust me on this cause I'm telling the truth but there is no proof to be provided).
This weekend for some reason I was thinking about one of my former roommates. She was actually the person who introduced me to the HotY as they were friends. Anyway, Sara was an awesome roommate (she had an awesome boyfriend too - he would actually clear my car off on cold winter mornings - he just did it - no asking or hinting required - now that's nice guy). Sara and I lost touch through the years but Saturday she popped into my head. I wondered where she was and what she was doing and how I had jinxed her into getting a DUI. It was just one of those things - she was on my mind. Well last night while shoe shopping with the kids - at a store I don't usually frequent I was standing at the check-out and I heard someone say "Angie?" I turned around and it took me about 2 seconds to recognize her - SARA! I couldn't believe it - and of course the first thing out of my mouth was "I was just thinking of you" - and it is true - seriously, believe me. Anyway, we decided to take the kids for ice cream and catch up. It was so nice. I'm so glad I ran into her but again, kind of weird since, well I had just been thinking of her. Oh and she has long forgiven me for the DUI thing - again it was the power of the super special ESP. Don't believe me just ask Sara :-)
Okay so here's the story - you decide about the ESP thing. It was a Friday night and I had decided to stay home instead of going out. Sara was going out. On her way out the door I said "drive careful and don't get a DUI" which is something I never typically said (well I would say the drive carefully part but not the DUI thing). Well MUCH later that night the phone rang and it was Sara asking me if I could come and pick her up at the police station as she had received a DUI! I was like "shut-up, very funny" you know that kind of thing. And she was "no really, it's true" and then the cop got on the phone and I knew it was real. I had to swear I had not been drinking before I could say I was going to pick her up and then once I got there I had to breath into one of those Breathalyzer things (that freaked me out - I don't know why - I guess I was afraid it might detect that glass of wine I had two weeks ago). Once they were positive I was clean they "released" Sara into my custody. Let's just say it was a learning experience for all - oh and I've never ever said "be careful don't get a DUI" to anyone ever again. THE END. So there. See. I do have ESP :-) Fine just humor me but you know it makes you wonder...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just put me out of my misery...

Okay so I'm not a big Kid Rock fan (I mean really the guy has some issues with personal hygiene not to mention questionable taste in women) but I do kind of like that All Summer Long song. It really isn't my typical kind of song but you gotta admit it is pretty catchy. Although don't you feel the need to hear Sweet Home Alabama after you hear Kid sing about it? I mean really, you radio station people, just do us all a favor and play the darn Sweet Home Alabama song as a follow-up because you know that is the tune that is going through our heads for the rest of the day and I don't think I'm the only one with this issue (come on, admit it, you know it is happening to you too!) Oh and I have a confession to make about Sweet Home Alabama - I was in the car the other day and I COULD NOT remember who sang that little ditty (I mean really I was thinking Steve Miller Band - I KNOW but it's all I could think of - you know Jet Airliner and Sweet Home Alabama - they're almost the same :-)) Anyway, it was driving me crazy and it was right there on the tip of my tongue (along with Steve Miller) but it just wasn't making its way to the top - so what did I do? Called Amy of course because she is EVEN BETTER at this 80's music thing than I am. The girl is a 80's trivia genius. Anyway, she immediately provided the answer (Leonard Skynard) although she was soooo disappointed that I even had to ask this question. Amy, I'm sorry, I'll never disappoint you again :-) Seriously.

So moving on...

In case you are wondering, I did see the line-up for the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Excuse me but could you please tell me who from this line-up is a star. WOW talk about a dismal cast. I don't even know if I am going to be able to bring myself to watch. Kim Kardasian (I mean her claim to fame is a big booty - I got that and nobody asked me to be on their dancing show), Susan Lucci? Toni Braxton? YUCK! My list was much better than this line-up. But it might be worth watching just for the "B" list entertainment value.

And last but not least this nice lady featured my signs in her blog today. I was honored!

Have a fabulous day!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's all in the ending...

okay so I didn't see the beginning of the Olympics but I saw the ending. I always get kind of teary eyed over this kind of thing - it is all so momentous. It's like those times when the Star Spangled Banner catches you off guard and you find yourself caught up in the emotion of the moment and the fact that you are truly living in the land of the free. I mean really - here I am - an American - living a good life - enjoying all the things that give a person freedom. How did I get so lucky? How was I picked to live this life? Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is totally NOT tongue in check or sarcastic - I truly feel I am lucky.

