Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sometimes it is better alone...

going to church that is. Every once in a while (okay really, whenever I can swing it) I like to go to church alone. I know it is supposed to be about love and faith and family and community but there is just something about being able to sit in the pew, quietly, by myself. No kids to hush, no HotY to shoot dirty looks to, no Kleenex passing or book dropping or potty breaks. Just me and my thoughts and God. I'll admit it does get a little lonely around the Sign of Peace while waiting for all the other families and pairs to finish their rounds - but that's okay it is a solitude I can live with.

Usually when I go to church alone it is on Sunday night. I KNOW! It is unusual for there to be mass on Sunday night's but I think it is because our community is largely composed of people employed by a large medical facility and Sunday evening mass accommodates the schedules of people that save lives on a daily basis. I am not part of any medical community but love the Sunday evening mass just the same. It is quiet. The sun is beginning to set and there just seems to be a tranquility that doesn't seem to exist on Saturday night or Sunday morning. It really does give me a chance to think and be thankful and meditate on all that is happening in my life. I think that alone is enough permission to warrant a little church selfishness, which I thoroughly enjoyed this evening. Next week it will be back to the same old hustle and bustle of Saturday night church. The kids will be there in the middle and the HotY will be holding his post at the other end of the pew and when it comes time for the Sign of Peace it will be utter chaos but that in itself is its own goodness - not quite the same as the solitary mass but if that happened too often I'd probably just get lonely.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening. Find some solitude to gather your thoughts - it can be a good thing.


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