WOW, who knew I felt so deeply about the Olympics. Okay, fine it isn't really the Olympics - it is endings. The reality is I hate endings. Almost all endings (well except endings to nightmares or a bad episode of Dancing with the Stars). I am not good with endings. They make me melancholy and introspective and just plain old sad. HATE endings. I know this is something I need to work on but after 40 years I've pretty much given up on thinking that I'm going to be one of those people that is okay with endings. I would actually like to be one of those people - it would make my life so much more carefree - endings - big deal - life goes on - you win some you lose some. Yep, sometimes that is the kind of person I would like to be. But then who knows maybe I'd really be missing out on something if I had that attitude. It always looks greener on the other side.

So anyway, watching the Olympics, working on my signs, listening to the girls playing when they should be sleeping and Alex snoring and the HotY swearing because something is wrong with the dryer (poor guy - he walks in the house after having been gone for the entire weekend and the second thing out of my mouth is - the dryer stopped working (yes, yes, yes, I told him I missed him first - I said the dryer problem was the second thing out of my mouth - jeez)). So yep, it's a good life. I'm a lucky girl, seriously!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Home alone...

Dennis and the kids are gone for the weekend - I'm home alone - I'm lonely.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a good problem to have...

I know it is. But seriously my signs - out of control with custom orders right now. I've got weddings and names and holidays - it's great - but right now I'm UNORGANIZED. Guess what - my goal for today - get all the custom order requests organized. That and get my studio room cleaned. I should post pictures of the mess I have in there right now but it might be entirely too embarrassing. We'll see. Maybe I'll just do it as a Before and After project. And note, I'm writing this here - today - so now it is a commitment (the organized, cleaning thing) - and really I'm very responsible - I am a first-born, what can I say.

So in an effort to try to speed up this entire sign process I borrowed my friend Heather's Cricut last week and I think I like it. I'm going to return it on Saturday during a play date at her house *personal note to Heather - Saturday will work for me :-) I think I have failed to respond to your email :-( (so much for responsible). Anyway, the Cricut definitely speeds up the sign process but I'm not sure they have the just right font. I would really like a Wishblade but I need to try it first. Anyone have a Wishblade up for grabs? :-) Or a review at the very least. The thing about the Wishblade - you can cut any TrueType font you have installed on your computer. This is a good thing. I must have over 500 fonts loaded on my computer (the HotY loves that). The Wishblade may initially be more expensive but in the long run I think it pays for itself due to that computer font thing. What do you think? Cricut? Wishblade? Other?

Okay, so here is the list for today:

Get sign orders organized
Email Heather
Decide Wishblade or Cricut

I know I know so much to do so little time but at least the "find shower curtain" entry has been deleted - but that's another story for another day.

Have a fabulous day.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Okay here is my predicament

And it has to do with my girls’ starting Kindergarten. My babies. Starting School. Their first day of real school. As Kindergartner’s. In uniforms. Aren’t I dealing with this well? :-)

So, the girls’ starting school = BIG DEAL TO MOM! I’m feeling very selfish about this rite of passage. This time will never come to pass again and guess what? Just guess what? My Mother-in-Law wants to invade my bubble – she wants to be there to share the first day of school experience and I don’t want her there. These are my babies. She saw her own babies off to their first day of school now it’s my turn and really I don’t feel like sharing. Grrrr. I know I know I’m being very - not nice - but goll darn it don’t do this to me. Don’t put me in this predicament. IT’S THEIR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! It is OUR day.

So what do I do? Do I tell her no? Do I tell her she can stop by right before they leave for school (which could be a bad thing depending on how things are going and how scared they are feeling)? Do I tell her she can come over another day later in the week? What do I do? Am I being unreasonable to NOT want to share this day? Tell me. I’m confused!

Okay I’ll be anxiously awaiting your wisdom so let me know what you think. I need suggestions – seriously!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sometimes this sulking teen thing pays off...

Have you ever seen that commercial for Disney Vacations and they are talking about this elusive "something" and in the end you find out that it is the smile of their teenage daughter? Well that about sums it up around here. It isn't that Alex is always brooding but some days it certainly seems that way. I come in the house, he goes to his room, I go in his room, he asks me to leave, I leave the room he closes the door and the music gets turned up WAY UP! I go in the room and turn down the music I leave the room and the music goes up! I feel like I'm in that movie ground hog day. But regardless of all this teen age angst I still see glimpses of my little boy, that mischievous smile (and believe me he was mischievous), that joy in life and I forgive him every door slam and music war.

Anyway, I digressed :-) that wasn't really the story I wanted to tell.

So we recently went to dinner at Olive Garden on a Friday night at 6:30 p.m. - we knew the wait would be long but we planned for that. When we walked in we immediately got seating at the bar and the kids settled with kiddie cocktails. They had told us it would be a 20-30 minute wait. Shortly after we sat down a nice young cute teenage boy (you know the kind - he probably has teenage girls hanging around his locker at school every day) came over and very apologetically told us it would be more like 40 minutes before we would be seated. We were okay with that as we had our spot at the bar and so far no one had spilled anything. So as the cute boy was walking away he recognized Alex and was very excited to see him - saying hi and giving Alex a high five. Well it turns out the cute teenage boy is a lifeguard at the pool where Alex has been swimming every day this summer (like his mom, the boy is a fish). It was very nice and made me think even more of the cute teenage boy. So we are sitting there and were just talking about ordering an appetizer when I looked over and saw the cute teenage boy standing by the check-in stand looking at us with the sweetest smile on his face. Well as I was looking at cute boy and thinking it was a little weird - the way he was looking at us and smiling - a waitress had approached the HotY at the other end of the line of kids and was telling him we had a table. WHAT a table? But we have been here less than 10 minutes and it is supposed to be a 40 minute wait. Well it seems that the cute teenage boy pulled some strings and got us a table right away. So I quickly turned and flashed him my own sweet smile and mouthed thank you to which he promptly turned red and turned away (I mean he is a teenage boy after all). So sometimes having our own sulking teenage boy is a good thing :-) I mean really he got us in after all :-)

That's it for today. It's a beautiful day and I have weeds in my flowers that are calling my name.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching up...

after my chronic case of procrastination I am finally getting back in the swing of things and getting caught up. I FINALLY ordered the girls their uniforms for school (yes they will be attending a private school where uniforms are required) and now just need to get supplies and shoes. Alex is going to need all new jeans but that will require a trip to the mall - probably this weekend. The kid enjoys shopping almost as much as he enjoys having his picture taken. It should be a lot of fun. It would probably be a great father/son bonding experience - but who the heck knows what they would come home with. I'm simply too afraid to even think about it. I can already see the bags of Faded Glory and Wrangler fashions spilling over. I don't even know if the HotY knows what Ambercrombie and Fitch is let alone how much they charge for a shirt and pair of pants. :-)

I think I have procrastinated on this stuff because I really am not a lover of autumn. Not that it isn't a gloriously beautiful time of year but it always seems like such a melancholy time of year. Changes are on the horizon. The carefree days of summer are quickly coming to an end. No more flip-flops or sundresses or kids running through the sprinkler. Dang.

Along with catching up on the kids stuff and back to school shopping I am beginning to get my sign orders under control. When I started this entire endeavour in November of last year I had no idea what to expect. I just made up some things that I liked and put them out there, never really knowing if anyone else was going to like what I had created as it was cute and all but no great shakes. Who knew! I sold my first sign within a few hours of posting it to Etsy and it has been steady ever since. I have sold over 100 signs from my Etsy shop and probably another 35 as custom and wholesale orders which have not been listed on Etsy. I never in a million years imagined that my glitter and paper and chipboard would be such a success but I'm very thankful that it is. I get to be creative. Play with all the things that make me happy (pretty paper, ribbon, flowers, glitter, crystals, etc.) and self-fund my hobby. It's all good and I have met some of the nicest people through my transactions. Bliss.

Okay that's it for today. Kind of rambly, kind of quirky, exactly my kind of post.

Have a wonderful weekend and look for rainbows!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This smart thing - sometimes it's not so good...

So the HotY has been sick. His back has been hurting and breathing hurts a lot. He was fine until Sunday night and then all this started happening. He finally went to the doctor today. When he came home he handed me a piece of paper with something written on it saying "this is what I've got". I immediately looked at the two words (which I would tell you if I could remember them or find the piece of paper) and said "that's serious" to which he replied "you don't even know what it is" and of course I replied by saying "yes I do, it means that the tissue surrounding your heart is inflamed" he just stared at me and said "how do you know this stuff" well we all know the answer of course I'm smart :-) But sometimes I'd just as soon not know. Seriously though that IS what is wrong with him. He caught some viral infection which has infected/inflamed his heart tissues. BUT do you think he got the answers that I need. How did you get it? How long will it last? Should you be restricting your activities? Will there be any long term effects? How do you know if it is getting worse? What do you do if it gets worse? Can you die from this? Did he find out ANY of that stuff? OF COURSE NOT. All he found out is that he should go back in a week and he will probably be just fine. PROBABLY JUST FINE. I'm supposed to live with PROBABLY JUST FINE for the next week. I knew I should have gone with him but I had my own appointments. Next week - I'm there and I better get information and answers. I need reassurances. Come on this is my HotY. He doesn't get sick and he certainly doesn't get the kind of sick that could be serious and requires medicine and and and multiple doctor's visits. I know he's going to be fine but it is still a little bit worrisome. All he had to do was ask a few simple questions and I would have the knowledge I need but NOW I will have to wake him up every couple of hours just to make sure he is okay and that he is going to be okay and that he is sure the doctor said he should be just fine - because really that's the way I do it. I know I know don't even say it - everyone feels sorry for the HotY :-)


ETA - The HotY was offended - he thought this made him sound like a jerk - which he absolutely is not - it's all tongue in check!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Really nothing important...

I'm just sitting here listening to Gavin Rossdale (Mr. Gwen Stefani - but I only know this because Amy informed me - remember I'm the one that is sketchy on details :-)). I just thought I'd tell you so you wouldn't think I was all 80' & 90's all the time. I'm actually loving several new songs. Viva whatever it is by Coldplay, Shattered by OAR and Love Remains the Same by Mr. Rossdale. There is another one too but I just can't think of what it is. I wish I knew how to put the YouTube video right in the blog but I don't and I'm too impatient right now to try to figure it out. So if someone can give me a tutorial bring it on!

My babies are going to be starting Kindergarten in a few short weeks :-( I think I'm having baby blues again :-) No one tells you that this stuff is going to hit you like a brick wall when it happens. I mean really what are mother's for if not to tell you that sometimes life is going to suck and be sad and be hard and confusing. Well maybe they do tell us but we just don't hear it.

Anyway, here are some recent pictures. Of course there aren't any of the crabby and irritable boy because he is still having no part of the camera. I love this stage, I love this stage, I love this stage (I keep thinking if I say this enough my dream may come true!).

Here are my girls with my dear friend Julie's daughters. Aren't they beautiful. I just love this picture. Pretty girls enjoying the best of life.

Yes, they do have pink hair in these pictures. We went to a kids salon - Dudes and Diva's and they were all about the colored hair. It washes right out. They loved it.

Actually I don't think they look like themselves in these two pictures but the pink hair - it had to be documented.

Well that's all I've got. I'm out.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's all about height, speed and a wet landing.

Diving that is... I've been watching the Olympics (but I missed the opening ceremonies I can't believe it. I have no idea how it happened since the opening ceremonies are really my kind of thing; tradition, pageantry, honor and fashions - because really there is nothing like seeing all the outfits during the parade of nations (I heard there was some kind of flowered dress and hat fiasco) - and I missed it - I 've been distracted, what can I say). So in watching the Olympics I started thinking about what kind of athlete I would like to be if the Olympics were mine for the taking - and really, I didn't even have to think about it that hard - DIVING. There is speed, there is height and beauty and grace and discipline and water. I love everything about diving. So what's your Olympic sport of choice? Go ahead dream big. Wear that Gold Medal.

So along with the start of the Olympics we enjoyed a very nice weekend at my parents. The kids played in the pool, the adults lounged, enjoyed adult beverages and basked in the sunshine. It really was a perfect weekend. After all the sun and swimming we had the ultimate summer dinner of grilled steak, fresh corn on the cob, a lettuce salad with all the goodies and cucumbers, onions and sour cream (have you ever tasted the goodness of fresh cucumbers and onions mixed with sour cream?) eaten on the patio with a soft breeze blowing through the air. And if that were not enough of summertime living we watched movies outside, projected on the side of the house. Enchanted for the kids (okay, fine, for the adults too) and p.s. I love you (have you seen this movie - so sweet) for the adults. And finally, after midnight, the day ended, my sister and I sat down to talk. We sat outside not thinking too much about the time or getting to bed until the HotY came out to tell us it was 3:00 a.m. WOW who knew we had so much to say. Of course my sister will tell you I was the one that did all the talking - but um, you know me and let me say my sister - she's a talker too so you figure it out. I think it was a pretty even exchange. So it was a wonderful weekend - one of those when you really realize and appreciate the family that you have in your life.

Okay, gotta go, the gymnasts are on. Oh and don't think I don't know that you all thought I was going to say that gymnastics would be my ultimate athletic event - I know - but see I'm not as predictable as you thought :-)


Friday, August 8, 2008

Old Friends...

sat on the park bench like bookends. Do you know this tune - this tune by Simon & Garfunkle. It is one of the most beautifully haunting songs I have ever heard. (Listen here)

I have old friends, one old friend in particular, the friend who has been there since we were seven years old. Whenever I hear this song (which is next to never) it immediately brings Roxann to mind (Roxann who has probably never even heard this Old Friends song because she is who she is and Simon and Garfunkle - probably not in her vocabulary). There is nothing like old friends to keep it in perspective.

Last night we were able to spend some quantity, quality time together (sure it was because of a roof catastrophe at her cabin - but you know sometimes it happens like that). We were two women (not mom's, not wives, not employees) on the road with a mission. Once we surveyed and photographed the roof cave-in (man I hope that stuff lying all over everything was not asbestos) we took a bottle of wine, sat on the dock, stared at the calm peaceful water while a perfect sunset moved in along the edges and talked and it was just like it was when we were seven and seventeen and twenty-seven and thirty-seven. Time may pass but the feelings remain the same. Not that there have not been misunderstandings, and harsh words, and things said that no one wants to hear, but still, the feelings remain the same. Love for those people that matter in your life.

Old friends... can you imagine us years from today?

Monday, August 4, 2008

I love houses!

I love to look at houses, go to open houses, drive around and check out the architecture, the landscaping, the paint colors, and shingle choices and unique front doors. And then I discovered Hooked On Houses and I knew it was a match made in heaven.

Today the wonderful creator of Hooked on Houses is holding a Bloggers Open House and I'm participating. Click here to view everyone else's Open Houses. The house I am showcasing is a craftsman style (close to my favorite style) in a new lifestyle community. Unfortunately the houses do not seem to be selling. Maybe the concept is too ecclectic for my conservative growing city. Regardless here we go.

So I think I would stream-line a little bit of the landscaping and curb appeal but regardless - still a nice house. Let's go inside.

Nice kitchen

I love the look of this staircase and I'm really liking the paint colors they have chosen.

Isn't this just the sweetest little girls room. All it needs is a little pink - everything looks a little better with pink :-)

Okay, and here you have it - my very favorite part of this entire house. Crystal door knobs. I LOVE crystal door knobs. I don't know, maybe it's a little crazy to purchase a house based entirely on the door knobs - but look at them - aren't they pretty?

Well it isn't a Sex and the City Movie dream closet but hey you can't have everything - and still - CRYSTAL DOOR KNOBS!

That's it. What did you think? Like it? Before you pass judgement remember - CRYSTAL DOOR KNOBS - they are fabulous!

TTFN... Thanks for stopping by.

They're back....

Everyone is back to the nest and reality has returned. Mere minutes after arriving home the bickering, shouting, running, jumping, whining, begging, singing, dancing, laughing, and hugging resumed. It's like they were never gone :-)

I was so glad to see all three of their bright shiny happy faces that I actually started to cry (of course this was before the bickering and whining ensued). Lauren was very concerned and wanted to know why I was crying and I told her it was because I loved them so much. She came over, gave me a kiss and said "but mom we're here so you don't have to cry". THIS from a five year old. That girl is my little lover. Just so she doesn't start consoling the neighborhood boys - at least not until she's sixteen.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to extend a weekend...

send the kids away. Okay, we really didn't send the kids away. The HotY's parents always want to take the girls for their little community celebration each year and Alex's former middle school teacher (who is awesome) does respite and likes to take Alex for a weekend every few months - so if two of the kids are gone why not make it three :-) Since Friday afternoon - no kids - and I'm lonely. Truthfully there are times when I wish I had a little more me time but 2 hours is usually my limit and then I start missing everyone. This has seemed like an exceptionally long weekend BUT the HotY and I have had some quality together time and that is a good thing. He has informed me that I don't spend enough time with him - so in an effort to be Wife of the Year (WotY - and why doesn't that look as good as the Husband of the Year acronym?) I'm working on that.

Tonight, in our exciting no kids for the weekend home, we played with the wii and competed in a high stakes tennis match. The HotY thinks he is the master at wii tennis and takes every opportunity possible to gloat about his skills. Whatever. Even though he is a professional level (and really I'm just mere points away from being a pro) I still beat his butt 2 matches out of 4 so that sounds like a pretty even score to me, especially since I seem to have hand to eye coordination issues. Actually I don't think it is so much hand to eye coordination as it is my ability to visually focus, judge and aim. Seriously, I can't hang a picture straight to save my life. We all have our talents I guess :-)

Okay that's it, I'm out. It's not much but I wanted you to have a little something new to read.

Only 24 more hours until the kids are home. I can't wait :-)